Prepping for the parade

The float

“Well, well…what floral travesty is this? What’re ya up to? ” Martin exclaimed chirpily, as he watched Gia hard at work, struggling to stay put on the top rung of the wobbly ladder as she added final touches to what appeared to be a carnival float in the parking lot of the hotel.”Travesty?! I worked my bunda off to make this! It’s a float depicting Mãe Terra…Mother Earth. Now, are you just goin to stand there or help me out here? ” she defended her precious work of art, before handing him a paint can and ordering him around. “I see you brought along some helper elves! ” she joked, watching amusingly as his mischievous daughters began to monkey around at the foot of the giant float. “There ya are, love. Been searchin all round for ya. I’m watchin Sidney while Matt an’ Alice are out. Jefferson decided to check somethin out…somethin geological, some underground disturbance he said. Alice, bein the scientist an’ all, tagged along with him…An’ Matt bein the suspicious type an’ all decided to tag along too! ” Kelly explained, flashing them a smile as she cradled little Sidney in her arms. “Naturally, I’d be suspicious too if my wife hung around that handsome Jefferson! ” she heard her husband mutter. There was a long silence and he received awkward stares from the women who’d overheard him, before he justified – “I don’t have a man crush on him, so ya can get yer minds outta the gutter! ”
All that elicited was giggles and mockery from Olivia and Jenny. “Oi! Fingers on lips! Don’t make me come down there, ya two! ” he threatened from atop the float on hearing the noisy duo teasingly sing: Daddy an’ Uncle Jeff sittin under a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! “Smart lil rascals! ” Gia (who thought everything they did was adorable! ) laughed off their behaviour. “Aye, sure! Smart at givin their dad a heartattack! Quit swingin from those ropes, ya monkeys! ” he ordered, on noticing they’d begun to mess around with the ropes that dangled from the unfinished float!
“They remind me of you. Back when we were at school, you’d pull off stunts like those! ” Gia reminisced, as she painted the paper-mache flowers that adorned the entire float. “So, ya do remember me! Why did ya pretend ya didn’t when we first met? ” he demanded to know, following her around with a paint brush in case she needed an extra hand. “I guess, it’s cuz I don’t have the best memories of you in school. All I remember is that you were the spoilt Scottish boy who loved givin me hell- pulling on my pigtails an’ pushing me around on the playground at recess! ” she replied, eliciting uncontrollable laughter from him. She shot him a confused look on seeing his reaction. “I only did that cuz I’d a crush on ya! That’s what a fella does when he’s tryin to get the attention o’ the lass he’s crushin on. I didn’t mean to hurt yer feelins by it.” he confessed, once he’d brought his laughter under control. “Oh! Well, how was I supposed to know that?! Ya know, women like it when a man proclaims his love for us directly, instead of using these silly antics….especially, us Brazilian women! We find it irresistibly hot! ” she whispered, in a cocky manner. “Preach, sister! ” Kelly seconded. “That’s what Jefferson did anyway. He didn’t need to pull at pigtails or push me around. He just came up to me an’ asked me out.” she recounted, with a reminiscent smile. “Oh, really? Did he do this too? ” Martin flashed her a mischievous grin, before flicking his paintbrush at her. She was snapped back into reality as a splotch of paint from the brush landed on her cheek.
“Come here, you! ” she retaliated, chasing him down the ladder and around the parking lot with her paint can. Kelly laughed heartily as traitorous Olivia and Jenny surprisingly sided with Gia and gave chase to their father and a paint fight ensued in middle of the parking lot.


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