Thanks to everyone who liked & followed

I never expected this blog to get so many likes & follows, so I wanna thank all you rocking people who followed, liked my posts & who’ll like em in the future. Also, it’s been nice to read so many other awesome blogs with interesting posts to read. I was missing the encouragement I got for my comics & writing (since it was mostly from my high school classmates who are now far away in different schools! ) & thanks to all your likes on my comics, I feel super-encouraged! =ยทD Keep liking, following & encouraging!
P.S. Just found out that I’ve been on here for a year now! Ain’t that awesome?! ;-D


Danger, danger,Will Ribeiro!

To whoever’s reading,
Bein a Goan an’ seein the problems occurring here, I decided to write on it. Bein a Whovian, I decided to combine my Goan-ness & Whovian-ness to come up with a story that’ll make you feel for my beautiful state & also satiate your hunger for time-travel and adventure. So, plz do check out my attempt at writing a Goan sci-fi story here:
Would b ever gr8ful ๐Ÿ™‚
Also, published on Feedbooks, here: