“C’mon! Up an’ at em! We’re goin out! ” he was woken up by excited cries from his sister who shook him awake, upsetting his wound in the process. “Ow! What’s the hurry?! I’m still hurtin from last night, ya know? ” he complained in an annoyed tone, clutching at his throbbing arm as he spoke. “Oh, please…It’s just a flesh wound! A gift from your boyfriend! ” Emma teased. “He’s not my boyfriend! ” he muttered, groaning as he rolled out of bed. “Where’re we goin anyway? ” a drowsy Nick enquired, stifling a yawn. “To the shops, of course! We’ve got a whole day to ourselves an’ there’s a sale. I like it when ya tag along cuz ya have good taste in clothes. I guess all gay men do, eh? Isn’t that why most of em end up as fashion designers? ” she quipped, picking up her handbag as she spoke. “Oi! That’s offensive towards us! Besides…I’ve the best taste in clothes! ” he corrected, with a goofy grin. He never let her know it, but he enjoyed going shopping with her! He had his arms full with shopping bags by that afternoon.
He was waiting outside the shoe store for her when he caught a glimpse of the man from the night before. He seemed to be up to no good, as he mixed in with the crowd with that familiar look of suspicion and alertness on his face. He clutched a duffle bag in his hand, walking hurriedly as he tried to dodge the policemen following him. He began to run as they began to catch up to him. Feeling the sense of duty within, the vigilante of London decided to help, feeling about in his pocket for his mask…and realizing he’d forgotten it at home! Fortunately, they’d been out shopping for party hats, decorations and stuff for their club’s Valentine’s day masquerade ball and he had to make do with a glittery Venetian mask.
He squeezed between parked cars and narrow alleys till he finally caught sight of the panting man backed up against a brick wall in one such alley. He watched curiously as he attempted to fidget with a slick purple box attached to his leather belt, muttering cusses as he appeared to fix the device. “So, what’re ya up to now? Lemme guess…Daylight robbery….? ” Nick made his presence felt. “ Yer the nosy fella from last night, arentcha? Nice getup! Diggin the mask, by the way! Is that what all the vigilantes are wearin nowadays…or are ya tryin to set a trend? ” he mocked, looking up in surprise. “You’re one to talk, Mr. I’ve been wearin the same ol trench coat since last night! ” Nick retorted, feigning hurt although he really found the man’s sarcasm and mocking tone enticing and sexy! “I’d say the same about yer corduroy trousers – ill fittin an’ tacky!” the snarky man was quick with a comeback. I like me a man with a fashion sense! Nick thought to himself, gazing dreamily at his crush. “Love to stay an’ chat but…oh,bollocks! ” the man snapped him back to reality, widening his eyes in horror as he saw the policemen making their way towards them and made a run for it. He hopped onto a double-decker passing by, standing in a corner and continuing to fidget with the purple box. He had a scornful look as he noticed Nick follow suit. He hopped off the bus quickly and onto the busy road. He had a wide grin on his face as the box finally began to glow, emitting a bright purple light. “Look out! ” Nick cried out, as a car sped towards him. “Buh-bye, now! ” were the last words from the toothily grinning man, before he was covered in the blinding purple light. Nick looked around, his eyesight still blurry, but there was no mistaking it….The mysterious man had simply vanished!



When he finally came to, he finally got the opportunity to see the stars he’d been longing to see, albeit not in the sky. They appeared to be floating about his head and disappeared only when he blinked his dazed eyes. He clutched at his bloody arm, at the spot where the bullet had, fortunately, just grazed him. He climbed out of the bin, covered in garbage and began to walk back to the club. He stopped outside the club and looked back at the roof of the building to see if the handsome criminal was still there, but there was no sign of him.
He let out a surprised yelp as a crowd  of chatty, drunk partiers pushed past him, on their way to wherever as it was past the club’s closing time. The jumpy fella let out yet another yelp as he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Where in the bloody hell did ya go off to?! Bobby said ya ran off to save a life or somethin! I was bloody worried that ya ran off without informin me! ” his worrywort sister scolded. “Relax! I’m perfectly fine, aren’t I? ” he tried to calm her down. “No, you’re not! You’re perfectly stinky, an’ you’ve got banana peels an’ fish tails stickin outta ya….an’ you’re….Good Lord! Your arm’s gushin blood! Why is your arm gushin blood?! ” his alarmed sister demanded to know, her blue eyes widening in fright as she didn’t wait for a reply, quickly and carefully leading him up the stairs to their apartment above the club in order to patch him up. She was a certified nurse, but she’d dropped everything after their parents’ death to run their club full-time.
“D’you think it’s safe for ya out there anymore?” a concerned Emma whispered, plumping up a pillow for him to lean on once he’d narrated to her what had happened. “I know what you’re gonna suggest an’ you can put it outta your head right now. I’ve been London’s protector for the past twenty years an’ I’m not stoppin now! ” he protested against it. “I’m just sayin, you’re pushin forty. Maybe it’s time to give it a rest. It doesn’t pay the bills either.” she advised, before spraying the room with air freshener and opening the window to air out the stench of rotten garbage that her precious brother had brought home and which hadn’t left him even after two showers! He remembered the bright, blinding purple light as the purple light from their neon sign shone in through the window and lit up the dark apartment. He wondered what it was and pondered over what mysterious source might’ve emitted it and then he found himself worrying about the sudden disappearance of the man on the roof . He decided not to give it much more thought since he felt his eyes becoming weary. Nighty-night, vigilante! Nick imagined hearing the man whisper in his ear in that hot an’ gruff voice with that Scottish accent of his, as he dozed off.


Dedicated to the LGBT community who’re still forced to hide their love away.


Cover page


Nick and Edward: A match made in God knows where!

Adam Garcia as Nick Qantas, the vigilante of London
David Tennant as Edward Ash, the villain who makes Nick go weak in the knees
Emily Blunt as Emma Qantas, Nick’s sister

It was a busy night at his sister’s club cum apartment. Nick was worn out from stamping on hand stamps onto clubbers’ hands and tackling unruly partiers. He preferred vigilante over bouncer. He grumbled that he couldn’t use his Jeet Kune Do at the club, not unless it was attacked by ninjas! He let out a sigh as he looked up at a sky devoid of stars and a night devoid of crime…or so he thought!
He turned his attention towards the man on the roof of the nearby building. Where’d he come from? Nick thought to himself on noticing him. He knew why he was up there though. He was on the edge of the roof with a look of despair on his face. Nick pictured his high school self with that same look as he contemplated suicide to escape the bullies. They’d been tough on him when he’d come out, so he’d decided to toughen himself up. He watched as the mysterious man’s desperate eyes darted quickly as if determining whether he was being watched and making sure he was alone. Nick wasn’t going to let this man take the extreme step. “Oi, Bobby! Take care of the crowd, kay? I’ve gotta save a life! ” he called out before running off, leaving his fellow bouncer behind with a befuddled look on his face.
However when he finally arrived on the roof , the man had stepped away from the edge. “Oh, good! Ya changed your mind. C’mon, let’s get ya away from here, mate…” he heaved a sigh of relief, reaching out to grab his arm to lead him away. “Let go o’ me! Who in the world are ya?! ” the bitter man sputtered angrily, pulling his hand away. “I’m the vigilante of London! An’ I never fail to save a life! ” he declared in a brave manner. “The…what?! Ya actually call yerself that?! ” the man scoffed at his saviour, letting out a chuckle on hearing him. “Yeah, I do. Now, I won’t have a jumper…not on my watch! ” he exclaimed in a determined manner, waving off the insult of the lanky man. Not such a handsome jumper, anyway! Nick found himself thinking, gazing lustfully at the stubbled, sharp tongued man with the bad boy attitude that he found tempting. “Jumper,my arse! Some vigilante ya are! What, I’m s’possed to be scared o’ ya?! ” the smirking man mocked, snapping him back into reality. Nick shot him a confused look. It wasn’t until the boastful man kicked at the bulging duffle bag at his feet with a proud, toothy grin and he heard the sirens of police cars approaching that Nick realized who the jumper really was. He inched back towards the edge of the roof as the criminal moved closer to him with a devious grin as he reached into the pocket of his coat. “Well, I can’t let ya escape with the loot since it is my duty…” Nick began, feeling his sense of duty kick in. “Bup-bup-bup… Stop right there! Ya, with yer zipped up leather jacket an’ Lone Ranger mask, yer gonna stop me?! I’d like to see ya try! No…scratch that…I’d like to see ya die! Think fast, vigilante! ” the wicked man insulted, rolling his eyes at him before whipping out a gun and pulling the trigger. The last thing that Nick saw as he fell off the building was a blinding flash of  purple light.

Choose peace, don’t spread terror!

Read about the Manchester blasts in the news.  I was saddened to read that most of the victims were young, in their teens or just little kids. I also read that the attacker was also just a youth….which made me feel more shocked and disturbed rather than sad. What is happening to this world?! More importantly, what is happening to our youth?!  That they would choose terror and violence over peace?
Every night, I pray that God keep our youth safe as they are the future. As I pray for everyone who lost someone in the blast and for the souls of the victims and their families, I also pray that God may guide our youth along the right path: The path to peace and love, to education and knowledge and not the path to hatred and destruction of their lives and the lives of innocent others.

A wedding tradition involving coconut milk and more!

So, tonight, I witnessed a ros ceremony for the first time in all my life as a Goan. I’m pretty sure, kids my age in Goa have had their share of ros ceremonies o’er the years an’ I’m possibly the only Goan to attend one for the first time! I’ve only seen it once before on telly in a Konkani drama (tiatr in Konkani) But, I’m lucky to have partaken in this beautiful Goan tradition at least once.
For all those o’ y’all who aren’t familiar with this ceremony, it’s a traditional ceremony similar to the Hindu haldi ceremony where the bride and groom are bathed in turmeric (haldi). In this Catholic ceremony of ros though, it’s literally bathing the bride an’ groom in coconut milk (ros in Konkani) from head to toe before their big day. Sounds like a tedious job of showering and shampooing lies ahead, btw😅
Then, there’s a lil gathering at home an’ a celebration involving folk dances (the guests, both young an’ old are invited to join in and dance along with the dancers) and beautiful music is played on the ghumot (a type of drum made from monitor lizard skin) by musicians who also sing dhulpods (traditional Goan songs) to accompany the dancers who dance in time with the beats. Usually, the song and dance routine lasts all night, but unfortunately due to laws regarding the playing of loud music at late hours, it all came to an end early and culminated with a delicious feast consisting of pork, beef, rice and fish dishes along with a traditional coconut and lentil desert for all those present, including the dancers and musicians who really deserved an applause 👏

To know more, click below an’ have fun learnin more. G’night! 🙂

RIP, Roger Moore🌹 💐

A short tribute to the late Roger Moore who just passed away. His Bond movie, Octopussy is the only one I’m a fan of ( I don’t really fancy the other Bond movies) cuz o’ all the awesome auto rickshaw stunts in it an’ the fact that it was based in India an’ he seemed such fun as the spy bumbling about in an unknown country. I also remember reading that he had a brush with the paranormal. Anyway, since I find all weird, paranormal stuff fascinatin, I found this man fascinatin as well. May he rest in peace. Adieu an’ thank you for acting so cool in our hot country, Mr. Moore 💕


A/N: Alas! This is the last chapter. Thank you all so much for reading this trilogy. God bless an’ stay tuned for my next one, a love story between a homosexual vigilante and the villainous man he falls for, titled Vigilante in love! Hope y’all read,like an’ tell your friends…an’ enemies as well! 🙂

Song choice for this chapter: Feels like Summer by Weezer

Welcome back, time machine!


New, blue time machine

“I’m playin football with the local lads. They’ve been ecstatic ever since they got their ol football field fixed. It was all cracked up due to all the earthquakes an’ full o’ sinkholes, till Jefferson patched it up for em. They were so ecstatic, they invited us o’er for a friendly match. I’m sooo gonna kick their arses! ” Matt (who had football fever) exclaimed, excitedly hopping from one kneepad-clad foot to the other. “Sorry. I’m helpin out. Holdin the spanners. What a fun word, eh? Spanners! Just rolls right off the…” Martin excused himself, only to be interrupted by a sudden, joyous Eureka! “I’ve done it! ” Kelly exclaimed, dancing around in her greasy overalls. “Ya fixed it? ” he asked, jumping up in surprise. “Can ya believe it? The influx adaptor wasn’t even broken! I was most worried bout that. That’s the most important part…but it wasn’t even broken! ” she cried out, victoriosly pumping up her fist while everyone looked on in amusement. “I not only fixed it…I modified it! ” she revealed, as they followed her for a look of the new time machine. And, boy! Was it new! It was no longer an antique-looking grandfather clock. It had a glossy, blue, wooden exterior, instead of the glass one…an’ it was much more spacious on the inside than the old one. Gone were the micro-scanners too. Touchscreen monitors and a keyboard in their place. “So, ya just type in the destination an’ the date an’ we’re all set to go, eh? Brilliant! Utterly brilliant! I knew ya had it in ya! ” Martin praised, impressed by her accomplishment.
“Congratulations on fixin the time machine an’ all, but ya know what’s even more brilliant, Kel? Beatin the Brazilians at their own game! ” Matt interrupted, impatiently. “Way to ruin my moment! Although, one game before we leave wouldn’t hurt.” Kelly seconded. “Now, love, d’you remember what I taught ya? Aim for the goalposts, not the goalie.” Martin cautioned his wife, a newbie to the sport. “You’re goin down, by the way! Downtown! ” Alice threatened, appearing to sound tough. “Oh, we’ll see about that, garotinha! ” Gina muttered mockingly, while an amused Billie and Deirdre snickered at their tough talk. “I should warn ya though, Jenny an’ Livvy ere are biters…an’ they tend to go for the legs! ” Martin warned, as they headed for the football field.
                    The end


Cheering up Kelly

Ya bastard! Ya killed my baby…! That stupid spider of yours crushed my life’s work! ” she screamed, as the cops rushed over, pulling her off Raleigh before she could take his life! “Oi! Hands off the wife! Believe me, ya don’t wanna be around er when she flies into a rage! I probably shouldn’t have taught er the B-word! ” Martin cautioned, as he held onto her to prevent her from pursuing the man who’d destroyed half of Brazil and her time machine! “He killed my baby, Martin! ” she sobbed, burying her tearful face into his jacket as she spoke. “’s gonna be alright, love. All we need is some Madonna.” he suggested comfortingly, caressing her hair as he hugged her. “No amount of Madonna can fix this! ” she muttered, as he handed her a hanky to wipe her tears. “Sorry to kick ya when you’re down…but, we still haven’t fixed them! ” Billie cried out, as Matt, Alice, Jefferson and Gia (who were still under the influence of the mind control devices) inched closer.
“Well, I found this device on that blonde over there. D’you think I should press this button here? Maybe it’ll stop em. ” a curious Ricardo guessed as he raised the remote control in his hand, gesturing to Madeleine (who was being bundled into the backseat of the police car along with a scowling Raleigh and an embarrassed Anita) as he spoke. He decided to go for it, eliciting moans from the group who immediately stopped, as if waking up from a trance. “Ow! I felt like someone scrambled my brain…! ” Alice groaned. “I feel like someone played football with mine! ” Matt muttered, rubbing his throbbing head. “My brain feels like carne moída…mincemeat! You could make a mince pie outta it! ” a freaked out Gia cried out, while Jefferson agreed with her. “Aye…Yer gonna need some serious dental work too! ” Martin advised, as they rubbed their jaws in pain. “I’m glad you guys are ok…but, I need to get away from here. I need to get back to the hotel. I can’t bear to see that wreckage.” a distraught Kelly muttered, unable to even welcome them back properly.
“You feelin better, love?” Martin enquired, gently squeezing her hand as he sat beside her on the edge of the bed. “A bit. Just needed a bubble bath to cool off, I guess.” she replied, resting her head on his shoulder as she spoke. “Yer not the only one who’s got a reason to be mad, ya know? Gia’s still a bit pissed bout missin out on makin er big, environmental speech from atop the float. Anyway, I’ve been talkin to the hotel staff. Since they were able to build that giant floral travesty, I think they’ll be able to give ya a hand rebuildin the time machine.” he whispered. “It won’t work. I dunno if the mechanism’s still gonna work, if the capacitor still runs…I just can’t up an’ build another time machine! ” she cried out in exasperation. “Oi, ya can’t give up. I know with all that sciency wiency stuff knockin up there in that wondrous noggin o’ yers, ya can build a million time machines, love! We can stay ere awhile, till yer done buildin it. Besides, they’re hailin us heroes now, so we can stay ere as long as we like…” he egged her on, as he wrapped his arm around her and planted a kiss atop her head. That cheered her up as she looked up at him with a sunshiny smile. “Can’t believe ya took a soak without me.” he complained, pouting jokingly and eliciting a playful jab from her. “Well, you’ll have to wait your turn, since the girls are floodin the bathroom right now. Oh…Martin, what would I do without ya? ” she mumbled, cozying up to him as they shared a passionate kiss. “I dunno…you’d probably be a lost clone,desperately in need o’ anger management classes ….” he teased, grinning toothily and deepening the kiss, before they were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door swinging open. “…An’ no way to survive these lil lunatics!” he finished his sentence with a snicker, just as the giggling girls (who were clad in fuzzy bathrobes and covered in suds from head to toe) leapt onto the bed and into his arms. “Alright, that’s it! Ya asked for it…” he exclaimed, as they mischievously shook their wet hair in his face, before squirming outta his embrace and running around the room as he chased after them. Peals of laughter filled the room as a pillow fight ensued!

The termites: They came, they ate, they conquered! 😈

Just a funny poem I was inspired to write after a massive outbreak of termites at home. They’re everywhere! Invaded my bookshelf, study table an’ a wooden bust o’ Cleopatra too! 😅

Hey, hullo! They call me Mr. Termite,
An’ together with my colony, I love to give the humans a fright!
White ants they call us, although I find that racist,
An’ I hate it when they interrupt us and try to get rid of us as we feast!
Redwood or teak, everythin we devour,
An’ if we’re extremely hungry, we’ll go through an entire furniture store!
Hell! We won’t even spare the door!
Then they come with that strong smelling pesticide stuff, which they spray all o’er the wood,
What’s the deal with these bloody humans? We don’t try to poison their food!

A picnic spot’s story 💚

A poem dedicated to all the picnic spots which serve as places of leisure, but in the end are treated as places to litter. Please do keep your surroundings clean and green. Clean up after a nice, relaxin day by the sea and don’t leave behind your used plastic plates and cups as they might end up polluting the ocean if left behind🌞:

Every Sunday or whenever they are free,
I see em with their lunch baskets as they visit me.
I’m the best spot there is, surrounded by sea and rocks
An’ a decent amount of trees from which they’ll hang their hammocks.
Quite popular I am among these people called tourists
As they find me hard to resist!
They roll out their mats an’ do as they please
Eat, drink, enjoy…And the air around is filled with their yays and yipees!
And then they leave-the young, the old, the whole family
I’ll miss their shouts of glee.
But, I know, on another holiday, they shall arrive again,
Till then, their memories, consisting of strewn rubbish, the food wrappers and empty beer bottles shall remain!