A Poem of horrors

Time for trick or treat,
Time for the ghouls to go in search o’ fresh meat! ;-D
Time for witches to stir their cauldrons,
Time for the spooky noises in haunted houses that’ll rattle yer bones!
Time for families to sit in front o’ the telly with popcorn an’ candy on which they’ll binge,
While watchin horror movies that’ll make em cringe!
Time to dress up as a bloodthirsty zombie or an escapee from the loony bin,
Bust out those costumes an’ carve those pumpkins, folks- It’s Halloween!
Have a horrifyingly wicked one! B-D


Misadventures in the chemistry lab

Oh! The horrid chemical smell!
Handle the apparatus carefully! Our chemistry teacher yells
Advice unheard, as nearby, a conical flask shatters
Uh-oh! I hear the culprit- a student mutter
Pay up! I hear the lab assistant order
The student’s lucky that he didn’t break a burette or a pipette,
Those cost more and us clumsies haven’t broken those…..yet.
The chuckle of students can be heard over the bubbling of effervescent chemicals and Bunsen burners,
Mocking the student’s clumsiness!
I spilt acid on my finger once,
Dunno how I escaped injury…..though I think they heard my yowl in France!
Even the slight sound o’ a test tube cracking,
Elicites a great deal o’ cackling…an’ a whole lotta warnings!
Welcome to our chemistry lab with misadventures galore,
Cleaning up after these misadventures though, is quite a chore!

Based on true events that occur at my school. We,twelfth graders can be quite clumsy. Although, unlike my friends, I’ve a record of zero broken apparatus (sorry for the brag B-D) an’ I’m gonna be careful so it stays that way. Thanks for reading my silly poem 🙂