He continued with his story on noticing Nick and Em’s anticipant looks:
We did all these couple stuff….even though we weren’t a couple any longer. Like, she did up my tie for me everyday before I set off to find a job in the recession. “Gosh, I hope ya find a job this time around, ya jobless ninny! ” she teased, one such morning. “Oh, I would…If I wasn’t wearin such an ugly tie! ” I shot back, with an impish grin. “Oh..What d’you know bout ties?! ” she muttered as she playfully pulled off the tie, leaving me with whiplash, before rushing off to rummage through the dresser for a better looking tie. “I was just jok…never mind! ” I called out behind her, but it was too late.
“Well, hullo, handsome! Now, where’s she gone off to? Nell, I’m gettin late! ” I exclaimed, admiring my own reflection in the mirror narcissistically before I realized time was waning and she still hadn’t returned. I made my way to the bedroom, only to find her lying face down in front of the dresser. “Nell…Nell? Are ya ok…Oi, Nell?! ” I cried out in horror, kneelin beside her an’ turning her o’er, tryin to wake her up as I held her pale form in my arms.
“The doctor’s said ya have a rare form o’ cancer.” I revealed, sitting beside the hospital bed later that day. “Tell me somethin I dunno…” she sighed, looking up at the telly screen while she rested her head against the pillow. “Well, I don’t like Pretty Woman. Think it’s a yawn! There’s somethin ya dunno! ” I confessed, as I sat on the edge of the bed and watched that ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey movie playin on the screen. “No way! But, yer gay! Gay people are s’possed to like this stuff! ” she cried out in disbelief, moving o’er slightly to allow me to slip under the sheets with her and snuggle up to her. “Look at this….us cuddlin together in a hospital bed. Reminds me o’a scene from another movie I hate- The Notebook! ” I muttered under my breath. “Are ya sure you’re not straight?” she quipped, taken aback as I dissed the classics. “Guess, I’m breakin stereotypes, eh? ” I boasted, wrappin an arm around her. “I’m gonna give that job search a try again tomorrow. Someone’s gotta pay the nanny while yer ere…An’ all those hospital bills, eh? ” I worried. “Yeah…but till then, we’re gonna lie ere an’ watch Pretty Woman! ” she calmed me down in her carefree Cockney accent, looking up at me with her trademark tongue biting smile before resting her head on my chest. “Oi, no funny business, o’er the waist stuff! ” I joked, as I felt her arm around my waist. “Shut up. Did ya hear that? He hasn’t spoken to his dad in fourteen an’ a half years! Can ya believe that? ” she exclaimed in wonder, referring to Richard Gere’s line from the movie. “Well, all these rich people are the same! Not like us chavs, ya know? They work, earn the dough an’ forget bout their folks! ” I retorted. “How long has it been since ya last spoke to yer dad, Edward? ” she asked. “Where are ya goin with this? ” I asked, eyein her suspiciously. “Go on. Call him. Life’s too short, skinny boy! ” she replied, urging me till I caved in an’ picked my phone up an’ began to dial. “Hullo? Dad? It’s Edward.” I spoke as he picked up the phone, while she suppressed a satisfied smile. “Son? Been so long! Mum’s been meaning to talk to ya! So…how’s married life treatin ya? ” he asked, surprised by my sudden phone call. “Brilliant! I’m layin in bed with the ol ball an’ chain right now, dad! ” I replied jokingly, eliciting a playful whack from a blushing Nell! Anyway, we spent the rest o’ the day takin turns talkin to my estranged parents o’er the phone.


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To everyone who frequented the library, she was the bookworm who could read all the Harry Potter books in one sittin. To the fashionista cheerleaders, she was the quirky pink and yellow girl whom they mocked everyday for showing up to school in patchy denim overalls. To me, she was the girl who’d look at me dreamily from her locker each time I walked past and who’d bribed our drama teacher into giving her a role in every school play that I was a part o’….just cuz she wanted to be close to me! I’d come out to my parents an’ they’d asked me to keep it a secret from everyone else lest I brought shame upon the family…An’ like the obedient son that I was, I kept it to myself. Meanwhile, she dreamt o’ bein the Juliet to my Romeo…An’ not just onstage! We spent a lotta time together an’ she wanted to be more than just friends, unaware that I wasn’t that straight Prince Charmin she thought me to be. My parents took this opportunity to forcibly marry me off to her as soon as we graduated… An’ like the obedient son that I was, I went with it. Slowly, I grew to love Nell…but, I couldn’t live a lie. Every time we kissed or made love, it just felt wrong. It felt wrong to me to be in bed with a woman. I did come out to her, but it was on the day she broke the news to me that she was expecting our child. I thought she’d break down or demand a divorce, but instead that kind soul asked me to stay and raise the child with her. I was taken aback by her reaction and thought she’d misheard me or something, but instead she confessed that she’d always love me no matter if I was gay or straight, that I was still her Romeo an’ she wasn’t gonna raise the baby without a father. In fact, she teasingly promised to find me a boyfriend! We still remained the best o’ friends! he narrated with a reminiscent smile.


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Nell and Edward

Cameo by Billie Piper as Nell Nesbith
She heard a groan as she took out the trash one evening. “Scuse me? Are ya ok? ” she asked, noticing the silhouette of a fallen man on the grimy floor next to the bin in the alley. “Bollocks! I might’ve hit my head on the edge o’ the bin!” she heard a familiar gruff voice complain. “Bloody hell…It’s you! I’d better call the police! ” she declared, scowling on getting a better view of the injured criminal. “Who d’you think I was runnin away from when I tumbled off that bloody roof, lass? If I hadn’t taken my eyes offa where I was goin to fix that bloody device again….Oi! Are ya really callin the coppers?! ” he cried out in disbelief, looking up at her as she whipped out her cellphone and began to dial. “Uh-huh! Look at that, brand new phone to replace my ol one that ya chucked into the sink! ” she reminded, more determined than ever to see him behind bars! “But…I’m injured….an’ I know yer a certified nurse. Saw the certificate hangin on the wall o’ yer crummy apartment the last time I was there! ” he revealed, trying to appeal to her better nature. “There’s no way I’m lettin ya into my apartment again! ” she declined, sternly. “Hope yer not forgettin yer Nightingale pledge. I mean, what would sweet, saintly Florence Nightingale do? ” the cunning man whispered. “I’d rather see ya behind bars, ya rascal! ” she retorted, not falling for his cunning words. “Well, ya can’t put me behind bars! Think bout my daughter…” he began to plead. “How do I even know you’ve really got a daughter, huh? ” she asked, suspiciously. “Ere. Look at that sweet angel an’ tell me you’d leave er alone without er dad! ” he exclaimed, pulling out a photo from his wallet and handing it to her. She put away her phone, feeling her heart melt as she saw the smiling duo in the photo. “You said you were married. Can’t your wife look after her? ” Emma asked, still suspicious as she held onto the photo. “I was married. My wife passed away soon after my angel’s birth. That’s when I first started all this…these robberies to support my lil girl. I’d tell ya all bout it, but right now…I’m really dizzy…” he mumbled, before passing out from blood loss. “Nick’s gonna kill me! ” she muttered to herself, as she wrapped her scarf around his head to stop the wound from bleeding before carrying him up to the apartment with great difficulty.
“I would’ve let that bastard rot! ” an angry Nick exclaimed, still hurting as he watched Edward resting on the couch once Emma had patched him up. “If I’d done that, I’d be riddled with guilt…An’ ya know I hate bein riddled with guilt! Besides, this way we can find out more about your boyfriend. He confessed to me that he’s lootin all this money for his daughter an’ that it all started after he lost his wife. Dontcha find that intriguin?” she asked, staring at the sleeping man with a mixture of intrigue and pity. “Maybe. I wonder how his wife looked. Was she pretty, blonde or brunette, tall or short, loving…or a real bitch? ” Nick replied, with a hint of jealousy in his voice, not realizing that Edward was beginning to stir awake. “Actually, she was blonde an’ beautiful…An’ really loved me!” he recounted, overhearing Nick.
“Her name was Nell.” he spoke with a reminiscing smile as he pulled out another photo from his wallet. This time, it was a photo of him and his late wife snuggling in the sunset. “Wow! Ya two look like soulmates! ” Emma cooed, as the romantic in her was stirred up on seeing the photo. “Actually, more like classmates! We were best mates in school. She sorta had a crush on me! In fact…She was the only one who stood by me when I came out of the closet! ” he confessed, as his sorrowful eyes gazed at the photo. “Wait…What?! I don’t get how ya can be gay an’ be married to a woman! ” Nick demanded to know, on hearing the last sentence out of his mouth. The surprised siblings listened intently as Edward began to narrate his story.



The stranger in their apartment

They returned to the dark apartment, walking back in awkward silence. “I can’t believe this…My goody two shoes brother has a thing for the bad guy! ” she muttered to herself, her back turned to him as she pretended to wash dishes at the sink in order to avoid eye contact with him. “I don’t have a thing for him, Em. I love him! I mean, he’s handsome, got that knockout voice, great hair…omg, that hair! From what I’ve seen so far, he fancies the colour purple too! An’ when we kissed…it was magical! ” Nick went on in a mesmerized manner. “Well, I forbid it! I won’t have ya datin a wanted criminal! An’ the police? They’d have a field day if they knew….Oh, Lord! What if they already know?! Hardly a street out there without a camera fitted, it’s like bloody Big Brother outside! What if they caught ya canoodlin with him after that warning, eh?! ” she reminded, biting her nails and pacing the room as she spoke. “I won’t have it! Ya don’t get a say in my love-life, an’ neither do the police! I’m not gonna let ya mess up my love story, kay?! ” he protested against it, in a rather dramatic manner. “Oh, sure! Yer love story! What’s it called? The vigilante an’ the villain: A match made in God knows where?! ” she cried out, sarcastically.
Wow! Are ya two always this dramatic or are ya puttin on a show just for me? I don’t mind it though. Quite fun, except I don’t have a proper snack an’ this apple I’m eatin isn’t quite…apple-y! It tastes disgustin! ” Edward interrupted, amused by their argument as he sat watching them from a dark corner of the apartment. “That’s cuz that’s a pear. How’d ya find our apartment? ” Nick enquired, his heart beginning to thump faster on seeing the man of his dreams at his apartment…literally inside it and sitting just a few inches across from him! “Huh! So, that’s the problem…I hate pears! Anyway, findin yer place was easy! I just had to use my trusty teleporter. Think fast, vigilante! ” the boastful man replied, gesturing to the device on his belt before mockingly tossing the piece of fruit at Nick. “Trainspotter? Think I’ve watched that movie.” Emma chimed in, mishearing him. “Not Trainspotter…Teleporter! It’s a device that…” geeky Nick began to correct. “Don’t care what it is! Just want him outta here! In fact, I’m callin the police. I won’t have a wanted criminal hangin out at my house, sittin in my armchair with a smug grin on his face.” she threatened, quickly picking up the phone to dial.
“Don’t bother! I cut the telephone cord. Why carry metal-cuttin scissors if yer not gonna use em, eh? ” he revealed, waving a pair of metal-cutting scissors in his hand as he spoke. “I’ve still got my mobile phone.” she muttered, quickly whipping it out of her pocket and beginning to dial. She was taken aback though, as their guest raised his gloved hand and the phone rose up in the air, out of her grip and made his way to him as if the glove had attracted it! “Wow! It does that too!” an impressed Nick exclaimed, still in awe of the thief. “Say, what model is this? Pretty outdated…An’ not waterproof either! ” the knowledgeable man quipped, standing up and walking up to the window above the kitchen sink to examine it closer in the moonlight. “Whoops! ” he cried out, feigning clumsiness, while she looked on in horror as her precious phone landed into the sink and floated on the soapy water. “Now, let’s get to it, shall we, Nick? I just came ere to tell ya that I…” Edward began, walking up to Nick who tried to suppress a blush! “Ya love me too…” the lovestruck man assumed, feeling all queasy on feeling his hot breath on his face. “No.I hate ya! In fact, I despise ya.” Edward snarled. “B..but, I love you…” a heartbroken Nick whispered. “That’s the other thing ,ya see. I’m already married. Got a beautiful wife an’ a daughter waitin for me at home, who’d really hate it if I ended up in prison. Now, quit followin me an’ meddlin with me, got it? An’ that is yer first an’ final warning! ” he warned, before losing no time in teleporting out of the apartment.
“He hates me. The one man I’m actually interested in…An’ he despises me! I can’t believe he’s not even gay…or single, for that matter! ” Nick muttered in a hurt tone once he’d left and his purple glow had faded away, slumping down on the couch next to his equally sorrowful sister who was mourning her phone!



Richard Cardinal, the mob boss

Cameo by David Morrissey as Richard Cardinal
“You’re usually the life of the party. Always gettin your flirt on an’ what not!” his concerned sister reminded as they headed home from a night out. He’d attended a party at a popular gay bar on her insistence to fill the hole in his love-life, but he’d kept to himself the whole night. “I dunno….none of the fellas really get my motor runnin anymore! I mean, Terry’s really let himself go, Ben’s too chatty an’ don’t even get me started on Johnny, he’s such a phony! I just like my man to be the mysterious sort, ya know? ” he confessed, bringing to mind the mysterious man of his dreams- Edward Ash. Suddenly, a commotion broke out and the man of his dreams magically appeared, hastily running into the moonlit night, followed by an angry group of men! “I wonder what his story is! ” his sister muttered under her breath. “I’m gonna go find out! ” the enthusiastic vigilante exclaimed, losing no time in putting on his mask and following the men, ignoring his sister’s protests. He saw the men corner Edward in an alley, armed with deadly weapons. “Oh, no! What’ve ya gotten yourself into now, Ed? ” Nick muttered on noticing the leader of the mob – dreaded gangster, Richard Cardinal! “Now, gentlemen…I’m sure we can talk this out….” he heard Edward try to charm his way out of the scary situation. “No more talk! I’ve had it with your fraudulent business deals, Ash! Get him! ” a furious Richard ordered. “No!! ” Nick cried out, as the men moved in to attack Edward. He attempted to single-handedly fight off the gangster and his henchmen. The stubbled man stood still as a statue, deciding to step in only when Nick grew too tired to continue. The masked hero shielded his eyes as the bright purple light blinded him yet again. But, this time it seemed to be emitted from Edward’s outstretched, gloved hand. Bolt after bolt of purple lightning flashed out of the glove, striking down and electrocuting their attackers, leaving them in a pile on the dank alley floor. Nick smiled at the heroic man in admiration as both the men stood in the alley, catching their breath after a tiresome fight.
“Must we always meet like this…? ” a panting Nick whispered, lovestruck and further attracted to his handsome savior. “I dunno…must we…? ” Edward muttered nervously, raising an eyebrow and gulping as the vigilante moved closer to him. “That was so cool! I mean, who are ya…An’ what’s with the cool gadgets?! I mean, you’re so futuristic! Oh, my God…Are you The Doctor?! ” the sci-fi loving Nick asked ecstatically on noticing the red phone booth that stood at the end of the alley. “W..what? No, I’m not a doctor. Just an inventor.” came his reply. “Oh! An inventor. I should’ve known! Quite a sexy profession! ” Nick gushed, feeling himself fall deeper in love with the man in front of him. “Uh…I’ve gotta get go…” Edward began to excuse himself, only to be silenced by a kiss from Nick who was unable to restrain himself.
I’ve…I’ve really gotta get goin! I’m sorry, I’ve someone waitin for me…” the criminal who’d stolen the vigilante’s heart muttered in a flustered manner, pulling back from the kiss before hurrying away. “So…That’s the man you’ve been pursuin relentlessly? A thief?! ” he heard a familiar voice snap him out of his lovesick state, as he looked up to see his sister glaring at him in disappointment after witnessing their kiss.



👆This photo’s got nothin to do with the story. I just wanted to share it cuz it’s my fav comment on my well received ebook- The Actor’s Wife. The commenter must’ve been pretty shocked when Jack and Ruth Murphy (the lead couple in the book) have a terrible spat in chap. 35 an’ end up gettin divorced (spoilers!). Must’ve been like, Dang you, Vidal! 😈 Anyway, this made my day! Exactly the kinda reaction I’d hoped for😄

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Edward and his daughter

“How was your day, daddy? ” Edward smiled on seeing his daughter’s head pop up at his work bench as he sat slogging away, trying to fix the device. “Tiring! C’mere, ya…why’re ya still awake, eh? ” the proud dad asked, as she climbed onto his lap and cozied up to him. “I wanna hear a story before bed. Tell me a story bout the world out there.” she replied, looking up at him with puppy eyes. “Look at that longing gaze…! Spittin image o’ yer mum ya are! ” he reminisced, grinning toothily at his little girl. “Did any coppers visit ya at work today, daddy? Yer always sayin how they’re droppin in to trouble ya at work for no reason! ” his daughter (who’d no idea that her father robbed banks and was on the police’s radar) enquired, innocently. “Well, they did. But, I also met another fella today. A real character! You’d like im. Calls imself the vigilante.” he recounted. “What’s that mean? ” she asked, curiously. “Think it just means some crackpot who’s been off his meds for too long! ” he scoffed, eliciting a giggle from her. “The people out there sound like a funny bunch!  How long are we gonna stay in this dark place, daddy? I wanna see the world out there…” she wished with a glint in her dreamy eyes. “Not now, sweetheart. It’s a rotten world out there now. Uncaring, selfish people…out to get each other, dog-eat-dog, ya know? Besides, we’ve everythin we’ll ever need down ere an’ I won’t ever let ya feel like yer life’s ever incomplete, kay? ” he whispered, snarling at the thought of the unfair world. “Will we ever run outta money to buy stuff, daddy? ” she wondered, resting her head against his chest as she spoke. “Never. I promise I won’t let us slip into poverty ever again, sweetheart.” he promised, wrapping his arms around her and planting a kiss atop her head. “An’ I promise I won’t leave yer side, daddy.” his little angel whispered, flashing him her biggest smile. “That’s what yer mum told me too, every single day….until, she couldn’t stay with us any longer.” the morose man lamented the loss of his beloved wife, feeling a tear roll down his cheek and stain the top of the bench as he hugged his daughter close to his heart.

Bein in a different country Day 16

Thinkin bout it now, this post should’ve been titled Leavin a different country, but anyway…!
So, it’s our last day ere an’ we’ve a fear o’ plane delay in our hearts, as London has decided to send us flyin off with the gusty winds an’ torrential rain that accompany us as we step outta the hotel (the weather man was spot on this time. BBC oughta give im a raise!;)) It’s farewell to Bob, whose cab was unfortunately too small to accommodate all our bulky luggage, so he sent for an Indian driver with a bigger cab to drive us to the airport. Apparently, the South Indian movie, Bahubali 2 has hit it big among Londoners as well- as is evident from songs from the blockbuster blarin o’er the radio in the cab.
Unfortunately, the rain still beat down on us an’ after a quick photo outside (marred by grown men behind us who’d bunny-eared us without consent! 😆), we proceeded to board the flight, which fortunately wasn’t delayed an’ also had enough leg room an’ telly shows/movies to keep me engrossed till we touched ground. Overall, not much to tell ya about the view since it was cloudy an’ misty out the window. So, instead o’the view, I ended up seein Fantastic beasts and where to find them, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (the one with Gene Wilder that I’d loved as a child), Evita (spotted a young Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler from DW in her earliest actin roles it too an’ drooled o’er brilliant Antonio Banderas’ sexy singin voice) , a funny new show (starrin hilarious Alan Tudyk an’ Danny Pudi) called Powerless , half o’ Groundshog Day an’ Still Alice, until we finally landed at the home base, land o’ fish-curry-rice or xit-koddi in Konkani (although, I still crave fish n chips, occasionally! 😅).

*Thanx for accompanyin me on this

Bein in a different country Day 12

It’s rainin again! Why does it always rain when we’re at Westminster bridge?! When we first arrived here, it didn’t rain one drop. There was a nip in the air at times, a lotta lovely sunshine…but when we’re right next to that giant ,chiming clock tower, suddenly it’s gotta rain buckets! 
Anyway, we decided to beat the torrential rain an’ go to a place where all the water’s contained behind glass walls- the Sea Life London Aquarium. There’s sealife in here that I didn’t even know existed! Sealife I thought to have had gone extinct…atleast in our polluted water bodies of India😁 As soon as you enter, you walk across a glass footpath an’ my advice to ya is- Don’t look down if yer deathly afraid of sharks! There’s lobsters, seahorses, tuna, clownfish, piranhas (who,btw, are camera-shy), colourful jellyfish, a cunning crocodile (the cunning bugger slept with one eye open and on me the entire time😶) and a long, glass tunnel with a variety of fish (sharks, stingrays, turtles, etc) swimmin and peerin at us wondrous humans through the glass while we take our selfies with em. If yer in the mood to annoy a starfish or two, they’ve even got a rock-pool especially for the purpose o’ pokin at starfish. Oh, yes! An’ my fav! The penguins, with silly human names like Chloe and Zoe and a few other names for the male ones as well. Lil black an’ white, wobblin balls o’ cuteness! 😘
Not to sound cruel to the fish, but I ended up gobblin down a Filet-o-fish at the McDonald’s next door (ironic, I know!) , but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all those fish an’ thank Neptune/Poseidon I didn’t have to dive into the deepest sea or anythin to see em. It was time to get drenched again, as we stepped outside into the heavy, non-stop rain. The only ones who seemed to enjoy it were the seagulls who looked like they were havin a ball as they bobbed about on the surface of the Thames, occasionally poppin up to be fed by the hands of friendly passerby before perchin on a docked cruiseboat to preen their drippin wet feathers.

RIP, Adam West


I instantly took a likin to Adam West as the caped crusader after watching this one scene where he’s tryin to get rid of a bomb and gets all frustrated! He’s my second fav man to wear the cowl an’ cape after Mr. Keaton (Mr. Bale comes third) an’ just enjoyed seein his camaraderie with Robin/ Burt Ward in it, too cute! He had me chucklin when he poked fun at the Batman role in a funny cameo on Betty White’s hidden camera prank show not too long ago. So sad to hear about his demise an’ may he continue bein awesome up in heaven. 💙

Bein in a different country Day 10

Where would we be without our inventors an’ archeologists? Our Freddy the robot, our 3D printers, our Dolly the sheep, our fossilized sperm whale skulls, our changin fashion trends….I hope ya didn’t skip all that, cuz that’s exactly what I saw at the National Museum of Scotland. A must visit if ya wanna escape the crude illustrations o’ yer biology an’ history textbooks an’ witness the real thing! So, go ahead an’ explore at this free o’ charge museum. Donations are accepted, so be sure to drop some cash in the numerous donation boxes here before leavin, so they can continue preservin these treasures.

Futuristic 3D printer an’ 3D printed doodads:

Trace yer own animal on a Tibetan prayer flag. There’s chalk pieces an’ everythin you’ll need next to the prayer wheels. This,btw, is a lion:


Introducin Dolly the sheep! Aww…

Check out these changin fashion trends at the National Museum of Scotland: