Dedicated to the late John Hurt

A shocking revelation!
“We’ve gotta get to Poland now! ” Martin declared desperately, after he’d disclosed the address to them. “What? What for?! ” she asked, in surprise. “I need closure. I never got to say a proper goodbye, ya know.” he replied. “Liar. You wanna see if he really cloned her, dontcha? ” she deduced, seeing through his lie. “Well, if he did…wouldn’t ya wanna see it..I mean…er too? ” he shot back, slyly catering to her clone fetish. She thought for a while before muttering, “Dash it! You’re right, I would. C’mon then! ” She led the way to the time machine which she’d hidden using a cloaking device. “Are you thinking about the right address? ” she whispered, noticing that it hadn’t taken off yet. “Aye. I am….Wehrmacht street, Klomino village….Oh! Here we go! ” he repeated the address, jumping up as it began to tick all of a sudden.
There was a commotion as soon as they stepped out. A man in a lab coat, resembling Dr. Wartenberg ran out of a blazing building with a bundle in his arms. Two men carrying guns ran close behind him, yelling- “We just wanted the cloning technology, foolish man! ” The duo followed carefully and watched as the panting man stopped a safe distance from his chasers. “Wait a min….that building he’s standing outside…it’s the orphanage I grew up in…” she realized, as the man prepared to knock on the door of a nearby building. He stopped on hearing footsteps approaching. Instead, he searched his pockets, pulling out a notepad and pen to scribble something, before placing the bundle (which the duo realized was a baby) and folded paper on the steps of the orphanage. Martin and Shawna investigated the contents of the note once he’d scurried away. They watched as 3 silhouettes ran off into the dark, before turning their attention to the crying baby and the note, which read- To whosoever it may concern,
This is my angel….my SHAWNA (Scientifically Humanized Artificially Wombed Newborn Angel) . Unbelievable as it may seem, she is a clone…But, please don’t reveal that to her or treat her differently. Take care of her until I return.
Dr. Wartenberg.
There was an awkward silence once they’d finished reading the note. He tried to catch up with a disturbed Shawna who began to hurry towards the time machine. “Where’re ya goin?! D’you need to talk?! I know it must be tough…” he called out worryingly behind her. “Not tough….just weirdly shocking, I guess! But, I should’ve known…..what with me growing up faster than all the other kids an’ feeling outta place all the time….I should’ve known I was a bloody clone! An’….how could he hide this from me?! ” she cried out, in disbelief. “Where are we goin? ” a concerned Martin asked, as they stepped inside. “Home. I just wanna go home, kay? ” she replied, feeling emotional.



Back to his past

Cameo by Jay Baruchel as young medical examiner.
“It…it really works! ” he exclaimed in horror, as they stood in a war zone. “It does, doesn’t it? Oh…wow! Where in the world are we?” the amazed inventress enquired. Her question was left unanswered as he suddenly lept at her to throw her out of harms way. The duo rolled into an empty bunker as a large blast shook the ground and a loud sound resounded as a grenade hit the spot where they’d stood! He frowned as he was showered with chunks of debris while he lay atop Shawna, shielding her from the debris. “Well, this is a first for me….lyin underneath a handsome, strong man, who’s got his arms wrapped around me so securely! ” she whispered shyly, gaping at him dreamily. He tried to hide the blush that was beginning to form and his frown was replaced by a chuckle as he was amused by her praise. “Oi! Ya two! Aren’t ya s’possed to be up in the air?! Get a move on, wontcha?! ” a familiar voice ordered, as Matt’s dusty face peeked in. Martin climbed off her and looked up to see his younger brother clad in his military uniform stretching an arm up to help him up. “C’mon! I haven’t got all day! Find some other time to romance, ya two! We’ve got a war to fight, an’ yer squadron’s waitin, eh? ” the brave soldier reminded, hurrying off to join his comrades after helping them up. They looked on after him, before turning towards two medical personnel carrying a stretcher. It had a corpse covered with a bloody blanket. “Noo!” she heard him cry out. She followed his wide eyed gaze to the limp hand that hung out from underneath the blanket….and the engagement ring that adorned one of the fingers. “We’re too late! If only….I could’ve saved er…! ” he broke down. She attempted to console him, caressing his hair as he broke down and sobbed, burying his face into her lap.
“I wanna see her one last time.” he whispered, dabbing at his puffy eyes with a Kleenex which she handed him. With the help of surgical masks (which she’d swiped from a cart so no-one would recognise them), they snooped around the morgue. “Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here!” a young medical examiner cried out on seeing them. “We’re relatives of Ms. Kelly Rowling.” she lied, on his behalf. “Oh…her! Her stepdad was just here. Mumbled something about using her DNA to clone her or something. I think he was probably bereft or something, ya know! Cloning…pfft! Utter rubbish, I think! ” he scoffed. “It’s not utter rubbish! ” she argued, losing her temper on hearing the skeptical young man’s comment about cloning. “Don’t hurt me!  I’m new here, ma’am! ” the frightened medical examiner pleaded, as she gripped him by his collar. “Calm down! D’you know where her stepdad stays, lad? ” Martin enquired, pulling her off him.

Never give up on life

I gotta confess I’m prone to suicidal thoughts. My parents pushed me into pursuing the science stream, so I’m stuck learning subjects like physics and chemistry which I don’t find interesting. For some reason, parents think just cuz their child scored well in science in high school, they’ll continue the same in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Sometimes, they’ve this mentality that just cuz they were toppers (a word that I loathe!) in school, their child will also top the school or be first highest in India or whatever. If your child isn’t passionate about studying, let him/her follow his/her other passions instead o’ pressurising him/her. Even if he/she is extremely good at academics an’ the parents want him/her to be a doctor/engineer (top two cliched professions), but he/she wants to pursue a career in music, they still force their dreams onto the child an’ it can be highly stressful if the child is keen on pursuing the career o’  his/her dreams.  I prefer studying english and psychology and would rather pursue a career in writing/acting than in medicine as my parents hopelessly dream of. What they don’t realise is that I only like to learn subjects which I’m passionate about and hold interest in learning which includes most of the subjects in the Arts stream. I dream of publishing novels, pursuing my passion of acting/singing onstage an’ I try an’ devote much o’ my time to writing stories/blogging/reading novels to fuel my passion an’ true love for literature……but am instead burdened by the stress o’ byhearting chemical reactions and formulae and studying boring Sciency Wiency stuff ! So, yeah, now an’ then, I get fed up o’ it all an’ am prone to suicidal thoughts….but, I do not give in to them. I try hard not to. I encourage myself an’ tell myself I won’t let my parents come in the way o’ my dreams/ won’t let em shoot down any o’ my dreams an’ that even if they aren’t supportive o’ me becomin a writer/actor, I won’t give a damn! They stopped me from joinin the Arts stream, but I won’t let em stop me anymore. It’s my life an’ I will live it! Do not let anyone stop ya from living your life an’ do not even think o’ givin up on it.  Don’t let anyone force you into anything and be strong. Even if you fail, it doesn’t mean you’ve disappointed your family…Just means, you can try again. P.S. People will talk behind your backs each time you’re faced with failure, but just think to yourself that they’re just a bunch o’ idle idiots and just go  on with your life. Once ya hit it big, those same idjits are gonna be sooo jealous😁

RIP Grandad

The brilliant actor John Hurt passed away. A lil poem in his memory. I’ll always remember him as Grandad (his character’s nickname in Doctor Who)


The legendary actor



As sweet ol Olivander


As the grumpy War Doctor


As the memorable Merick

With his tear-jerking performance in Elephant Man, a million hearts (An’ a BAFTA) he won,
Sci-fi fans will remember him from the Chestburster scene from Alien,
He presented a young hero with his first magic wand in Harry Potter,
And Whovians know him as the lovable an’ grumpy War Doctor.
His hard work earned him  Oscar nominations…An’ don’t forget the countless awards that he won,
He may be gone, but will never ever  be forgotten.💙


So, I thought to myself, if a police box can be used as a time machine, why not a grandfather clock?
Dedicated to the creator, cast an’ crew o’ Doctor Who. An’ also to Christiaan Huygens, the inventor o’ the grandfather clock.

The time travelling grandfather clock


The couple prepared to leave after a late night at the lab. She waited for him outside, attending to an important call, while he locked up for the night. “Pssst! ” he heard a voice from the other end of the dark corridor. It was Shawna. He was surprised to see her at this hour. He thought she’d gone, but there she stood- at the doorway of the spacious room at the end of the hall, assigned to her by Dr. Hardy to tinker around and to store her inventions in. “C’mere! I wanna show you somethin! ” she called out to him, beckoning with her finger. “What is it? Is it important? ” he asked. “Just come on! ” she urged, before disappearing into the room. “Love, I’ll be down in a minute, kay? ” he yelled down to his wife (who was still busy on the phone), before deciding to follow her. She had on a giddy smile when he entered the room. “I wanna show you my latest invention…It’s a time machine- An’ I’ve been workin on it for some time now. I think I’ve finally perfected it! ” she revealed, before slipping off the tarp that covered her so-called time machine. “Wow! An’ it’s such a well-preserved one at that too! Don’t see much o’ these antique things anymore…..but, I wouldn’t call it a time machine, lass! ” he joked, feigning wonder on seeing the grandfather clock underneath the tarp. “That’s why I wanted you to be the first to see it,sceptic! Now, keep your comments for later an’ just go ahead an’ open that door…ya know, the door that leads to the place where the pendulum’s hung….? ” she ordered, ignoring his jeers. “Ya mean, the clock case? ” Martin the know-it-all corrected. “Well, I’m not well-versed with the names…Just open it! ” she retorted. “Why? Is it…bigger on the inside? ” he asked in jest, chuckling at his own joke before opening the door- revealing an empty space which was big enough for only the two of them. “Well, I’m still workin on the space problem.” she muttered. “How’s it work? ” he asked, deciding to play along, still skeptical about it. “I was hopin you’d ask! See those tiny devices nestled in each corner of the case? Those are microscanners. They scan your deepest thoughts. Just think of a place an’ time you’d like to visit….An’ my time machine takes us there! ” she exclaimed, enthusiastically and with full certainty that her invention worked. “C’mon let’s take it out for a test drive, shall we? ” she declared, stepping into the cramped space and motioning to him to follow. “I would love to…but, it’s late an’ I’ve gotta get home…An’ ya probably have to get to Crazy town! ” he declined in a mocking tone, turning to leave. “Don’t believe me….or too chicken?” she called out after him, in an insulting manner. “Oi! Nobody calls me chicken! FYI, I was in the RAF, kay? Takes a lotta guts to be in the RAF, lass! ” he reminded boisterously, turning around quickly on hearing her insult. “Just not enough to get into the clock case of a clock though…” she continued to mock, smiling slyly as she spoke. “That does it! Move aside! ” he ordered, before bravely getting into the cramped space. “Well, this is a tight squeeze! ” he muttered, finding it hard to breathe or think straight, as she shut the door and they stood close to each other in the pitch dark.
He felt her hot breath on his stubbly chin as she whispered- “Okey-dokey. Now, when I switch on the microscanners, think about the time an’ place you wanna travel to. We can travel to the past or the future, whenever an’ wherever you like, kay?” He nodded in reply, before shutting his eyes and thinking hard over where he wanted to be the most. “Ready? Now, hold that thought.” she whispered, before switching on the microscanners. The tiny devices emitted a bright blue light that circled his forehead, forming a halo around it as they scanned his thoughts. “This is ridic…” he began to exclaim impatiently, already making up his mind to leave, when he was interrupted by a soft ticking noise. It grew louder and louder and he held his breath hoping there wouldn’t be a gong, since there was only so much he could handle! “Don’t worry… I’ll do somethin about the sound later. Just ignore it for now, kay? ” she promised, yelling over the loud ticking noise in order to be heard. Finally, the ticking noise subsided. “That’s it? ” an unimpressed Martin muttered, before preparing to open the door. He blinked, adjusting to the sunlight, before scrunching his face up as the strong stench of blood and gunpowder  invaded his nostrils.


Alright then, ere’s a chapter that’ll bring tears to yer eyes. I know, I felt myself tearin up as I wrote it….or maybe that was just from seein a Dalek self-destruct itself earlier today (yes, I tend to root for the villain😜) Ok then, happy readin!

Painful memories come flying back


Kelly! A minute, please? ” he called out to her, as the rest of the squadron dispersed. “I don’t want ya repeatin any o’ those risky manoeuvres ya pulled off durin trainin, kay? ” he ordered. “Whatever …scaredy cat! ” she teased, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Oi! I’m higher in command, lassie! ” he reminded. “Doesn’t mean I can’t give ya a good luck kiss…” she retorted saucily, before pulling him for a passionate kiss. “Just be careful, alright, love? ” he made her promise, before pecking his sweetheart on the nose.
“The enemy’s hot on my heels…but,I think I can shake em off…” she began to speak confidently. “I know what’s on yer mind an’ I won’t let ya do it…” he declined, noticing her aircraft taking fire. There was silence from the other end and he felt his heart thump faster as he watched it disappear behind a cloud. When it reappeared, she’d already resorted to the highly dangerous Rolling Scissors manoeuvre. “Kell…don’t…It’s impossible! ” he cried out, but in vain. “I guess I’m someone who tends to veer towards the impossible, eh? ” he heard the stubborn pilot mutter boastfully, before she lost control of her battered aircraft. He watched in horror as she was ejected out of it and hurtled down into the green canopy below.
Shit! It’s back! ” he cussed under his breath, lamenting the return of the nightmare as he woke up in a cold sweat. He turned towards Deirdre who was sleeping soundly. He decided not to wake her up, since she had a long day at work the next day.


Happy republic day to all my fellow Indians💝

The Munson Expo


Shawna's innovative inventions

“Welcome to the Munson Expo, everyone! I wish I’d named it somethin cooler, like Munson-palooza or, uh, just off the top of my head-My awesome idea fest…but, I was too busy comin up with all the awesome inventions you all will be seeing here today….” their beautiful host greeted, in a boastful manner.”Wow! Ya two are made for each other! She’s just as narcissistic as ya are! ” Deirdre teased her husband. “Oi! It’s called showmanship…not narcissism! ” Martin defended her. He received a jab and a shush from Alice, before the inventress continued further- “….An’ forgive me for using this cliched line, but…I’d like to welcome you all to the future! ” With a press of a button, a curtain was automatically pulled aside- revealing a room full of machines and futuristic looking gadgets to the awestruck audience. They were even more surprised (and confused) as their host faded away in front of their eyes! 
“Gotcha, didn’t I? That Shawna Munson who stood in front of y’all and interacted with you was my lifelike hologram, activated with just a flip of a switch from one of my latest inventions- The Hologram Generator.” the real Shawna Munson revealed, as she appeared from behind the curtain, putting their confusion to rest.
Wow! This could keep our lil Stormy entertained for hours, wouldn’t it, love?  So cool! ” Matt exclaimed, hovering about on a real hoverboard with childlike enthusiasm. “For the last time…we’re not naming our child Stormageddon! ” his preggers wife replied with a roll of her eyes, before she ordered him to jump off the hoverboard before he broke it! “I wish I could pitch a tent in her brain and stay in it! ” a bright-eyed Deirdre muttered, watching the laundry hamper washer drier (which instantly washed and dried the dirty laundry that was dumped into it…automatically! ) in action. Martin suppressed a snicker at her enthusiasm. He looked around for the innovative inventress who was busy explaining another of her inventions- a coffee machine that could make the right cup of coffee according to the user’s preferences just by scanning his/her  hand print- to an engrossed crowd. She flashed him a smile on noticing him staring at her and beckoned to him.
“Surprised ya showed up! Deirdre says you didn’t put your faith in science…ever since your brother’s accident.” Shawna exclaimed, handing him a free cup of coffee as he stopped by to check out the machine for himself. He chose not to talk about it, instead quietly sipping the hot beverage. “Wow!  This thing’s a mind reader! ” he exclaimed, staring at the wondrous machine as he smacked his lips and took another sip from his perfect cup of cappuccino. “You’ve got a bit…” she whispered, before reaching out a finger to wipe the froth moustache that formed over his upper lip…before mischievously flicking her finger at him. “That’s mean! ” he muttered, feigning hurt as a blob of froth landed on his face and dripped down slowly. “Sorry…that was childish on my part! I just wanted to test this. Here.” she apologized, before handing him a clean white cotton towel. “What’s this? Another one o’ yer futuristic ideas? ” he asked, examining it curiously once he’d wiped his face with it. “See this? It’s got a mini turbine in it that pumps out hot air and UV light that not only dries the towel, it disinfects it and keeps it fluffy. ” she replied, gesturing to a hanger mounted on the wall before hanging the towel up on it. “I know o’ a germaphobe who might be interested in this.” he joked, shooting a glance towards his sister- in-law who was having a hard time keeping an enthusiastic Matt off the Segway that also doubled as a vacuum cleaner (for cleaning on the go!) “Am I boring you yet?” she asked, explaining the technology that went into all her inventions.  “Far from it! Yer actually impressin me!”  he replied with a grin, as they strolled about the venue past the crowds of scientists, science enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs and schoolkids-  all  of them equally impressed, enthusiastic and taken in by her inventions. “That’s nice to hear. Wanna hear somethin awesome? The carpet we’re walkin on right now…? ” she asked, motioning to the soft carpet under their feet. “Yeah? ” he replied, flashing her a curious look. “It’s an invention too…well, uh, a concept, really. We just need to develop the technology further an’ we’ll be able to detect footprints an’ stuff like that. So, if any intruder breaks in an’ steps foot on this or if a beloved elderly person has a slip an’ fall over it, you get notified about it. But, of course, this is just a prototype, an’ it’s quite comfy to walk on, isn’t it? ” she revealed. “That’s amazing! ” he praised. “I know, right?! ” she exclaimed with pride, blushing at the praise he was showering on her. “Now, I know why my wife wants to live in yer brain! ” he exclaimed, jokingly. “I guess I knew that too!” the amused inventress cracked up at the thought. “An’ to think all those years ago, all these devices were deemed impossible to invent…. Merely concepts an’ a distant, impossible dream! ” her elderly mentor, Dr. Wartenberg added, joining their conversation. “I guess I’m someone who tends to veer towards the impossible! ” she quipped confidently ,with a wink.




Shawna's notebook of ideas: Property o', no snoopin around!

A large crowd of scientists and science enthusiasts had gathered outside the lab where huge banners had been put up and arrangements had been made for the inventress to showcase her latest inventions. “What’re ya readin? ” Martin asked curiously, watching as his wife thumbed through a fat notebook. “It’s Shawna’s book o’ ideas. She let me borrow it. Golly! Look at all these sketches. Look! She’s got an idea for a time machine too…! Can’t wait to see that one! ” she muttered excitedly, widening her eyes as she browsed through millions of sketches and handwritten notes for new futuristic ideas- some of which Shawna would introduce later that day, while others were still in the offing. “Pfft! Yeah, right….a time machine! Everyone knows that time travel is just a myth! Utter hogwash! I’d believe it if I saw it! ” Martin scoffed, as they waited for Shawna to make her grand entrance. “I know I shouldn’t have let ya tag along. This is science stuff. A layman like ya wouldn’t understand! ” she retorted, glaring at the skeptical man. “For yer information, I majored in Physics in college. In fact, I’d almost succeeded in solving the Yang–Mills existence and mass gap problem! My professors said I’d make a brilliant physicist. But, I fancied shooting down planes to shooting alpha particles at metal foil! Not so much o’ a layman now, am I? ” he recounted, with a rather boastful grin. A speechless Deirdre began to open her mouth to say something on the lines of- Wow! That’s impressive! – but was interrupted by the sound of cameras clicking away and a nudge from Alice (in order to silence her) as the exhibition commenced.


Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders,
Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes,
Acrophobia is the fear of heights,
Agoraphobia is the fear of open or crowded spaces,
Cynophobia is the fear of dogs,
But have ya ever heard o’…..

Clone phobia!
“Love? ” Matt called out to Alice who was doing the dishes in the kitchen. “Yeah? ” came her voice over the sound of running water. “D’you ever think bout…uh…clonin me…?” he asked hesitantly, standing at the doorway as he watched her stack the clean plates on the kitchen top. “What’re you going on about? Why would I wanna clone you? Like I need another silly man in the house! ” she replied jokingly, amused by his question. “Just thought…what with yer obsession with cloning an’ all….I mean, ya were talkin bout this dream o’ yers- to create the first human clone…” he reminded. “Of course, I was. Shawna brought it up at the lab the other day , and now all my colleagues are talkin about it. Besides, if I did clone someone…I’d probably choose to clone George Clooney instead of you! ” she explained, flashing him a grin as she spoke. “Right…that’s comforting.” he muttered sarcastically, disappointed on not being chosen to be the first human to be cloned by his wife (Yet, also relieved at the same time, since the idea of being experimented on again terrified him!) “Hon, why dontcha do the rest of these for me. I’m gonna iron your shirt for tomorrow. Shawna’s invited us to a grand exhibition where she’ll be showcasing her inventions.” his wife requested, taking a break to wipe her sudsy hands on the front of her apron. “I was plannin on watchin some telly, love…” he began to excuse himself. “Maybe I’ll change my mind…an’ clone myself a hubby who actually enjoys helping me with chores, huh? How about that? ” she threatened teasingly on hearing his excuse. “No,no! I’ll do em! ” he interrupted, taking her threat seriously! She suppressed a pleased grin as she left him to his chores.
Later that night, he was just about to shut his sleepy eyes and turn in for the night when he felt a chill down his spine as he heard her inch closer to him to whisper- “You need the rest, hon. Tomorrow’s the day we finally clone ya! ” “Don’t even joke about it, Alice! ” the scaredy cat scolded, hearing a childish chuckle from her side of the bed. “Ok….g’night, my darling clone! ” she cracked a final joke, letting out a haunting cackle just to spook him out, before drifting off to sleep. Fearfully, he pulled the sheets close to his chin. He tossed and turned, dreaming about evil clones of himself taking over London….and possibly, the world!


Dedicated to my fav writer, the late Mr. Dahl. (P.S. Can’t wait to watch the tv premiere o’ The BFG. Absolutely loved the book, so can’t wait to see how the movie’s turned out)💖

Of cloning and cats


Martin and his pet cat

Martin dropped in at Matt’s apartment for their daily morning routine of watching telly and drinking beer. His brother was still unemployed, their respective wives had already left for work, while Martin preferred to be as impunctual as possible just to annoy ol Dr. Wartenberg!  “What’s this? It’s too early to be watchin porn, ya know? ” he advised, peering over his younger brother’s shoulder at the phone screen. “It’s not porn. It’s just this movie called Womb. Alice was watchin it last night. She’s been obsessed with clonin…” he began to explain, still staring at the movie playing on the screen. “Ooh…sci-fi, eh? Why am I not surprised? ” Martin mumbled, taking a swig from his beer before plopping down beside Matt. “Yea…It’s bout this lady who gives birth to the clone o’ er dead boyfriend…” he narrated. “Spoilers, mate! An’ that sounds really unsettlin! ” Martin interrupted, with a look of disgust on hearing the plot. “I know. An’ is it just me…or does the actor in this movie look eerily similar to me…? Oh, my god! Do I have a clone?! ” an exaggerating Matt exclaimed, gazing closely at the screen with wide eyes. “Pfft! If anyone should be cloned, it should be my handsome self! Ooh! Check out Eva Green’s stunning arse, eh? ” his boastful brother joked, before continuing to ogle at Eva Green onscreen. Their conversation was interrupted by a sudden meow as Martin’s pet cat jumped off the window sill and made its way into the apartment and onto his lap. “Put away that porn! Mr. Wartenberg’s ere….an’ ya know he only likes the lesbian stuff! ” Martin ordered teasingly, stroking the cute cat (whom he’d named in honor of the elderly scientist!).  “Why does yer cat always make itself at home in my apartment? An’ with all that sheddin….! Ya know, Alice’s allergic! ” Matt scolded, watching the furry creature purr away . “Well, ya shouldn’t leave yer window open then! Isn’t that right, Warty? ” his unbothered brother suggested, before cooing at the playful cat who began to nibble at his nose. “I don’t think Alice an’ Deirdre are gonna like the idea o’ ya namin yer pet after their mentor.” Matt objected to his choice of name. “What…He can name his mice after me…an’ I’m not even allowed to name my kitty-cat after im?! ” Martin justified. “I thought Deirdre had initially zeroed in on the name – Puffy McButtons! ” Matt reminded, stretching out a hand to pat the cat, unable to help himself in the presence of cuteness! He was taken aback as a paw swiped at him, leaving scratch marks across his arm! “See? Even he doesn’t like that name! ” Martin muttered, expressing his, as well as the feline’s displeasure at the name- Puffy McButtons!