Under the weather

I’m down with flu. Thanks, goshdarned heavy Mumbai showers👿
So here are few o’ the things I did while lyin in bed:
1) Sulked
2) Decided to write somethin on Wattpad. Ended up writin 6 chapters o’ a gay erotica titled Lovers’ dilemma. Apparently, my feverish mind has quite the potential to make up scandalous hot sex scenes which it isn’t that capable o’ when I’m keepin well. But, I guess, when I’m ill, ideas just come to it (no pun intended…maybe)😘
3) Sulked some more
4) Watched half o’ a movie called The Decoy Bride an’ one episode o’ Jessica Jones (both starrin David Tennant) on my phone, in the hopes that my fav Scot would help stave away boredom (he did!). Even though the movie was quite hilarious, my sore throat didn’t allow me to laugh even the slightest😒
5) Sucked an entire box o’ Halls cough lozenges during the day.
6) Ate and puked my dinner.
7) Sucked an entire chocolate bar and balls o’ jaggery (the size o’ ping pong balls) throughout the night. Sweet dreams and the cough subsided…but woke up with a tummy ache in the morn! Eesh!
8) Slept till the afternoon surrounded by wads of snotty tissue. Woke up to a cup o’ hot ginger tea. Quoted Doctor Who (Tea! That’s all I needed! A good cup o’ tea! A super-heated infusion o’ free radicals and tannins. Just the thing for heating the synapses.) as I sipped on it. [Forever Whovian: In sickness an’ in health!] Hope to be as spritely as this fella once I recover👇


If anyone asks, that's my definition o' tea!

9) Watched telly. Accidentally switched to a telemarketin ad which claimed that constipation and piles were the worst diseases in the world. Maybe my ears were plugged up due to the cold, but I guess no-one’s scared o’ the big deadly C now. Ad got repetitive an’ I got bored, so off went the telly an’ me! 💤
10) Bit better now, but still relyin on lozenges, chocolate, jaggery, warm water, music , tea an’ David Tennant to pull me through.

Buh-bye an’ to yer health! Achoo!


Dancing from pillar to pillar

Dedicated to Gautam for sharing his dance journey with us💃👯

So, we’ve a world renowned contemporary dancer performin at our college for the past two days. Actually, a talented, young dance artist named Gautam who’s showcasing his journey from dancer to dance artist through his moves, a combination of dance forms and some beautiful instrumental music (titled Pillars). He even gladly broke into an impromptu jig to Do you believe in life after love? with his equally talented wife on our demand!
Everyone’s welcome to join him on his journey, but since most o’ us have two left feet (even though we may boastfully compare ourselves to Kevin Bacon from Footloose / Hrithik Roshan/ Patrick Swayze and those others from Dirty Dancing) , we prefer not to cuz we feel we’d just slow the man down if we joined in! 😅😆
Now, I haven’t the faintest idea what his journey’s about, since I’m not much o’ an interpreter when it comes to dance.  But, this I’ve noticed is that when he dances as if in a trance, he surely leaves us spectators entranced as well!
Plus, he can stretch on for days and thrust his pelvis like Elvis for weeks (ohmigosh😻😘 🙀) and guy or gal irregardless, we’d continue to watch with our eyes glued! Anyway, ere’s some photos o’ him indulgin in his passion on our badminton court👇






DOC JUAN: Chapter 10

A/N: Introducing Nina!

“That him?” Nina, her nosy friend asked, as they watched him make his way to the clinic the next day, whistling as he did. “Yup.” Elle replied, looking up from the desk. He stopped short on noticing his receptionist’s female friend, admiring her curves as she leant over to talk to Elle, unbeknownst to her. The women looked on amusingly as he spent some time preening himself, using the glass doors as a mirror to check his reflection while he combed his ruffly hair with his fingers.
“Well, I don’t see why ya haven’t gone out with him yet. Sure, he’s your boss. But, he’s still  better lookin an’ younger than those other geezers you’ve worked for. I’d go out with a piece o’ meat in my fridge if it was as cute as that man! ” Nina whispered. “I hope mum’s not puttin ya up to this. I never should’ve told that woman bout the breakup! ” Elle muttered, on hearing her friend’s suggestion to date the charming doctor. Nina looked away, as if hiding the fact that she was indeed on a matchmaking mission. “Alright, pipe down! Here he comes. You’ll see in a sec why I won’t go out with that man if my life depended on it.” Elle whispered to her, quickly flashing Dr. Miller a friendly smile as he stopped by the desk.
“Ah…my lovely receptionist, how d’you do today? Is this my first patient for the day? Am I lucky or what! ” he greeted with a toothy grin, gazing lustfully at Nina. “Sorry, but this is Nina. She works in the firm across the street. She’d nothin better to do, so she came over to keep me company. She was just leavin, anyway. Got a big presentation, dontcha, Nina? ” she introduced, before attempting to shoo Nina away on noticing his lustful gaze which still lingered on her friend’s curves.”What’s the hurry, eh? Enchante, mademoiselle. How bout we pop into the clinic there for a talk? I’ve been known to give the best talks….” he began to flirt, before turning towards his embarrassed receptionist, winking at her suggestively and continuing- “Ya could join us too, Elle. We’ve still got a few minutes before this place’s brimmin with patients for me to check up. I’ve been known to be good at those too. A master, really! ” “Oh…my word! He’s a womanizer! ” Nina interrupted, realising the reason behind Elle’s hesitation to romance the hot doctor! “Uh-huh! ” Elle murmured. “Argh! I hate that term! Has she been tellin ya that I’ll shag anythin that moves too? Now, I’m hurt an’ insulted…but, still available…so, if ya need me…” the shameless man continued, flirtatiously beckoning to the clinic as he headed over to it, slowly and seductively. “That’s alright! Think I’ll leave now. Nice meetin ya! ” Nina bade farewell,  deciding to leave before she fell for his charms. “She’s a lot like ya, ya know? ” he remarked mockingly to Elle, raising an eyebrow as her equally hard to woo friend hurried away. “I guess we’re both allergic to cheesiness, eh? ” Elle joked with a shrug, before tapping away at her keyboard with a wicked grin.

DOC JUAN: Chapter 9

A/N: She protects him from the bullies aboard the night train!

She was walking home to the train station after a late night at the clinic. She hated travelling by the tube alone, but had to make do for a couple of weeks, since her car was in the repair shop. Most of all, she hated walking down the street on a freezing night. But, this time it wasn’t the cold that froze her and sent chills down her spine. It was the sound of the footsteps behind her on the dark and empty street. She mustered up the courage, reaching into her bag before turning around, armed with her deadly mace. The man behind her squealed, startled as she raised it up with her finger at the ready. “Don’t spray! It’s just me! ” he yelled, raising his palms to his face in fright.
” It’s a good thing I didn’t use my flare gun. Were you following me?” she asked the startled doctor, eyeing him suspiciously as she put away the mace. “Scuse me…flare gun?! What else d’you have in that bag?! ” he cried out in disbelief, with one hand on his chest as he felt his heart beating away rapidly in there, before eyeing her handbag suspiciously. “Just stuff…an’ this half-eaten cheese sandwich….never mind that! Ya still haven’t answered me.” she reminded, pulling out a sandwich wrapped in foil as she spoke. “Thought I’d keep ya company on the tube tonight. Even though I seem like a tough fella, I feel unsafe ridin the night tube at times.” he confessed, spotting the Oyster card that she grasped firmly in her hand. “Really? ” she enquired. “Aye. Mainly cuz I slept with the station conductor’s wife…an’ I’ve a feelin he’s out to get me!” the jittery doctor confessed. “There it is! Why am I not surprised!  ” she exclaimed, as if she’d read his mind, starting to walk as he followed, trying to keep up with her.
“Tell me ya haven’t slept with half the women here…” she muttered, noticing the amount of naughty looks thrown his way by the female passengers aboard the train. “I might have. One does get lonely ridin the tube alone, so I might’ve chatted em up…an’ one thing led to another, ya know…” he muttered, a tad boastfully and blushing as he spoke about it. “Can’t believe you! You’ll shag anythin that moves, huh, Doc? ” she exclaimed in disbelief, unwrapping and chomping on her sandwich before it went bad.
“Why dontcha fall for me? ” was the surprising question that he shot her way as they neared her station. “Beg your pardon? ” she asked, with her mouth full of cheddar. “I can woo half the women on this train….In fact, I have! But, I’ve been tryin to charm ya ever since ya started workin for me, but ya still seem repelled by me. So, what is it? Am I not yer type? Not cute enough…though, that’s impossible….” he spoke rather highly of himself and rather boisterously. “Lemme stop ya right there. The reason I’m not attracted to you an’ possibly will never be, is cuz you’re my boss…an’ also, cuz you’re cheesy! ” she interrupted, finishing the rest of the sandwich and dusting crumbs off her clothes. “Cheesy? How d’you mean? ” he enquired, shooting her a quizzical look. “Your lines? The ones I hear you use numerous times to woo the patients and me? They sound like somethin outta some badly written romcom. Hence, I find em cheesy! ” she clarified with a grin, before preparing to get off as the train pulled into her station, holding on to the pole as she stood up to leave. “An’ yer sayin that with all that gooey cheese stuck in your teeth! ” he pointed out mockingly to his judgy, hard to woo receptionist. “I love cheese in my teeth. Gives me somethin to chew on during my walk home! Some advice though, Dr. Miller? Keep the flare gun, lose the cheesiness! ” she teased, handing her flare gun over to him to keep him safe for the rest of the journey (and also to defend himself from the possibily murderous station conductor or any enraged husbands and lovers lurking about!) He feigned laughter at her joky gesture as she hopped off,  bade him farewell and headed home.

DOC JUAN: Chapter 8

A/N: She’s too heartbroken to function! Time to return the favor, doc!


Sitting on her apartment floor

A week later, she didn’t show up for work. Her desk was empty for a whole week- The Receptionist-less Week, as he called it. She didn’t pick up the phone either, so he decided to check in on her on a day when his clinic wasn’t swamped with patients.He palmed the spare key that her landlord had handed to him. His sharp ears picked up the faint sound of muffled weeping on the other side of the door. It stopped when he unlocked and turned the knob. The room was a mess and only lit by flames from the electric fire. He turned around as he felt someone creep up behind him, before being knocked out by a large, blunt object.
“I’m sorry.” he heard a familiar voice whisper from a dark corner of the room as he came to with an ice pack pressed to his throbbing head. “Hmm? Oh…uh…It’s fine. Helluva swing ya got there. What was that…a cricket bat? ” he murmured, groaning as he sat up on the couch and noticed her on the floor. “Yea… Sorry bout that thing. It was Marc’s. Didn’t even notice that he’d left it behind. Just burnt it. Too many memories.” she muttered, gesturing to the sizzling electric fire as she spoke. “Did ya burn the furniture too…? ” he asked, raising an eyebrow at his young receptionist who sat on the floor with her knees up and her arms wrapped around them as if wallowing in self pity. “Can’t sit on the couch. Too many memories. That…that…where you’re sittin right now, he spilt guac there…that klutz! An’ we chose those cushions together. We had our first fight at the store that day, cuz that ninny didn’t agree with me over the colour! ” she whimpered, burying her head into her hands as she continued to sob. “I take it ya broke up with the boyfriend, eh? What happened, lass? ” he enquired in a concerned manner, as he knelt down in front of her. She looked up at him as he put away the ice pack and took her palms in his. “Can’t believe I’m gonna talk about it with a womanizer. But, I guess, you’d know more about the topic than anyone else. He cheated on me. There was this slutty socialite who stuck to him like glue, showed up at all the events he deejayed…An’ I had my doubts…An’ it all turned out just as I’d feared it would…! ” she explained, before breaking down. “Sounds like a real bastard! Aye…ya know…take all the time ya want. I can manage on my own. ” the doctor muttered, taken aback as she buried her face into his jacket to cry while he hesitantly wrapped his arms around her to console her. “Oh…right…I’m sorry, Dr. Miller. I should’ve called or somethin. Don’t worry, you’ll see me at my desk tomorrow. I didn’t even think bout you in my sorrow. I was just, uh, you know thinkin bout gettin through this an’ comfortin myself…” she whispered, apologetically. “Oh-ho….I know a whole lot bout comfortin oneself. Ya know, I’ve got a bottle o’ lube in my back pocket, if you’d like! ” he joked with a saucy wink, in order to break the somber mood. “Ugh! How d’you manage to make me feel uncomfortable every time?! ” she exclaimed in disgust, pulling away from his embrace. “Sorry, just tryin to see that smile o’ yers. There it is! ” he apologized, flashing her his own toothy smile as she broke into a sunshiney smile for him.
“Huh! This must be a first for ya. Not hittin on a vulnerable woman! ” she teased. “Aye, it is! Must be losin my touch! ” he agreed. “Well, I think any woman would be lucky to have ya…if you just stayed this way.” she whispered. “Wait…Did ya just say, woman? As in singular? One woman?! Don’t think so! ” he sputtered, feigning displeasure at the thought of committing himself to just the one. “You’re never gonna change, eh? ” she muttered on hearing him, playfully kicking him lightly and eliciting a mischievous chuckle from him before he kindly helped her to her feet.

DOC JUAN: Chapter 7

A/N: a bit too much to drink! 🍷🍸  Fortunately, he’s got Elle to accompany him home.

“Sorry, I ruined yer dress. I tried to hold it in…but, it just went gushin! Some o’ it landed on that poor waitress’ pristine white shirt…an’ all o’er ol Dr. Wittigan’s wig too!” the drunk doctor apologized, as his trusty receptionist pulled up at his home, giving him a lift from the party which ended quite late. “Well, that’s what happens when ya drink too many martinis, a bottle of Scotch an’ half my Cosmopolitan! Anyway, it’s all good. It’s my funeral dress. I last wore it at my granddad’s funeral an’ no-one’s died since…So, why bother keepin it anyway, eh? ” she accepted his apology, chuckling as she looked down at the lacey black dress which had puke clinging to its front now. “I stand corrected bout you doctors rollin in cash! ” she exclaimed, mouthing wow as she helped him to the porch of his ancient mansion before proceeding to ring the doorbell. “Family heirloom. Built by some codgy, ol relative o’ mine…whose name I can’t recall, by the way! ” he muttered. “I take it, you live alone then? Thought you’d have butlers an’ stuff! ” she deduced when no-one answered the door, slipping her arm around him quickly as he began to drunkenly topple over.
“Are ya tryin to cop a feel?” he slurred, as he felt her run her hands all over him and dig into his coat pockets as if searching for something. ” I’m friskin ya for a key. Your house keys. Where are they?” she enquired, giving up as she came up empty handed. ” Under that flower pot, of course. But, I do like it when a lady’s got her hands all o’er me…So, do continue! ” he replied, before flashing her a teasing grin and mischievously leaning in closer. She rolled her eyes at him, ignoring his lustful gaze as she unlocked the door. ” That’s the only wood you’re gettin mate! ” she successfully rejected his advances, stepping aside as he threw himself at her and watching in amusement as he found himself kissing the half-open wooden door instead. There was a loud thud as the door creaked open and he passed out onto the carpet, staining it with drool while Elle looked on, nodding her head in disbelief at his drunken demeanor. “Thanks for makin my job so much more difficult for me, Dr. Miller. I hope I’ve got a raise comin my way.” she remarked sarcastically, as she carefully dragged him upstairs to his bedroom. She plumped his pillow up for him, making him feel comfy as she pulled his wine-stained coat off and tucked him in.
“Oh…good God! An’ here I thought ya only responded to house calls at their places!” she muttered, scrunching her face up in disgust as a pink bra slipped out from underneath his pillow! “My place, their place…the backseat o’ a car in a parking lot…does it matter? Ya can keep that, by the way. It’s Mrs. Burton’s! ” the dazed man bragged on seeing the lingerie dangling from poor Elle’s hand. ” Why would I wanna keep Mrs. Burton’s bra? I’ll just return it to her when she turns up for her check up…That’s on…lemme check…Right! Monday. I’ll return it to her on Monday.” Elle decided, searching in her purse for the trusty diary where she wrote down the date and time of each of his patients’ appointments and which she never lost sight of, pulling it out to look up Mrs. Burton’s next appointment. “Yer all business, no pleasure, eh? ” she heard him mock her before drifting off to sleep. “Better yet, I’ll just leave it in the lost and found for her to find. G’night, Dr. Miller.” she changed her mind, quickly slipping it into her purse, before switching off the nightlight and taking her leave.

DOC JUAN: Chapter 6

Song choice for this chapter: One Step by Anne Drury.


Dancing to impress!

“Dr. Miller, guess you’re leavin early today. Mrs. Montesco called to say she’s cancellin cuz she’s still a bit tired from her last appointm…oh, my God! I’m so sorry…! I didn’t realise…” Elle began to explain, but stopped short, agape at the door . Sputtering apologetically, she backed away to her desk, slamming the door behind her as she did.  “I’m so sorry…I should’ve knocked or somethin…” she muttered apologetically as he made his way to her desk, buttoning up his shirt as he did. “I didn’t mean to walk in on you an’ Ms. Sully in the middle of an, uh…appointment.” she continued, looking behind him at the now fully clothed Ms. Sully who hurried out of the clinic embarrassingly.
“That’s alright. Sandra’s walked in on me an’ my patients a lotta times.Sometimes, even joined us…if ya know what I mean! ” he accepted her apology, before winking at her saucily. “Ugh! I wish I’d been blinded by that bout of pinkeye! ” she gagged in disgust, trying to get the images of Dr. Miller and Ms. Sully’s sexual shenanigans out of her mind. “Oh…c’mon, sex is a beautiful thing. You act as if you’ve never made love before! You have…made love before, right? ” he asked curiously, leaning in intently. “I’m not talkin about my sex life with you, Dr. Miller! ” she replied, standing up and backing away from him as she prepared to leave. He snickered at her response and her secretive attitude. “Would ya look at the time! I’m late!” he exclaimed, jumping up on seeing the hands of the wall clock strike seven. “Not that it’s any of my business….but, late for what? ” she enquired, as she searched in her purse for the keys in order to lock up for the day. “Oh! There’s this reunion bein thrown by my med school pals. Pretty posh. They’ll be bringin their better halves, talkin about their kids, showin off an’ stuff- The lot o’ em!  Say…are ya doin anythin tonight? I need a date….An’ I’m not s’possed to go out with any o’ my patients! Single Scotsman in London, handsome an’ a doctor…go figure, eh! ” he requested, chuckling at the thought of his lonely life.”You’re not serious? You want me…your receptionist, to come with you?! ” she exclaimed, surprised by his request. “Unless, you’ve got plans with this fella who’s been textin ya non-stop. Boyfriend? ” he whispered, staring anxiously at her phone vibrating atop the desk. “Yeah…He’s actually live tweetin this event he’s deejayin. Probably havin the time of his life too…Argh, sod it!  I’m comin with ya! Let’s just stop at my place first an’ I’ll wear somethin nice…An’ not too skimpy, so ya don’t flirt with me at this party! ” she finally agreed, feeling a tad distraught by her lack of a social life as she looked up from her tweet-laden phone screen before putting it away.
“You doctors, always rollin in cash, eh?” she muttered, sipping on her wine while watching the waiters elegantly walk across the shiny marble floor with trays laden with caviar, champagne and finger foods. He hummed in agreement, sipping on his Scotch as they stood at the bar and watched the couples dance under the grand, shimmery chandelier.  “Aye, we are quite rich, aren’t we? Ya done with that wine? ” he offered to take the empty glass off her hands. “What? ” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him as he stretched out a hand towards her. It was unexpected, as she’d only accompanied him so he’d have someone to link arms with or so he could occasionally wrap an arm around her waist and introduce her as his gorgeous new girlfriend to his married colleagues and also to feast on the delicious spread there, while also sneaking some crab cakes into her purse when no-one was looking….but, she hadn’t anticipated dancing. “May I have this dance? ” he replied, turning on his charm and beckoning to the dance floor. “I haven’t danced in a while…or been asked to in such a gentlemanly manner, really! ” the girl with two left feet confessed, hesitantly allowing him to lead her to the dance floor, before they began to waltz…surprisingly, rather well! “I didn’t think I’d be any good at this! Especially since, I learnt to dance from YouTube videos! ” he confessed, letting out a chuckle as he got through it without stepping on any feet! “Really? Well, you’re rather good. ” she praised, on hearing him. “Aye! It’s also how I learnt most o’ the moves I pull off in the boudoir. YouTube channel run by some fella called Mister Sex…” he began to reveal too much with a boastful grin. “I really don’t wanna hear about your online sex teacher or any of your boudoir shenanigans, Dr. Miller. Let’s just continue dancing, please! ” she interrupted as she felt herself beginning to gag again, before they resumed their waltz in silence.

Rants about presentations that drove me nuts…+ a doodle.


Computerised coconuts!

Another product o’ my weird mind . I doodled this sittin on the back bench durin the cyber security lecture, bored outta my mind o’er the kind o’ crappy presentations bein, well…presented durin our ongoin CAs (sorta like a project/assignment sorta deal) Pointers: If yer gonna present somethin, ya don’t have to read everythin off the chart/ PowerPoint. Try to understand what yer presentin before presentin it to us…An’ don’t rattle it off the back o’ yer head like a bloody parrot! Include additional content as well. Try to make sense o’ yer topic, so it’ll make sense to ya an’ to us. Try not to make it sound like shite or a sea o’ uhms an’ uhs!
Anyway, this doodle started off as a tech thingy, a machine or robot o’ sorts.
Hence, the canopy o’ the coconut tree (that’s what it is, if ya were wonderin,btw!) looks sorta like a…ummm….whatcha call it…a  cogwheel.
The roots sorta look like claws, dontcha think? P.S I know o’ a female student sittin beside me who’d just wanna get er claws (read: her painted, pointy fingernails) around our lecturer’s neck an’ just strangle er for lecturin er on bout er poor presentation.😤 (Boy! I seem to be using that word a lot today, eh?😄)
The funny faces embedded into the letters o’ the coconut tree sign below the doodle represent the funny faces that the clownish back benchers pulled off as the presentations progressed…until they were tossed outta the class by our strict lecturer for disruption! 😆
That’s all for now….Class dismissed!  😇

DOC JUAN: Chapter 5

A/N: She contracts conjunctivitis…and he’s left to fend for himself! Let’s see how he gets along without her👇

“Ya know, ya don’t need makeup. I think yer beautiful just the way ya are.” he stopped by at her desk and flirted, wiping sweat off his brow and neck as he spoke. “Uh…thanks for that compliment, but I’m not applyin makeup. It’s just…I think it’s conjunctivitis…” she muttered worryingly, snapping the pocket mirror shut as she looked up at him with watery eyes. “Oi! Look away! I don’t wanna catch anythin! ” he squealed, as he reached for the stylish sunglasses that he always kept in his pocket and put them on hurriedly. “Always prepared, eh? Anyway, I’ve gotta go see my eye doctor. I think I might need a few days off. ” the squinting receptionist requested, dabbing at her eyes with a hanky as she stood up quickly to leave . “Aye, sure! Take as long as ya like. Just get outta ere before ya infect someone else! ” he agreed to her request, hurrying into his clinic, his lab coat fluttering behind him. “For a doctor who deals with illness an’ disease on a daily basis, he’s quite the scaredy cat! ” she muttered, nodding her head in disbelief, watching through the glass door as he sprayed disinfectant around the waiting room and her desk as soon she left! She thought he’d do fine by himself while she recovered at home. She was wrong!
“I’ll kill you, you bastard! How dare you?! Even after I warned you! You still…Cmere, you! Sleep with my wife, will you? Let’s see you do that lookin like Swiss cheese once I’m done with you!” she heard a familiar voice threaten as soon as she stepped into the clinic.  “Get that drill outta my face, ya madman! ” Dr. Miller yelled, struggling to push off  a furious Dr. Williams (a dentist who had a clinic in the same building) who’d pinned him down on the examination table and was attacking him with a dental drill while the patients watched on with a mixture of horror and amusement! “Oi! Let him go…or I’m callin security with just a press of this button! ” she threatened, raising her voice at the angry dentist. “That’s a Jammy Dodger. What d’you make of me?” he retorted, calling her bluff. “Bollocks! That worked in Doctor Who...! Fine, it is.  But, I’m still gonna call security if you don’t calm down, Dr. Williams! ” she warned, before taking a bite of the cookie. “Ha! He’s just a dentist. Hardly a doctor! ” Dr. Miller mocked, coming up for air as the dentist slightly loosened his grip from around his throat. “An’ you! Pipe down or you’ll end up provokin him! Dr. Williams, put that down. I thought that was strictly reserved for teeth. You’re not scarin anyone with that! ” she advised. “I’m leaving now. But, you tell him that if he comes near my wife again, he’s gonna pay! ” Dr. Williams warned, scowling at Dr. Miller before he left. “Yeah, right! I’m gonna pay…pfft! How much does a dentist earn anyway? Peanuts?! ” a shameless Dr. Miller called out after him.
“Glad to have ya back. I’m impressed, by the way! ” he praised, as she helped him up and calmed his patients down once the irate dentist had left the clinic. “Ya left me unimpressed though! Grown men…especially doctors, actin like a  bunch of kids! What was that bout anyway? Who’s his wife an’ how’d ya end up sleepin with her?” she demanded to know, clearing up the mess in his clinic while his eyes followed her around the room. “Ya remember Sandra, right? Well, he’s er husband.” he revealed. “No way! Lemme guess, you called her back to replace me while I was away an’….” she exclaimed, her voice trailing off so that he could fill in the blanks. “…An’ one thing led to another…! Not my fault though. That woman’s a vixen! ” he finished her sentence, defending himself at the same time! “Oh…for chrissakes! I can’t leave ya alone for a minute, can I, Dr. Miller? ” she muttered under her breath, as he childishly flashed her a mischievous grin.

Julius Pringles in a field o’ flowers

So, the quirky artista  in me came up with this fancy doodle. An’ since I thought it looked like Julius Pringles (the moustached dude who graces every Pringles can that every junk food eating kid/ adult has been able to lay their hands on) surrounded by flower petals, I thought it needed a fancy name. I present to you: Julius Pringles in a field o’ flowers. Open to interpretation, by the way…unless y’all think it looks like Air India’s mascot, the Maharajah peeping at ya through foliage! 😆;)


Julius Pringles in a field o' flowers

       🍟🌻🌼🌷💐🌺🌹🌱 🍠