Feliz Ano Novo🎉

Let’s forget the past,
This year, have a blast!
After a party though, don’t drink an’ drive,
This year, we need ya to stay alive!
On New Year’s Eve, don’t only think about that midnight kiss,
But also try to pray for peace.
An’ if ya plan to make New Year’s resolutions,
Be sure ya remember to keep em!



Farewell, princess

Gone is a princess,
Who enthralled us with her fighting prowess!
Onscreen, she killed Jabba who looked like a frog,
Off screen, she shared a close affinity to her dog.
Gone is a talented, brave beauty,
Who went by the name, Carrie.
Let’s pray for the souls o’ her an’ her mum,
May the force be with em, even up in heaven!


Carrie Fisher


Mother and daughter

RIP Carrie Fisher an’ Debbie Reynolds♥

I wish it’d snow in Goa ❄

I’ve seen photos of the frosty Himalayas & wintry America,
But how I wish it’d snow in Goa!
All we get here is sun in the summer & rain in the monsoon,
But if it’d snow, that would be a boon!
Christmas here is chilly & sometimes foggy,
If it’d snow just once though, we’d be very lucky!
Maybe then, Goa would be renamed from the land of sea & sand,
To the Indian winter wonderland!
So, this Christmas, dear Santa,
Be a dear & make it snow in Goa!
Season’s greetings, everyone!🎄😇

Stoned spy


American Ultra is another awesome flick I caught on the telly recently. I don’t wanna give the story away (You’re gonna have to watch it to know what it’s about), but the title of this post is sorta a clue. Funny in parts and absolutely gripping, with some fantastic action scenes thrown in, it’s got brilliant performances from the lead pair- Jesse Eisenberg (he’s a natural! ) and Kristen Stewart (she’s wondrous in movies which aren’t Twilight! ;)) It may not be a pleasant movie to watch at Christmas (it gets pretty bloody in parts), but it’s worth a watch.
P.S. Happy holidays🎄