Tracki- The time travelling taxi driver

I decided to write an Indian version of DW (since there isn’t one, I think.) I hope y’all like the Indian version of Tenrose as much as the original, adorable Tenrose. Check it out here:

An Indian (desi) version of Doctor Who. Join Naina an’ Trakishwar AKA Tracki as they travel through time and space in the Time-Taxi. P.S. Tracki & Naina are a desi Tenrose


Long live Mr. Dahl!

I just found out that BFG the movie’s comin soon. I haven’t watched any movie versions of Mr. Roald Dahl’s books, except Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory 1 & 2, but I’ve read his books which are amazing, fun & hilarious & transported me to wondrous new places, introduced me to silly wondrous characters, villainous vermicious Knids (who would’ve given any DW alien a run for their money! ) & taught me ridiculous words. I wish Mr. Dahl would’ve been alive so that I could write to him an’ tell him what an inspiration he is to me an’ thank him for the awesome characters he created!

Do check em out!

I’ve just uploaded 2 o’ my ebooks to Feedbooks. They’re called Weirdoville Treasurez & More Weirdoville Treasurez (also up for purchase on Scribd now! ). They’re about 2 siblings who’re superheroes who use their superpowers to protect their town ,Weirdoville. More Weirdoville Treasurez is the sequel to Weirdoville Treasurez & it has the siblings team up with a girl from outer space. You can also read em on wattpad or visit Feedbooks to download em in epub form. I wrote em when I was 12 & back then, only my classmates knew about em! Here are the links to both ebooks:

Lit 4 Loonies!

I’m bored, so I thought I’d play a game an’ I hope y’all will play along. Open to all!  It’s called Lit 4 Loonies.
This is a quiz an’ I hope to receive a lotta answers in the comments section,in order to continue further. Person who answers correctly gets a follow/likes & a drawing made by me of their requested,fav character . Hold your hats,people! There’s a prize for the person who answers incorrectly as well- a follow/likes. Just to check your literature knowledge: Question #1:
Phillip Pirrip is a character from a famous book. Name the book an’ the character’s nickname.
Hint: A Bollywood movie based on the book was released recently.
*Comment your answers, por favor!

Advice dished out by my teachers

1) Keep a spare career, for whenever your aspirations change or if they don’t pan out . I currently have 4 careers on my mind- Psychologist (‘coz I’m interested in studying the brain & mannerisms & stuff), actor (inspired by the extremely talented DT who’s likeable in any role. I hope to meet him someday. ),singer (I’ve a good voice) & writer/comic artist (I just love writing & why waste my imagination, right?) Remember, no job is big or small.
2) Pursue your passion/hobby while you’re still young. If you love writing,polish up your skills by blogging or writing on sites like wattpad and fastpencil like I do. If you love singing/dancing, enter contests (Who cares if you don’t win?! At least you’ll get noticed or get some experience)
3) Learn new stuff,preferably on your own  (actually, this one’s my own, since I’m always trying to learn new stuff when I’m bored with studying! ) Currently trying to learn French & to play guitar (who knows when it might come in handy,right? + it’s fun & interesting! )

Thanks to my Portuguese teacher for advice #2. She’s always asking us to make up stories which helps us to learn new words/phrases & also brings out our creative side. She also encourages us to open up about our passion. Everyday, we learn somethin new (about history,sports,tradition,music,etc) in her class! She doesn’t bother much about grades, as long as we understand the language & can write/speak it well.

Teen problems

Whenever you’re depressed or feel like it’s the end o’ the road for you, just ‘coz your grades suck or ‘coz you just broke up with someone, don’t keep it in an’ think,” I wanna die!” Just talk to someone about it. Talk to a friend/ family member who you’re closest to. Remember,grades aren’t everything. Take up a hobby an’ just be good at it. If you’re good at writing or playing/writing music,singing or dancing, continue with it! Continue with whatever you’re passionate about!  If your grades fall, you can always transform your passion into a career an’ perhaps a hobby can take your mind off that lost love too! Just don’t search for the fast way out. Don’t let anyone get you down. Teens aren’t sure about what they wanna be in the future, ‘coz they’re passionate about somethin like bein a writer/actor/singer, but their parents want em to pursue a ‘better’ career. Then, they aren’t able to cope, become stressed an’ just get confused! Follow your heart, your passion. Parents can be wrong sometimes!