Temperatures rise

How Gia met Jeff.

They decided to head to the underground rave that their hosts had promised once they’d put the kids to bed. Billie and Deirdre decided to tag along, but soon regretted coming along because they still hadn’t seen a trace of an underground rave….or any other people heading to the underground rave! “Are ya sure there’s a rave down ere? ” Matt asked, looking around at the rocky, cobweb covered walls that closed in on them. “Patience. I’m pretty sure it’s around here somewhere. We’ll be hearin some foot-thumpin music soon…” Jefferson assured, focussing ahead while leading the way with his flashlight. “Pretty sure? How long’s it been since y’all were down here anyway? ” a suspicious Alice enquired. “Well, we’ve been busy lately, so no time to party….but, we were here before our marriage, so…” he began to reply, thinking hard as he spoke. “Oh! We were here the night we met, remember? I wore those silly leopard print sunglasses an’ you wore those geeky glasses an’ I lowered my glasses to get a better view of that handsome face through the pink light of the club. You lowered your glasses too…An’ it was literally amor à primeira vista! Uh, I mean, love at first sight! ” Gia recounted,ecstatically.
“Why’s it so bloody hot in here?! ” their romantic moment was ruined by Billie’s loud complaint. “Heat is constantly escaping from the centre of the earth…” the knowledgeable man who was leading the way began to explain. “I don’t care! Can’t believe we canceled our spa appointment for this! I just wanna get outta here before I sweat through my leather jacket!” she interrupted, shooting daggers at him. “Well, no-one asked ya to wear that bloody thing!” Martin snapped, fed up by her complaints. “Well, no-one gives a f#¢k what ya think! Besides, we’re not married anymore, so you can’t tell me what I can an’ cannot wear!” she reminded, shooting daggers at him now! “Thank God we aren’t married anymore, cuz I couldn’t deal with those god-awful denim overalls o’ yers! ” he criticized her fashion sense. “Oi! Stop it, the both of ya! Kelly, please control your husband! ” Deirdre ordered. “Uh…I dunno…I’m not entirely human…so, I’ve never stepped in to stop such a, uh, situation before. Ooh, wait! Maybe, this’ll work…! ” she muttered, before hitting upon a plan to put an end to their fight.
“What…? ” Martin began to speak as he felt her tug at his arm before pulling him closer…only to be silenced by a passionate kiss! That shut him up and put an end to their fight! “I guess the, uh…the heat was really gettin to me. Thanks for that!” he mumbled, still reeling from the sudden kiss. “I think I’ve an idea to cool ya down. It involves loosenin your tie….” she whispered seductively, pulling him closer towards her. “Good luck findin that rave, folks! ” he gulped, wishing them luck before following her out of the cavern quickly. “I’m gettin outta here too! ” Billie declared. “That’s just brilliant! She’s gonna be in a bad mood all night now! ” Deirdre muttered under her breath, before disappearing into the dark herself.
“How bout we beat the heat too…if ya know what I mean!” Matt whispered to Alice with a mischievous wink. “Cool! I saw a Baskin Robbins that was still open. I’ll buy us all a Love Potion, c’mon! It’s the second best thing next to an underground rave! ” Alice promised, misunderstanding him. “Sounds better than what I had in mind! How bout it, ya two? ” Matt seconded gleefully, turning to Jefferson and Gia. “Well, this rave thing was a bust, so why not? ” Gia agreed, matching his glee. “You coming? ” she asked her husband, watching in a clueless manner as he pressed a ear against the wall of the cavern, as if inspecting something. “Sorry… I thought I heard a sound. Like the whirring of machinery or something…” he began to explain his actions. “Well, I don’t hear anything an’ it’s getting late, so let’s get out of here before this thing caves in on us or the heat makes us go louco,kay? ” she insisted. He followed her out, but the thought of the mysterious sound still lingered in his mind.


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