THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 37


The Jack Murphy Show

3 years passed by. And in those three years, a lot of things happened. The couple’s divorce was finalised, Ruth became a renowned authoress (whose novel was in the process of being turned into a telly show), their daughter grew up into a beautiful woman of 13 – raised by joint custody and Ana moved in with Jack (a decision which the haughty vixen would soon regret!) Unfortunately, Ana and Rose (who loathed the woman who was to blame for her parents’ divorce) didn’t get along at all! And Jack had a difficult time in controlling both the women in his house whenever a cat fight broke out between them!
“I specifically remember demanding a reshoot. Can’t believe they went ahead with that ridiculous pic o’ me! ” he muttered under his breath, looking up at the huge billboard advertising his talk show, as the father-daughter duo walked back to their apartment building . “Guess ya don’t run the show, eh? ” his cheeky daughter teased, swinging the bag containing their dinner (pizza and pecan pie from their favorite diner), before they began the strenuous climb up the stairs back to the apartment where Ana waited for them. “Just for that, ya don’t get any pizza! ” he teased, reaching out to mess up her hair. She squealed with laughter, running up the stairs, out of his reach. “C’mon, dad, hurry up! The pizza’s gettin cold! ” she jeered from the top floor. “Hold up! Yer dad’s gettin ol! ” he huffed, supporting himself on the railing as he climbed up. He picked up the pace suddenly, scurrying up on hearing a bloodcurdling scream from their apartment! He was taken aback as the door suddenly swung open, almost hitting him in the face!


THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 36

A/N: Sorry in advance for any heartbreaks that this chapter might cause:

He was woken up the next morning by his phone ringing. He scrambled out of bed, quickly answering as he saw her name come up on the phone screen. “Ruth?! Thank God, ya called! I was so worried! ” he exclaimed. “Jack? I…” she began, as if regretting the events of the previous night. She stopped short, feeling the anger and feeling of betrayal resurface as a familiar, French, female voice waft from the other end- “Who is it, mon chéri? ” “Yer with er again?! So…This is ya worryin?! ” he heard her dejected voice cry out. “We’re done, Jack! ” he heard her speak her mind. “Ruth, I….I’m comin o’er, please lemme explain! ” he exclaimed, before the phone went dead. He began putting on his clothes hurriedly, before rushing out.
“Love, open the door! I had nowhere else to go! I’m sorry! ” he pleaded, banging on the door of their apartment. “I told ya before an’ I’m tellin ya now- a sorry just isn’t gonna work! ” she interrupted, opening the door slightly and peeking out at him with her teary eyes. “Would ya just open the door?! It’s my apartment too, ya know?! ” he argued, pushing the door open as he stormed into the room. “Hear me out, kay?” he whispered, clutching her hands in his as he peered into her eyes. “I was confused, kay? ” he defended his actions. “Confused?! About what?! Who yer wife is an’ who yer mistress is?! ” she rebuked, freeing herself from his clutch. “I don’t wanna hear a word! I’ve had it with yer explanations, Jack! ” she interrupted, as he opened his mouth to speak. “I’ve been talkin to Mia. An’ she thinks we need a break….to think things o’er….” she revealed. “What does that woman know about marriage an’ relationships?! ” he disagreed, turning a deaf ear to the idea of being seperated from her. “As a woman who’s happily married to er childhood sweetheart an’ a mum to 3 kids, I’d say she knows quite a lot! ” Ruth retorted. “What?! When’d she get married?! ” he asked, in surprise. “About four years ago. But we couldn’t go, cuz ya were so busy with yer ad shoots an’ yer photo shoots an’ all that….An’ I didn’t wanna go anywhere without ya by my side! ” she replied. “What’d ya want me to do? Drop everythin to attend a silly weddin?! ” he muttered. “Well, ya found it easier to drop me for that French seductress! ” she mocked. “An’ maybe, I do need some time away from ya. I mean, I haven’t been able to think about myself all the time I’ve been with ya, been afraid to go anywhere by myself or do anythin that ruined yer public image! ” she exclaimed, giving the idea of separation some thought. “Jack, I need some time to think.” she finally declared, shutting the door in his face before he could protest against it.
Of course, their marriage never recovered as she was unable to bring herself to forgive him for cheating on her. That’s what it said anyway in the letter which accompanied the divorce papers a few months later. He pondered over them in shock in his trailer. “Dude, what’re ya doin here? They’re calling out to ya! ” an impatient Jodie exclaimed, trying to convince him outta the trailer. She gave up in exasperation, just as his co-star- a grumpy old actor making his comeback in the film industry- Mr. Art Hooper staggered into the trailer. “I can’t believe this….I wrecked my marriage! This wasn’t s’possed to happen! We were s’possed to grow ol together….” he heard Jack began to whimper while burying his face into his palms as hot tears streamed down his cheeks. “Listen, mate. This is Hollywood. Most marriages don’t pan out ere! But, ya know what? We actors have the ability to bury everythin deep inside, pretend like we ain’t hurtin an’ move on! An’ right now, I suggest ya do the same, cuz we’ve got a movie to shoot! ” the old man ordered. He exited the trailer, slamming the door shut and leaving his fellow co-star to dwell over his suggestion. A few minutes later, Jack set aside the papers, deciding to deal with em later as he wiped his eyes dry and followed him out with script in hand.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 35

“Hi, ya two! ” Ruth greeted, as the exhausted duo arrived home that evening. “Hiya, mum! ” Rose greeted gleefully, as her mother planted a kiss on her pretty daughter’s plump, rosy cheeks. “Do I get one? ” he asked saucily, leaning in for a kiss, only to be turned away. “Maybe later, eh? ” she replied, flashing him a forced smile. “Go on, ya imp! Wash up! Mum’s made yer fav- mac an’ cheese.” she ordered, giving her a loving push towards the bathroom.
“So….how bout that kiss? ” he asked charmingly, eagerly leaning in as she prepared to turn in for the night. She shirked back, setting aside her coffee table book, before glaring at him. “What? ” he asked, shooting her a confused look. “Ana left ya some pretty intimate voice messages, Jack ”  she replied, still glaring at him. “Oh! Ruth….I can explain those….” he stuttered, nervously. “Explain what?! That yer cheatin on me….with that French floozy?! ” she interrupted, tossing off the sheets as she leapt out of bed. “Ruth…It’s….I’m not…” he began to defend himself. “Not cheating on me?! Than, why else would she call, askin ya to meet her at The Hilton, same time as always….An’ she’ll be wearin that lingerie that ya like?! ” she cried out, tearing up as she spoke. There was a long, tense silence, before he spoke apologetically- “Ruth….I’m so sorry….” “Don’t think that a sorry is gonna fix all this! Why would ya do this, Jack? I…I…left everythin behind to help ya pursue yer dream….Just so, ya could cheat on me?! ” the heartbroken woman whispered. “Ya know why I did this?! Cuz we haven’t spent an intimate moment together ever since Rose was born. You’ve either been busy with er or with those bloody writin courses that yer takin! What’s a man s’possed to do, eh?! ” he complained, raising her voice at her. “Oh, yer blamin yer infidelity on our daughter?! An’ if I remember correctly, yer the one who encouraged me to take up those courses! ” she reminded, picking up her coffee table book to toss at him in anger. “That’s what I hate bout ya! Ya start tossin stuff when yer angry, love! ” he muttered, ducking as books flew past his head. “The Doctor was right- Books really are the best weapons! ” she exclaimed, picking up the last book off the shelf to toss at him. “Are ya crazy?! ” he cried out in horror, as it almost landed on his head and instead landed at their drowsy daughter’s feet! She’d entered their room on hearing the commotion and was standing at the doorway and staring at them. “Mum, what’s happenin? ” she asked, innocently. “Ro-ro, go back to bed.” he ordered. She didn’t budge, still waiting for an answer from her parents. “Rose Gale O’Donnell, ya go to bed this instant….or mummy will spank ya! ” a furious Ruth threatened, yelling  at the little girl for no fault of hers, not thinking straight. “For chrissakes, Ruth…she’s just a child! ” he cried out, as Rose ran back to her room with tears in her eyes on being yelled at. “I didn’t wanna make a scene in front o’ my daughter….but, I’d like it if ya got the bloody hell out! ” she ordered. “At this time o’ night…? Where am I gonna go, eh?  ” he began to argue. “I don’t care if ya go back to Ana’s place….Just, get out! ” she yelled, turning her back to him as he left in a huff!
Not wanting to wake Jodie up so late, he checked into The Hilton, knowing she’d be waiting for him there. He turned up at her hotel room. “Why’d ya do it, Ana? I specifically asked ya not to call me at my home! ” he demanded to know, as she answered the door and suppressed a victorious smile as he recounted what had happened. “Why d’you think I did it, Mon amour? ” she whispered seductively, kissing him passionately in order to silence him, before pulling him into the room.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 34

A/N: I can’t believe this story’s gettin so many reads an’ likes! I 💘 everyone who read! I’d love to turn it into a romcom someday (any movie producers out there? 😋), not cuz I’d wanna make big bucks, but cuz I’d love to meet David Tennant an’ see this amazin actor act in it! I’ve incorporated his roles an’ the various characters that he’s portrayed so brilliantly into this story, partly fictionalized em, an’ the character o’ Jack Murphy was written with im in mind an’ has a ton o’ references to im an’ his movies an’ characters in it. Don’t worry, the journey hasn’t ended yet…So, enjoy this next chapter, my lovelies👇

“Death by ketchup! ” she cried out naughtily, squirting ketchup in his face as they sat across from each other, digging into the fish an’ chips. “Blood! I’m far too young to die!” a ketchup stained Jack cried out, feigning pain while he scrambled across the table to swipe the bottle from his giggling daughter. He fell back into his chair as he felt his phone buzz. “You were supposed to be the showstopper at Jonny Choo’s fashion show today? Where are you? ” Jodie yelled at the other end. “Aw…geez! I thought I told ya to cancel all my stuff for today….Well, bloody cancel it now! I can’t make it, kay? I’m s’possed to be spendin quality time with my daughter.” he excused himself, answering the call in a corner of the shop. “That was work. Where were we? Right! I was dyin! ” he whispered, taking a seat. Suddenly, the doors swung open. “Oh, my god! They travel in packs! How’d they find out?! ” he exclaimed in horror. “Sweetums, get behind me! It’s the crazy people who’re always after dad! ” he ordered, pulling her aside. “Ya mean, yer fans, dad? ” she asked, hiding behind a protective Jack. “No….It’s the paparazzi!! ” he replied, widening his eyes in horror, as the noisy photographers pushed and squeezed their way into the already crowdy restaurant.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 33

A few years later:
“So, did ya have a great day? ” he asked, slinging Rose’s backpack over his shoulder as they walked to the car after school. “What counts as a great day? ” she asked, staring up at him with her intelligent, saucer eyes. “Let’s see…how ol are ya…ten, right?” he scrunched up his face, pretending to think hard, while she looked on anxiously. “Did ya smack a boy’s face into a wall?” he asked jokingly, as they reached the car. “No. That doesn’t sound great, dad.” she replied innocently, as he helped her into the car and tossed her bag onto the backseat. He offered to help her with her seatbelt like he used to when she was five, but she was a big girl now, refusing his help and buckling up herself. He glanced around, winking at the starstruck mums, before gliding smoothly and stylishly into the driver’s seat and grinned toothily as they almost swooned. “Well, I remember I did that once in school, ya know, when I was yer age.Whooped a posh boy named Jackie Cross right into the wall….wham! ” he recounted, providing the realistic sound effects with his mouth, as his daughter giggled. “Then, what happened? ” she asked,anxiously. “Well, he had a big bump on his head. An’ yer dad had a big pain in his nose, coz the posh boy bit im as payback, right o’er ere!” he replied, pointing to the bridge of his  nose with a goofy grin. “Ow! Is that why yer nose is all wonky? ” she asked, scrunching her face up in a pained expression. “Wonky? Ya really think my nose’s wonky? For yer information,millions o’ women round the globe swoon o’er this handsome face, smarty!” he defended himself, as he drove. “It’s wonkier than Owen Wilson’s nose! ” she mumbled, with a wicked grin. “Well, lemme tell ya….Owen Wilson wishes he had a perfect nose like mine…Ro-Ro! ” he teased, flashing her a wicked grin of his own, knowing she hated that nickname! “Dad, don’t call me that! It was fine when I was five. An’ you’ve got bunny teeth ,by the way!  ” she teased, “Bunny teeth?! Well, I’m gonna nibble at ya with em!” he declared, making a biting motion, while she squealed with laughter. “No…those, ya inherited from yer mummy! ” he joked. “Dad, look! Fish an’ chips! Stop ere! ” she ordered, looking out the window with a jolly smile. “Whatever ya say….Ro-ro! ” he replied, as they came to a stop. “Just don’t tell mummy, kay? She prefers ya eatin home cooked meals an’ me stickin to my diet. She’d throw a fit! ” he warned, as they walked hand in hand.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 32

“Never grow up…” he whispered to little Rose, as she lay asleep on his chest. Ruth smiled sweetly, looking up from her book at the father and daughter. “…An’ if ya do, please don’t secretly smoke reefer in the high school library, like yer mummy did! ” he warned, teasingly. “That was one time! An’ no one says reefer anymore, granddad! ” she teased, rolling her eyes at him, as she moved closer, resting her head on his pillow as they watched their darling daughter gurgling in her sleep. “We should probably put er to sleep in er crib before she gets any ideas about reefer or somethin! ” his concerned wife suggested, as he chuckled softly. She held the baby, cradling her, as he sat up. She handed her over to him, before he headed out the door. “An’ I’ve got a few ideas o’ my own for ya, later! ” he exclaimed with a saucy wink, peeking back into the room at his wife. “Save the cheesy lines for the movies, casanova! ” a blushing Ruth advised, with a hearty laugh, as she lovingly watched them disappear into the baby room next to the couple’s bedroom. She put down her book, following them, smiling while she stood at the doorway and watched him whisper sweet nothings to their angel, before he tucked her and her  favorite dolly in for the night.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 31

Cameo by Peter Capaldi as himself
He was notified about her going into labor via a text from Aggie as the names of the nominees were being announced. He was about to leave, when his name was announced, much to his surprise! Stunned, he went on stage to receive his first Emmy. “Look at me…I’m literally shudderin at the sight o’ this beauty in my arms! Oh, gosh….I’ve a million people to thank! My agent, my ever supportive mum, my wife….” the nervous fella began his speech, grinning giddily. “…my wife….who’s in the hospital, givin birth to our first child at this very moment….An’ I’m s’possed to be by her side…but instead, I’m ere. Sorry, folks, I’ve to go! I’m gonna be a dad! ” he realized, feeling a sense of responsibility as the thought of his beloved pregnant wife cut short his victory celebration. “Oh, right.…can’t show up at the hospital with this! Where do I…? I’ll just hand it o’er to ya, Mr. Capaldi. How bout ya find someone to send that o’er to my address, eh? It was a pleasure sharin the stage with ya, mate! ” he exclaimed, hurriedly returning the statuette to his presenter, Peter Capaldi. The whole venue was filled with applause as he ran outta the venue. As soon as he reached outside, he hired a cab so he could be by his wife.
“My bundle o’ joy! Wow! She’s heavier than an Emmy, eh? An’ waaay more precious! ” he cooed, holding the newborn in his arms carefully, while Ruth looked on and smiled. “I’m never lettin ya outta my sight, gorgeous.” he promised, holding the baby close to his chest. “Lemme at er, wontcha? ” aunt Aggie insisted, before he handed her over. “Look at those rosy cheeks  an’ that nose! Thank god she didn’t inherit anything from ya, eh, Jack? ” his sister teased, as she and Ruth admired the sleeping infant. “Well, she hasn’t opened er eyes yet, has she? ” a cheeky Jack retorted, grinning as he sat beside them on the edge of the bed. “Have ya thought o’ a name yet? ” a curious Aggie asked, handing the baby back to the proud mum. “Well, probably Jacky….or not! ” Jack began to reply, before changing his mind on seeing his wife’s glare at his choice of name! “Rose.” Ruth whispered, planting a kiss on the baby’s rosy cheeks. “Aye! That’s it! I like that….Rose.” he agreed enthusiastically, caressing his cuddly little one’s soft and pretty face.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 30

A few months of morning sickness later:
“Can’t believe yer off without me. I’m usually accompanying ya on all yer shoots…even the ones in foreign locations.” a heavily preggers Ruth whispered, as she hesitantly let go of his arm as he prepared to board his flight. He was leaving for Switzerland to shoot for a movie with the scintillating Ana L’Leon who’d finally let bygones be bygones and signed her next two movies with the Scottish star. “An’ I can’t believe ya insisted on dropping me off ere at the airport. Ya should be at home restin.” he advised, pecking her on the forehead. “Just come back to me safely, kay?” she sniffled, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. “Cross my heart…An’ hope to die! ” he joked, breaking into a toothy grin! “Don’t even joke about it, mister! Just call me when ya reach, kay? ” she scolded, smacking him lightly on his head. “Ow! ” he let out a cry, feigning hurt. “An’ just bring me a souvenir! But, none o’ that Swiss cheese. It gives me the runs! ” his sister Agnes (who’d arrived from Scotland to visit the happy couple and take care of her expectant sister-in-law in his absence) reminded, to his embarrassment, as everyone at the airport gawked on hearing her! “Ya just take care of my wife, kay, Aggie?” he ordered, as he waved goodbye to his sister and blew a kiss to his wife.He was almost at the boarding gate, when he heard a cry of pain from behind him.
“Don’t worry.We’ll get ya to the hospital, love.” he whispered, as he and Aggie helped her up. “I’ll be alright. You’ve gotta go…You’ll miss yer flight, love.” Ruth reminded. “Oh,no, no way am I leavin an’ missin the birth o’ our child.” he declared, placing her arm around him before carefully carrying her out with Aggie hurrying behind. She held on to him and smiled up at him, fighting back the pain and tears.
The result arrived a few minutes later at the hospital. “So…it was a false alarm! ” Jack muttered with a frown, as he and Aggie sat beside her bed. “Sorry I made ya miss yer flight, love.” she whispered apologetically, placing a hand over his. “It’s ok, love. I’m a husband an’ dad-to-be first. Then, an actor.” he comforted her, lovingly squeezing her hand. “Judgin from yer agent’s face….nothin’s ok! ” Aggie exclaimed, turning his attention to Jodie who glared at him from the doorway. “Thought I’d find ya here. D’you know what you’ve done? You’ve missed the biggest opportunity of your life! You almost cost me my job! I had to face the producers’ wrath….” she complained, flailing her arms frantically as she spoke. “Aww,gee….I’m really sorry, Jo…” he began to apologize, as his wife and sister looked on. “Don’t interrupt! An’ what’s worse is I’d to face Mr. Spielberg’s wrath! D’you know what that’s like?! ” she continued, her face red with embarrassment at the memory and anger at Jack’s actions. “Nope.” he gulped. “The man’s like a freakin T-rex when he flies into a rage! An’ what’s worse is that Ana threw a tantrum an’ she’s refusin to work with you…ever! Well, not until ya apologize, anyway.” she finished, finally stopping to catch a breath. “I think I’ll go get some coffee. Let stuff around ere cool down, eh? ” his sister excused herself, before disappearing out the door. “I could’ve lost my job….But, what d’you care? Once, ya get your Emmy, you’ll probably forget poor Jodie! ” she sighed, making herself comfy on a chair in the corner of the room. “My…what?! An Emmy?  ” he asked, in surprise on hearing her. “Yeah, an Emmy. I guess it must’ve slipped my mind, but you were nominated a few days ago.” she revealed. “Did ya hear that, love? An Emmy! ” he exclaimed, ecstatically. She flashed him a proud smile from the bed. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve gotta find the damn stairwell of this hospital so I can finally smoke! ” she muttered, before hurrying out. “What’s her problem? ” Aggie asked, entering with the coffee. “Gone out for a smoke. An’ I’m winnin an Emmy, by the way! ” he revealed with a wide grin. “That’s so awesome! I’m sooo proud o’ ya! ” his sister cried out happily, before pulling him into a tight hug. “As soon as we get outta this depressing place, we’re celebratin! ” she whispered into his ear, as his equally happy wife looked on.

THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 29


The gift of a car

Wow, does that man ever take a break?! ” Ruth muttered in surprise, looking out the window down at a familiar face. “Hey, Joss! What brings you ere? ” Jack asked once they reached downstairs, waving to the director who was leaning against a shiny red convertible. “I was actually waiting for you both. Uh…nice place you’ve got there! ”  Joss replied, flashing them a friendly smile. “I’d say the same about yer ride! ” Ruth, who’d taken a liking to Mr. Whedon, complimented. “Well, I’m glad you like it, cuz it’s yours now!” he revealed with a grin, handing the keys over to an astonished Jack! “No….we really shouldn’t. I mean…” a hesitant Jack stuttered, handing the keys back. “I insist. It’s a gift, for making my show such a hit, bud.” he insisted. “It’s too much…” she hesitated too. After a lotta insistence from the adamant filmmaker, the couple accepted the gift. “At least this saves us some money for the tube ride we were gonna take to the suburbs. D’you want a lift, Joss?” Jack asked, staring at the gleaming keys in his hand. “I mean, it’s the least we could do.” Ruth offered, politely. “Nah! Think I’ll try the bus today. Haven’t done that in a while now.” he replied, to their surprise. He began to walk in a random direction, before turning towards them with a clueless expression. “You folks wouldn’t mind telling me where the bus stop is, would you? ” he asked. “We’ll drive ya. Just hop into the bloody car, would ya? ” an amused Jack ordered , putting the key into ignition. An equally amused Ruth, who sat beside her husband in the front seat, suppressed a chuckle as a blushing Joss made himself comfy in the back seat. “I hope I remember my driving lessons. I haven’t driven since I crashed mum’s ol Bug into a loch.” Jack whispered nervously to his wife, before gulping nervously. “Wh…what was that, now?! ” a jumpy Joss asked, overhearing him. “He was just joking! ” Ruth assured, as Jack tightened his sweaty palms around the steering wheel, and they set off!

THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 28

“Today’s a Sunday.” she mumbled, feeling  him climbing out of bed. “I know. I’ve just got a thing.” he explained, laying next to her again with a smile. She grinned satisfactorily as he cuddled her. “Don’t actors take a day off? ” she joked. “It’s not for work. I just have a home to look at.” he revealed, pressing his lips against her ear as he spoke. “A home?” she asked, turning towards him with a surprised smile. “Aye! I thought, what with us gonna be parents an’ all, we might need a bigger place, eh? ” he explained, flashing her a toothy grin, before lovingly tucking a loose strand behind her ear. “It’s in the suburbs.” he whispered. “Yer gonna miss the city.” she teased, with a chuckle. “Well…it’s got its charms, but the suburbs are more peaceful an’ less noisy. Sorta like back home in Scotland. Besides, it’ll be a great place for the tyke to grow up in, eh? ” he explained. His smiling wife looked up at him, pecking him tenderly on his chin.  “Oh….I love you.” she whispered tearfully, resting her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. “I love ya too…An’ I can’t wait to be a dad! ” he exclaimed eagerly, planting a kiss on top of her head.