Campus Jailhouse Rock

Stepped onto the campus today, And what I saw there has me shook! They’ve taken our freedom, those thugs! Our right to an opinion, they took! What’s happening around me? What’s happening to this country? I’m still reeling from the shock! They’re putting our heads on a butcher’s block And the police? They just sit […]

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Internship time!

Hey, y’all! Hope everyone’s in good health. It’s obviously flu season here…ahem, I mean, monsoon season! Also, it’s the internship season for me. I’m mostly doing it to get some work experience outta it and cuz, obviously, writing is the ultimate adrenaline rush for me. Well, that and cosplay! 🤤 Anyway, since I’ll be interning […]

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David’s 48th bday comic.

Slight delay in posting this on here. Sorry. Check it out on my fanpage ‘dis4davidandthedoctah’ on Insta too. On the 18th day o’ April, God gave us David John McDonald AKA David Tennant. David went on to give us memorable and relatable movies, telly shows & characters which taught me a lot about living life […]

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A Fun Home blog

Hullo, my lovelies! I recently started a blog in diary format written through the perspective of Mr. Bruce Allen Bechdel, a closeted homosexual and father of Alison Bechdel, the author of Fun Home, the tragicomedy graphic novel. This is part of a college project & I would appreciate it if y’all gave it a like […]

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