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His past returns...

“How could ya lie to me bout this…? Ya knew I didn’t want to date another prostitute an’ yet…” Ben muttered through clenched teeth as he confronted Shawn about it. “Ya can’t afford to be picky, ya know…” Terry interrupted jokingly, trying to ease the tension between the two. “I wasn’t talkin to ya, Ter, so bug out! I was talkin to im. He asked me to go out with er in the first place. I asked ya not to meddle in my affairs, but ya went ahead an’ did anyway! I could’ve just walked into a decent coffee shop an’ found myself someone who didn’t shag people for money. I didn’t need yer bloody blind dates! I was fine by myself.” he snapped, screaming out accusingly. “No, ya weren’t! An’ don’t say ya were, cuz ya weren’t!” Shawn screamed back, standing his ground and defending his actions to his upset friend.  “I think we’ve established that, Shawn.” Terry chimed in, yet again.  “Ya knew it too, Ter. He was a confused git before we introduced him to Tina. Mate, ya were gay one day, straight the next…once ya were bi too! Atleast with Tina, ya knew ya loved someone…An’ that the someone ya loved…well, she loved ya back, didn’t she?” Shawn reminded, looking to Terry for confirmation. “An’ don’t get me started on datin people outside the red light district! They’re not all turned on by us, mate. Some of em despise us. Are put off by what we do. They think we chose this profession! An’ how d’you know your coffee shop girlfriend would accept ya once she found out ya buggered men, eh, genius? She’d probably ostracize ya! Atleast, Tina knows what it’s like, to be trapped in this bloody place! She’d understand…She’d accept ya for who ya are. She’s the best we could find, mate.” Shawn continued. “No, she’s just a cheap prostitute ya hired to make me feel better! All my life…just lie after lie…an’ I’m bloomin sick o’ it! Just fuckin get out, ya lot!” Ben ordered stubbornly, shooing them out. He was too angry to listen. “Fine, be that way! We were just tryin to help. Your mum pushed ya into this…but we, bein your mates, we were tryin to pull ya outta this, ya dick! We helped ya find love…but, you’re too blind to see that, I s’posse. You’re just blind an’ oblivious to everythin, arentcha, Ben?” a hurt Shawn snorted, before Terry led him out. They could hear him sniffling as they left.
“Oh…brilliant! My present’s manipulative, my future’s a lie…an’ now, my past’s ere to haunt me!” he grumbled, deciding to head out once he’d composed himself. He didn’t really want to see anyone right now. Especially not Dennis, whom he saw step out from his town car on the curb downstairs. Through the solitary window in the dressing room, he could see the street below and the protests which erupted. He was intent on seeing the angry mob of drag queens, prostitutes, pimps,et al, lynch his ex flame, but no such luck as the MP pushed his way through the crowd and was ushered into the brothel by Ben’s mum. Ben appeared quizzical as to what was going on, but he knew mum had a trick up her sleeve as he would find out soon enough. “Just a minute, Mr. Rixon. I’ve gotta fix up the office. It’s a bit smoky.” he heard her whisper from the doorway, before hurrying away up the stairs. He saw Dennis follow behind, deciding to explore the hallways on his own, stopping at each room to take in the scent of cigarette smoke and cheap perfume. It was too late for Ben to escape now. Not without bumping into Dennis, anyway. He prayed the wicked man wouldn’t stop at or enter the dressing room. In case the man came near him, Ben was prepared, balling his fist as that repressed anger came to the fore. He heard the door creak and the politician peep in. A surprised look on his face, on seeing Ben glare back at him.
“The tiger’s outta his cage an’ on the prowl! Well, well…if it isn’t my babe…” Dennis teased, his old charming self as he inched closer.  “Call me that again an’ see what happens!” Ben threatened, clenching his teeth as he backed up against the dressing table. “Is my babe angry at me? Are ya, tigress? I like the stubble, by the way. Gives your previous clean shaven look a run for its money. It’s more sexy too. ” Dennis whispered charmingly, making him flinch as he reached out to caress his lip. “Dontcha come near me, ya bastard! Don’t even dare touch me!” a sneering Ben flared up, swatting his arm away. “Ya know what happened the last time someone dared me to do somethin…I walked away with ya, my prized tigress!” a boisterous Dennis reminded of that fateful night in Hyde Park. He looked around, hoping no-one was around to see or hear them, before continuing suggestively- “C’mon, let’s go somewhere nice. Let’s do somethin fun…away from this chaos. In fact, if ya like, we can stay here and do somethin fun as well. Things might get even more chaotic! What d’you say, babe?” Ben scrunched his face up in disgust as Dennis pressed up against him and he felt his erection. He tried to force himself on Ben. This was the last straw!  “Ooh…I know! Let’s get plastered on some Pinot Noir an’ ya can call yer mates o’er to rape me like the last time! Isn’t that yer idea o’ fun, ya bastard?!”  Ben let out all that repressed anger now, as he pushed him off, grabbing him by the collar and pinning him against the window. It cracked under their weight and blood trickled down Dennis’ head as it hit the glass.
“Sounds like my babe’s still angry at me for that night. C’mon…babe, ya enjoyed it! We all did!” Dennis whispered, teasingly. “I did not, ya sick bastard! What we had was special!” Ben cried out, still carrying that betrayal in his heart. “What your mum an’ I have is special too. She’s promised me a sweet deal. All the prostitutes I want, if I spare the brothel…hers, at least. Now, how could I refuse that, eh? I’m only a man. I’ll change my mind bout closin this place down, if she throws ya into the deal. You’ve always been my favorite, my special one! ” Dennis revealed, cunningly.Tough luck…I just quit!” Ben retorted, shoving him against the window once more, this time harder. “Too bad. How bout a quickie before ya leave, then? A farewell present of sorts?” Dennis suggested, resorting to old tricks once more as he leaned forward, quickly overpowering Ben and pushing him to the floor. “Consider this a farewell present, mate!” Ben kneed the corrupt politician as he pinned him to the floor of the dressing room and tried to have his way with him.
“Ya messed with the wrong man, babe! Try that again…An’ see what happens, ya bastard!” Ben grimaced as Dennis kicked him swiftly in the side once or twice once he’d recovered from the knee to his family jewels.
Ben groaned, watching as Dennis began to head towards the door, preparing to lock it so they’d have some privacy. His plan was foiled as Ben stood up groggily, before tackling him to the floor.  “Ya ruined my life…! Ya an’ yer college mates! Ya perverted bastards!” Ben let out a battle cry as he punched him repeatedly, drawing blood. “Oh, baby, hit me one more time!” the corny American exclaimed saucily, spitting out blood as their fight continued even outside the dressing room. Ben tried to throttle him, but was cut off by a swift punch to his cheek from Dennis, whose university ring left its mark on Ben’s skin. They exchanged punches, while the inhabitants of the brothel gathered to watch in bewilderment.
“Get off him! I thought you’d left, Ben! Get off him, Benedict! This instant! Security! Bosco, Lionel…get im out! Mr. Rixon, are ya alright? Get im out! I hope this doesn’t change anythin, Mr. Rixon. I’m awfully sorry bout my son.” his mum interrupted their fight, trying to pull the bruised and bloodied men off each other before the bouncers stepped in. Ben scowled as his mother handed her hanky to Dennis to dab at his cuts and straightened his tie and suit for him. “That’s alright, ma’ am. She’s always been a feisty, slutty thing!” Dennis accepted her apology, smirking as he wiped a speck of blood from the corner of his mouth and tasted it, licking his lips like a sly fox before Ben was accosted outside and dropped off on the curb with a warning.



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Song choice: Chances by Athlete

“Where d’you reckon we keep these costumes, then? Most o’ yer stuff’s taken up the space!” he muttered under his breath once they’d finished arranging her clothes and accessories and what not in the closet. “Love, if you’re lookin for a topic for our first fight as a couple, I’d rather not have it be on Where’re we gonna keep your mother’s costumes? I dunno, ya could always donate em or give em away or…” she began to list out the possibilities that lay in store for the outfits.  “How bout return em to er? Bout time anyway!” he finally spoke up on digging out the wretched leopard print dress from under the pile. It opened up old wounds for him as he remembered his mother salvage it from the crime scene while he was being carried onto the ambulance. She’d had it washed, dry-cleaned, gotten rid of any and all traces of semen and blood and had it patched up for him to wear once he’d recovered and returned to work. Why waste the nice dress your son was raped in, when you can use it to your benefit in the hopes that it can reel in more customers?! He tossed it aside, scrunching his face up in disgust at the thought.  “Well, I am gonna miss their presence in our role-playin games…!” Tina quipped, snapping him back into reality with a peck to his cheek, leaving him to stuff the costumes into a duffel bag.
“D’you think ya could pick up some pancake mix on the way home, love? We’re out.” she requested from the kitchen, motioning to the empty box of pancake mix near the sink while he set the bulging bag on the counter once he’d finished packing.  “Yeah, right! Like I’m lettin ya anywhere near pancake batter! From now on, I’m in charge o’ breakfast.” he teased her cooking skills. “I was thinkin more along the lines of slatherin the batter on my body an’ havin ya lick it off…!” she whispered, leaning over the counter seductively till their noses touched. Then, she let her lips do their job, planting a passionate goodbye kiss that left him aroused and wanting more. But he remembered the task at hand, pulling away from her sweet lips before lifting the heavy bag off the countertop. “I’ll bring two boxes. Love ya!” the man on a mission promised, eliciting a giggle from her as she eyed his perky butt before it disappeared out the door.  “Love ya too! ” she called out behind him, as lovingly as he’d said it.
“It’s bout time ya returned, ya bastard! Where have ya been, eh?!” Shawn greeted, hugging him as he entered the dressing room where his mates prepped up to be buggered in their revealing outfits. He received an equally bone-crushing hug from Terry. “Mate, we’ve missed ya! Your mum’s been wreakin havoc in your absence! She’s been pullin each one of us into her office to interrogate us, she has! Been demandin to know who fixed ya up with the girl who’s stolen your heart an’ fucked up her brothel! She’s losin her clientele and now, her mind!” Terry seconded, chuckling nervously. “Ooh…Ricky’s here! How’d it go, Ricky?” Shawn quickly changed the topic, jumping up on seeing their flustered mate return from the hot seat. He walked past them as if they were ghosts, making his way to the mirror and sat down in front of it. They watched, cocking their heads at him as he played a melancholic song (in this case, it was Chances by Athlete, that wafted out and lent a sombre tone to the evening) on the radio on his dressing table, mouthing the lyrics in an absent minded manner . He often listened to music before a performance to relax himself. But this time, it was different. “There’ll be no performances from Red-lips Ricky any more.” they heard him mutter as he slumped onto the cushioned stool in front of the dressing table.  His dead eyes fixed on his reflection, he reached up to pull off his wig, then proceeded to rub his face vigorously to wipe off his mask of makeup, smudging his lipstick every which way and not giving a shite about it. Something was bothering their usually upbeat and chirpy friend. They noticed tears brimming in his eyes as he looked away from the mirror and at them. The salty streams emerging from his tear ducts smudged his eyeliner a great deal, but he didn’t bother with a tissue. It was like he’d given up on life or something!
“What’s with him? ” Ben enquired about their young friend to Shawn, raising an eyebrow at his condition. Shawn simply shrugged. So did Terry. Neither of them knew the reason why he was so down in the dumps, but Ben figured it had something to do with his evil mum! “Ricky, mate…what’s the matter?” Ben asked him directly now. “Ya called me Ricky. By my proper name! Oh, well..better late than never, eh?” Ricky exclaimed gratefully, looking up and smiling on feeling Ben’s hand on his shoulder. “What d’you mean? What’s she done to ya, mate?” Ben continued to prod, knowing that his mum could be the only one responsible for his young mate’s sullen state.  “I couldn’t let em fire ya both. You’re my seniors…My mentors, ya are. She threatened to start firing if no-one came forward. I took the bullet for ya. I fessed up. Said it was me who’d done it. Fixed Ben up with the love of his life. Said I just wanted him to be happy. Said I didn’t regret it! Then, she fired me. Called me a meddlin cunt, she did! But, it was a pleasure takin a bullet for my mates…It truly was!” Ricky the martyr confessed, to their horror. Ben quickly embraced the innocent boy as he broke down in his arms. “Ricky, ya crazy bastard…! Why would ya…?!” Shawn and Terry reprimanded in unison, finding his actions unbelievable. He’d actually gone and thrown himself under the bus, rather than have the actual matchmakers (Shawn and Terry) bear the brunt of it and lose their jobs. It was then that they realized what true friendship was. “Oh…she’s gonna get it this time! She’s gone too far now…!” Ben declared, fuming as he stormed out of the room, deciding to take matters into his own hand.
Ya bitch! Ya bloody bitch! How dare ya…?!” he screamed accusingly, rushing at her. He’d put her on a pedestal for far too long, respected her, bent to her whims and blindly obeyed her like a good son. But all that went out the window when she began to persecute his friends!  “Look who’s here. An’ looks like she’s in quite a temper! What’s this, then? Yer clothes, Benny?” she mocked, unnerved by his furious entrance, twiddling her thumbs and leaning back in her chair as he hurled the  partially open duffle bag onto the desk. She peeked in to examine its contents, raising her eyebrows at his sudden action. “The name’s Benedict. Not Benny, not Bianca…It’s Benedict! An’ aye, these are the clothes. But, they’re not mine! They never have been!” he retorted, his bloodshot eyes peering into her soul…That is, if the cruel lady even possessed one!
“What d’you mean…? What are ya gonna do to em?” she demanded an explanation for this startling decision. “I was hopin to return em so ya could force some other poor soul to wear em, but now I’ve changed my mind. Think I’d rather burn em!” he made his decision clear and known to her. “Yer actin mental! Sit down, my darlin. Let’s talk.” she attempted to calm him down, manipulate him in staying if possible. “If it wasn’t clear before, I’m makin it fairly clear now…..I quit!” he cried out, driving the stake into her cold, black heart once and for all.
“I didn’t raise my son as a quitter. Nor did I raise a lunatic, ya lil shite! Ya remember the last time ya rebelled an’ tried to run, dontcha? How mummy had to come to yer rescue, to drag ya to the hospital, ya ungrateful and disrespectful piece o’ shite?!” she raised her voice at him, standing up as he picked up the duffel bag, preparing to empty its contents into the burning fireplace now. “I dunno who or what ya raised…But I know I don’t wanna be that person anymore! I’m a man, who’s in love with a woman, who wants to spend the rest of his life with her. I’m not the man ya raised…to be a toy for other men to do with as they pleased…to be sexually abused, raped by yer many sick and perverted friends, mum! For chrissakes, I was just a kid! How could ya…Force me into this…Push me into this?!  An’ I’m sick an’ tired o’ bein reminded about it every single day o’ my bloody grown-up life!! This is for every single day o’ my childhood an’ my adulthood that ya ruined to keep yer business runnin, mum.” he broke down, before tossing each item of scanty clothing he’d been forced to wear into the roaring fires. His eyes glinted as the flames rose, lapping up and claiming the clothes, crackling the fabric.  “What’re ya…Stop it! Stop this at once or I’ll call security on ya, ya childish prick!” his aghast mother threatened, pulling him away as smoke billowed from the burning pile. He tossed the empty duffel bag aside. The deed was done. “I’m goin, anyway! I’m goin home.” he muttered, pushing her away and freeing himself from her grip. “To that whore?” he heard her call out mockingly behind him.
“Dontcha dare call er that!” he warned, flaring up on hearing her. “Don’t believe me? Yer friend, the new bloke, he confessed everythin. Includin the fact that he set ya up with a prostitute on yer blind date. She works for our rival across the street an’ goes by the name Scarletina, the exotic creature! Nice mates you’ve got yerself there, Benny.” she spilt the beans, sniggering at his choice of friends. “Ask em yerself if ya like. Or better still, ask er!” she called out behind him with a cunning grin, adding fuel to the already raging fire as he stormed out. He shook his head in disbelief as he returned to his friends in the dressing room. Much to his horror, it turned out to be true and none of the boys denied it when he asked.



A/N: The flashback continues….


The romance continues...

Dennis called on him time and again after that night. What’d started out as just a drunk, brief one night stand soon blossomed into a full fledged love affair between an infatuated Ben and the young law student. Hyde Park proved to be the catalyst for their romance as they met up occasionally, picnicking under the trees with Ben lying with his head in Dennis’ lap, listening intently as he read out loud from a book in his gorgeous American accent or fed him grapes from the food hamper.
At times, when it wasn’t too chilly in the park, these tender moments were replaced by lustful moments in broad daylight which included both men ditching their shirts and intimately lying in the grass in only their denims. Shirtless and carefree, they’d roll around, camouflaged from the rest of the world by the long  grass blades and thick foliage as they kissed passionately, embracing each other and entwining their young bodies. Ben buried his face into his young lover’s spiky hair each time he felt like moaning. He was rather privy to the passerby listening in and found it hard to suppress his passionate cries each time Dennis proceeded to suck at his bare nipples or circled them with his tongue, before tugging at each with his teeth and planting a kiss on each once he’d left them red and sore.
But, it never went beyond snogging and above the waist stuff, since Ben was insistent on their first time together being special instead of just relegating it to public sex in Hyde Park, which to be honest wasn’t really his favorite place. Dennis groaned dejectedly as his hand was swatted away yet again, just as he’d brought it down to Ben’s crotch to address the bulge forming on the front of his denims there. “Just be patient, kay, tiger?”  Ben whispered assuringly, as he rolled atop him and kissed him to cheer him up once more, nibbling at his chin dimple since he knew that was one of his erogenous zones. Blood trickled down his chin as a mischievous Ben bit hard into it. Dennis flashed him a wicked grin, tugging hard at his lover’s ruffly, blonde locks without warning, punishing him for being such a tease.
“A little birdy told me it was your birthday….” Dennis greeted one night, as they rang in birthday celebrations at the same hotel room where they’d first met. Only now, it didn’t look as cheap as it did then. He’d transformed it into a fancy room with rose petals lining the bed and also along the spotless carpet (which he’d ordered to be cleaned) and fairy lights hung from the ceiling, twinkling like stars and covering up the peeling wallpaper, giving off a real posh and fancy vibe. “Thanks, Dennis. Although, I must say, I’m more o’ a beer person myself.” a blushing Ben confessed, as they sat on the edge of the bed and his polite boyfriend poured him a glass of wine. “Just have a sip, babe. It’s lovely wine. Pinot Noir- the finest, only for my babe!” Dennis insisted boastfully, before clinking their glasses together.  “I was hopin we’d, ya know…Since we have the room to ourselves, ya know…” Dennis heard Ben stammer as he took a sip from his own glass. Ben stopped short, deciding on a sip in order to muster up courage to say what was on his mind.
“I know exactly what’s on your mind, babe. In fact, I bought this earlier today. Was hopin you’d put it on for me, ya know…like ol times….” Dennis finished his nervous boyfriend’s sentence, as if reading his mind. He set the glass aside, motioning to Ben to do the same, before handing him a gift-wrapped parcel.
Ben laughed, hoping the contents of the gift wrapped box were a joke, as he unwrapped it- revealing sexy lingerie, a short leopard print dress and black heels. He looked up at Dennis as if searching for an explanation from the man. “C’mon…..just to spice things up?” Dennis requested with a wink, as he seemed hesitant to put it on. “Well, alright…as long as I don’t have to wear anythin like this again.” he finally declared, succumbing to those puppy eyes.
“Ya know, Dennis, I was thinkin o’ quittin all this. We could go somewhere far, settle down…just ya an’ me. I really love you, tiger.” Ben proclaimed from the bathroom, laying out his plans to the one man whom he confided in. He hoped there’d be more such hicky marks all over his body at the end of the night, as he admired the red marks on his bare skin in the mirror while pulling his tee off, before slipping on the lil leopard print number. He plopped on the wig that came with it too, before ditching his denims and converse for the pretty heels. “I love ya too, babe. Now, be quick bout it, eh?” came the sound of his impatient boyfriend from the other end of the door. “Here I come!” Ben exclaimed, pushing the door open excitedly, only to stop short at the doorway.
“Dennis, what’s this…? I thought it was just the two o’ us alone in ere. Just a special night…” Ben whispered, embarrassed on seeing 5-6 chums from Dennis’ college gathered around the room as if waiting for him. From their wicked expressions, he could tell they were up to no good. “It’s gonna be a special night for them too. They’ve never been with a drag queen…” Dennis mocked, leading him to the bed assuringly before flinging him onto it forcibly. “Or in one, either!” Ben gasped, his eyes widening in horror as one of the overenthusiastic lads leapt atop him and pinned him against the mattress. He struggled to breath, helplessly watching Dennis grin at him from a corner, egging on his chums and urging them to finger Ben.
“Dennis, ask em to leave, please. I do not like this….!” Ben pleaded on seeing the man atop him begin to unbuckle his belt, unzipping his pants to pull out his large, throbbing member. His pleas went unheard as the others, including Dennis, stripped their own clothes off as well. He gulped, his heart beating faster and faster at what was occurring. “I…I… Did you…didddd y..y..P…pu…put somethin in…in my v…v…wine, Dan…?” he slurred, finding it hard to speak and feeling his flailing arms go numb all of a sudden. “Just a lil somethin to help ya relax…while the boys took ya, babe!” he heard Dennis reveal, before the boys turned his paralysed body over, making him lie on his tummy as they pulled his dress up. He’d forgone the knickers as a surprise for his conniving boyfriend and regretted it now as the men took turns spanking him and pulling his cheeks apart to finger him till he was red and sore. Then, he felt the bed creak under someone’s weight and pain shot through him as the drug wore off and the buggering began! They’d forgone the lube, which made it even more painful!
Unnnghhahhhh….Christ…! Please...st…stop…! Dan…Make em stop, please! Oh, God…it hurts! I can’t take anym….mmf! he cried out, tearing up as each man clambered onto his petite frame and thrust harder and deeper. They were the only ones enjoying themselves, while he suffered. His cries drowned out by their orgasmic moans and muffled by a hand clamping down on his mouth as he looked up from the mattress to protest, holding him down throughout the act this time. Another hand pushed him face down into the mattress once more. They rocked harder, faster, viciously, even cumming and filling him up once or twice, before he passed out.
He didn’t know what else they’d indulged in, but he woke to an empty room, still lying face down in a blood soaked bed that reeked of semen and blood, with bite marks, scratches, bleeding cuts and hickeys all over his naked body and a never ending ache in his insides. He sat up in bed with a groan and sniffled, breaking down and burying his face into his palms to weep at the ordeal and the betrayal. The room felt cheaper and filthier to him now, as he covered his naked, injured body with the torn, bloody dress and shivered with cold and fright. He was losing more and more blood, he realized, as blood pooled around him and stained the once pristine white sheets, seeping from whatever organ the rapists had ruptured along with his heart.
After that, it was weeks in the hospital for recuperation. His business-minded mum however, didn’t let him off the hook that easily even after such a gut-wrenching and traumatizing event. He was back to work soon after. Only this time, she kept a watchful eye on whom he entertained, making sure his emotions didn’t get the better of him this time around.

*flashback ends*



A/N: The first man he ever loved.


Ben and Dennis

“Could ya change the channel please? Anythin without that bastard’s face on it?” Ben requested, as the couple sat down to watch telly and Tina browsed through the channels, landing on the news channel where MP Dennis Rixon discussed his plans to crack down on the red light district as soon as possible. Mr. Rixon reeled the press and everyone else in with that charm, that suave American accent and gained sympathy for coming out of the closet at the height of his political career. But, Ben knew better. “What’s the matter, love?” she asked, on seeing him scowl at the handsome face on the screen. “It’s just that…I knew im before he was, ya know, who he is now.” Ben confessed. “Oh, that’s so cool! Really? What were ya, best mates or somethin?” she enquired chirpily, putting the remote control away to hear more about this developing story. “I’d rather not talk bout it. Just change the channel please.” he pleaded, not in the mood to say more as he handed her the remote control. “Take that as a no, then, shall I?” she muttered disappointingly, doing as told as she browsed through reruns of crime dramas and sci-fi shows.
In fact, Ben’s memories of the part Scottish-part American MP (who’d gotten in just cuz of his dad’s connections) were far from pleasant. He sat back, recounting how they’d met all those years ago and how that very accent and charm had made him fall in love and later, betrayed him:


He was soliciting in Hyde Park one night. Just a young drag queen starting out, back before even the red light district had established itself and the park was the main venue for illicit liaisons. He kept to the shadows, twirling his curls impatiently as he looked around at sex-frenzied teens who made love in parked cars or drunk undergraduates skinny-dipping in ponds/ smoked hash, unafraid of coppers. Sure enough, there came the sound of loud, drunken singing from a distance and a slovenly group of twenty-somethings approached him. Stitched into their untidy jackets was the name of a nearby law school. The bloke in the middle looked smashed and would have hit the grassy knoll if his friends hadn’t flanked him and held him up.
“Ooh…Feelin like a run-in with the law, eh, lads?” the lanky drag queen enquired teasingly as one of them emptied his wallet, palming him a crisp note for his services. “So, which o’ ya sexy lads am I goin home with?”  he asked in a sultry voice, eyeing the group as he stashed the note away in his cleavage between the two mounds of artificial flesh.  “Him…take him!” the flankers cried out mischievously, referring to their smashed mate. “Oh, no…no…! C’mon, ya guys…this isn’t funny, quit it!” he declined politely, an American accent escaping his lips as he spoke up. “We dare ya, mate! Ya too yellow, mate?” they dared and mocked, cackling into the wind while Ben/ Bianca watched amusingly. “I think ya oughta answer em, tiger!” he chimed in, rolling his tongue around his mouth seductively as he rooted for his shy client in the hopes of reeling him in.
  “Am I too…what?! I’ll show ya…! C’mon,let’s go, you…” egged on by him, the American took on their dare, turning to the drag queen and putting an arm around his waist. Ben/ Bianca grinned victoriosly, running his fingers through his client’s sleek and spiky hair as he led the way.”The name’s Bianca, love.” he corrected his client. His shyness seemed to melt away and Ben/Bianca could sense him grow more confident as he lowered his hand to his butt cheeks while waving his mates off with the other hand.  “Right-o! I’ll see y’all in the mornin. That’s a lovely name, by the way, hotness! Is it ok if I call ya babe?” he enquired, almost taking a tumble in his drunken stupor.  “Ya can call me anythin ya like, tiger!” Ben/ Bianca replied, pulling him to his feet as they disappeared into the night.
“So, what d’you wanna do? I can do anythin that catches yer fancy, tiger…” Ben/ Bianca whispered to Dennis with a seductive lick of his glossy lips (his name was stitched on his lapel), straddling him on the mattress of a cheap hotel room bed. He heard Dennis sigh as his head hit the pillow, pondering over his decision as he looked up at the gorgeous man who straddled him, in wait for his reply.Ben/ Bianca hoped he wasn’t gonna change his mind, deciding to put him at ease by leaning down and pressing his lips against his. This seemed to relax Dennis a bit as he reveled in the soft curls caressing his face, his sweet scent and the feel of another man’s tongue invading his mouth.
“Listen…no offence, babe…But, I’m not really into the whole drag queen routine. So…d’you think ya could take all this off…? I’d really appreciate that.” Dennis confessed, putting an end to the liplock as he was still a bit uncomfortable about the whole idea of buggering a drag queen, even though he’d quite enjoyed snogging one just then.  “Anythin ya like, tiger…” Ben/ Bianca obliged, losing no time in unbuttoning his blouse, then unstrapping his bra and tossing them aside. The wig and earrings were the next to go and so were the eyelashes.
He stood up, rolling off the bed as he unzipped his skirt and kicked off his heels as well, stripping naked for Dennis who still lay on his back and looked at the young, freckled man in front of him. He hadn’t expected him to be around his age, realizing that the makeup made him look older.
“That, right there…that’s perfect…” were the only words Dennis managed to mumble in praise as he stood up, examining the other man’s pale, hairless skin before pinning him against the wall. Ben/ Bianca was only allowed to moan in ecstasy as his client engorged his lips, before proceeding to suck at his neck hungrily. He felt the course fabric of the student’s trousers upon his erect head as Dennis rubbed against him vigorously, steaming it up further.
Alas, it was only a brief moment, as he soon felt his client’s body go limp and his entwined fingers unclasped themselves from his own lanky fingers. The drunk student had passed out in his arms!
Ben/ Bianca let him sleep it off, removing his jacket for him and tucking him in before getting under the covers with him. He chuckled softly as he listened to the cute man with the dimpled chin snore and occasionally mumble legal lexicon in his sleep. He’d been treated as nothing more than a drag queen by his other clients, never once asked to show his real self, the one trapped under layers of heavy makeup…and here was someone who craved to taste or be tasted by Benjamin instead of Bianca. “Thanks for the great time, mate.” he mouthed gratefully, before resting his head against Dennis’ chest and snuggling up to him for the rest of the night.



A/N: The lovers move in together, but she unexpectedly stumbles upon his drag queen costumes! What next?


Tina tries on a costume

“Mornin, sleepy-head! I made pancakes! I might’ve added excessive salt to the batter though. Still groggy from all the painkillers…” he heard Tina call out as he entered the kitchen in his PJs. She sat him down, scooping some unappealing looking oatmeal onto his plate alongside burnt bacon and rubbery pancakes. “I think ya should leave the cookin to me. Does that still hurt, by the way?” he enquired, pushing the plate away before pulling her beanie up to check on her healing wound. “Like a bitch!” she hissed in pain, swatting his arm away as he pressed it lightly. “I wish you’d stop wearin the bloody beanie. It doesn’t look that bad, honestly!” he comforted, pouring himself some coffee and pouring her a cup as well. “Ya leave that to me. Anyway, while we’re bein honest…I found some clothing in your closet that really caught my attention!” she retorted. Her revelation made him sputter his coffee. He cussed under his breath, realizing she’d found the drag queen costumes which he hid behind his regular clothes at the back of the closet.
“What pray tell were ya doin snoopin around my closet, love?” he demanded to know, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Tryin on one of your shirts. Does it look good on me?” she whispered suggestively, walking out from behind the counter to reveal she was only wearing a solitary silk shirt that showed off her bare legs and her perky nipples through the fabric. “Now, are ya gonna spill bout the women’s dresses and garter belts, or do I have to torture it outta ya?” she teased, wrapping her arms around him as she straddled him. They’d refrained from any strenuous sexual activity ever since her discharge.
“If ya must know, this flat belonged to me mum before she moved into a bigger place. She was an actress. Mostly theater. Those are er costumes.” he lied to cover up his secret. “Oh! Cool beans! D’you think she could give me tips on actin? Could ya ask?” the aspiring actress requested, lapping up his lie. “We’re not really on talkin terms. Dontcha dare ask why. We’re just not.” he excused himself. “Well, that’s too bad. For a minute there though, I thought ya were a drag queen!” she cracked herself up, unknowingly causing him a bit of discomfort as she brought up the topic of drag queens. “Although, I’m curious…with all those costumes in there…d’you ever, ya know, dress around in drag? Just walk around to fulfill some dirty fantasy, perhaps?” she continued, chattier than usual. “Ya wanna try on a costume, dontcha?” he guessed, chuckling at her curious attitude. She nodded, and he obliged.
“How are ya such an expert at applyin makeup?” she was curious yet again, as he used a makeup brush to add final touches. “Helped my mum out a lot, doin er makeup. Now, sit still…Almost done….Et Voila!” he addressed her question hurryingly, before handing her a mirror. “Do I look like a general or what!” she exclaimed in an impressed manner, saluting him teasingly before strutting around the room in the general’s costume (which he’d worn for horny army men who’d frequented the brothel before they were deployed. One last night out on the town, they called it!) “Ya sorta look tomboyish with yer hair done up like that. Tucked under yer hat, like that. It’s turnin me on…!” he confessed, wrapping his arms around her waist as he pulled his official army woman towards him for a snog. She kissed him back, as determined as him to break that dry spell. “Well, I hope ya don’t mind…I’m not wearin any underwear…An’ ya don’t have to worry bout takin my bra off, either!” she revealed, licking her lips as she led him to the bedroom, tugging him by his undershirt to do so. “C’mere, ya!” he whispered, unbuttoning her uniform as he lay atop her and slowly began to suck and bite at her lower lip, neck and whatever else remained untouched by the coarse fabric, while she moaned in satisfaction and ran her fingers through his hair.



A/N: This chapter irked ppl on the bus ride home when my classmate (the one after whom Joy-boy the pimp in this story gets his name) decided to read it out loud! 🙉


The real Joy-boy: The inspiration😆

A lotta weird, wtf’s wrong with ya looks thrown my way😆 Many o’ em were startled that me, the introvert, came up with such kinky, erotic stuff. Pulitzer Prize or not…I’m already a hit in my college!😅


Under Joy-boy's shadow

“Scarletina, ya naughty girl! Where have ya been, eh? C’mon, change into that sexy leather outfit of yours. You’ve got a client waitin, doll-face.” Joy-boy greeted with a dirty wink as she trudged back to the brothel after spending the night with her lover. “Joy, not now. I’m really tired an’ sore. Think I’m gonna sleep it off. Let one of the other girls handle it, yeah?” Tina excused herself, before starting to go upstairs to her room, swatting his arm away as he handed her the keycard of her client’s room. “Sore, eh? What’s the reason behind your sudden soreness? Your boyfriend?” he demanded to know, grabbing her arm as he stopped her.  “He’s a client, Joy. Not my boyfriend. Just a client.” she lied, freeing herself from his grip with much effort. She stared down at her bruised wrist, rubbing it before continuing up the stairs. The pimp pursued her as she hurried to her room. “He seems to be quite attached to ya. Does he pay for all these regular sessions, pray tell?” he continued to enquire suspiciously, following her into the dim room which stunk of his strong cologne as he entered. “Joy, can I just go? I’m really sleep..” she whispered, showing him out.  “You’ll go where I tell ya!”  he snapped, raising his voice at her and glaring at her with his bloodshot, villainous eyes which sent chills down her spine. “Bugger off, Joy! I’m not your slave!” she retorted.
“How dare ya, ya slut?!” he flared up on hearing her, gripping at her blouse and tearing it, revealing part of her bra and the fresh hickeys and bitemarks on her neck. He shook her by the bra strap, pulling it down further to reveal more bitemarks around her cleavage and nipples. She hugged herself, shivering in her half-naked form as frosty London air streamed in through the cracked windows and frightened as he fixed her with an icy glare.
“Joy, stop it! Joy…what’s wrong?!” her roommate came to her rescue on noticing the commotion. “I’d throw ya out on the street right now if ya weren’t the finest whore my clients ever had! But, don’t think I’ll take it easy on ya! I want ya to stop seeing this loser who you’re goin out with, ya hear me, Scarletina?!” Joy ordered, ignoring her and turning his attention to Tina who looked him in the eye as he spoke this time. “It’s just Tina. An’ I love him…An’ I’m not leavin….aah! ” she began, but never finished, as he landed a hard slap to her cheek. She fell to the ground, her head hitting the bedside table with a sickening crack as she fell! “Ya were sayin?!” he called out mockingly, sneering as she lay face down on the worn out carpet.
“Joy, she’s bleedin! What’d ya do?!” the other woman cried out behind the uncaring man as he prepared to leave. “Get her to the hospital. And not a word about this to anyone. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to find a suitable replacement for Mr. Linton. He was rather keen on havin Scarletina, though. Oh, well…!” Joy ordered, waving her off as he made his way downstairs again. “Joy, don’t go! We’ve to…Oh, God...! Tina, stay with me…wake up please…oh, God! Sara, call an ambulance!” her concerned roommate tried her best to keep her awake as blood pooled around her banged up head and she drifted in and out of consciousness.
Mm…B…Ben? Ben, you’re not s’possed to be here. Joy, he’ll…” she panicked when she came to in the hospital, feeling him clasping her hand assuringly. Her head was bandaged, having had received quite a lotta stitches. “Joy won’t bother ya. I’ll make sure of it, kay? I called Ben. Thought you’d need someone who loves ya by your side. I’ll give ya two some time alone, yeah?” her roommate chimed in, leaving Ben by her bedside and giving the two lovers some privacy.
“Yer friend told me ya had a bad fall. But I believe that bastard Joy had somethin to do with it. When I get my hands on im, I’ll…” Ben began to threaten, his eyes as bloodshot as Joy’s had been. “Swear ya won’t go anywhere near that man, Ben. I don’t want ya gettin your hands dirty in that filth!” she advised, silencing him with her palm pressed against his mouth. He removed it, pecking it with his soft lips and nursing her bruises with the same treatment. “What sorta control….what sorta power does he have o’er ya, love?” he asked, running a hand through her loose hair as he looked up at her pitifully. “He doesn’t. No-one does, Ben. I’m yours, entirely yours….! The night ya took me, I became entirely yours! That’s why I want ya to take me further away, Ben. Let’s get married, love.” she replied, desperately wanting to escape now more than ever as she stared wistfully into his amber eyes with her own tearful ones.
“Married?! We just met weeks ago. How can I…? M…marry?” he stammered, horrified by her proposal. He’d put it down to too much painkiller, had she not sounded genuinely determined. “Do somethin, Ben! I can’t go back home. I don’t wanna go back! I’m too scared…” she broke down in his arms as he sat at the edge of her bed to comfort her.
“Shhh….don’t cry, you. Yer strong, ya are! Tell ya what, I’ll come by to pick up yer stuff an’ we’ll go to my place, yeah? Would ya like that?” he suggested after much thought.  “Ya mean, move in with ya…?” she enquired, smiling through the tears on hearing him.  “Aye. Ya can stay o’er as long as ya like. I know ya like it there, with me.” he replied, wiping her tears away and smiling back on seeing her smile. “It feels like home. You an’ me, cuddled in bed…That’s home for me.” he heard her agree.



A/N: They finally make love💞


The so-in love couple

“Just one condition.” she put forth as she pushed him onto the bed, letting him undress and watching as the clothes swiftly left his body, giving way to the pale, freckled skin underneath. He’d let his chest hair grow back as well and she was grateful for it since it suited him better. She’d liked him without it too, but now he looked manlier and at least she’d have something to run her fingers through after sex! “Condition? What d’you mean?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at her strange comment while making himself comfortable among the many plump pillows and bolsters piled atop the king size mattress to make him feel more comfortable during the act. “I like to be on top.” she replied sensuously, feeling that fear of intimacy melt away as she mounted her understanding lover.
He gave in, lying back as she straddled his naked body and began to undress herself, starting with her pale yellow top (evidently she’d taken a shine to the colour too!) He reached behind her, helping to unclasp her bra with ease before she pulled it off, tossing it aside as she freed her breasts of the garment. Unable to resist, he raised his hands to her naked torso, exploring it with his fingers, reaching up to fondle and squeeze each breast, feeling her nipples harden as she arched her back and flinched at his touch. No longer wanting to just touch her body, he rose to devour her, but was pushed back. She was deliberately being a tease, he realized soon enough as she grinned cockily at how easily she could pin the skinny boy down. Not one to give up, he sat up once more and forced himself onto her bare breasts before she’d push him down again. She caressed his bare back and his hair, almost tipping over as he voraciously savored her nipples, tugging and sucking at them till they were entirely moistened by his saliva. Her passionate moans were muffled as she buried her face into his soft, ruffly hair while he continued to lavish his attention on her fleshy orbs. She succumbed to his passionate energy, deciding it was best not to pull a man away when he was most aroused and at his hungriest, letting him suck at her belly button, shoulders and neck as well till he’d had his fill.
He still hadn’t had his fill though, hungry for more as he hiked her tight skirt up and hooked her panties off before bunching them up and tossing them aside. He decided not to let his hands wander to her butt cheeks since he didn’t want a repeat performance of what’d occurred earlier. Instead, slipping his hand between her thighs and spreading apart her pink lips which weren’t quite moist yet. She let out a soft cry on feeling him thrust a lanky finger inside her, soon followed by another. The men who’d fingered her at work were usually the ones who couldn’t satisfy their lovers at home, probably leaving behind scratches and bruises on the inner walls of their delicate genitals with their callous, impatient fingers, just like the ones they’d left behind on hers after each encounter. He seemed experienced, taking his time as he thrust his fingers in and out gently and rhythmically. Her entire body tingled and trembled as he nursed her wounded clit back to health, trailing his soft fingers on the inside of her scarred lips before gently quickening the pace, taking her by surprise at the sudden change in pace.
Unnnghh….mmmm….ohhhh…Ben…it feels so good…God…! It hurts so bad…! Oh…Ben…oh, fuck..unnngh..!” she moaned, a surge of pain and passion washing over her as he continued to probe and finger her faster and deeper. She dug her nails into his body, shuddering and wishing he’d remove his fingers now that she was all wet for him and could take no more. She pleaded for him to stop, but knew her pleas were going unheeded as he continued delving into and playing with her wet cunt. She was rewarded for her perseverance as his fingers left her and he brought them up to her hungry lips to taste. She gradually sucked on them, lost in his glinting amber eyes as she smiled down at him, licking and smacking her lips as he withdrew his fingers from her mouth. She pulled him in for a snog, and he found the kiss quite flavorful as the sweet taste of her cunt still lingered on her lips and on her tongue. She bit his lip playfully and immediately his mouth was flooded by a new taste- that of his blood which she’d drawn with a single bite. The red liquid dripped down his lips towards his chin, before she lapped it up, taking this as an opportunity to nibble at his chin while she was at it.
She was still intent on being the dominatrix though and made her intent clear to him as she forcefully pushed him back onto the mattress.
He laid back in bed, his moist hands still resting on her hips as he decided not to rise again and wait in order to allow her to catch her breath.
He didn’t have to wait long. She knew he’d want to enter her soon enough as she felt his manhood harden and press up against her. And she didn’t want to wait any longer either. She wanted him inside of her, making her intentions known to him as she lowered herself onto his erection, moaning as it penetrated deeper than his finger had.
The room soon rang out with both their climactic, orgasmic cries and the creak of the bed under their weight as she rocked back and forth upon him and he grinded harder and faster into her. Seeing her beautiful breasts bounce about like that and hearing someone howl out his male given name for a change, he grew even more aroused and sure enough,felt himself come, sending jets of cum into her and filling her up with each thrust. She grinned in satisfaction, collapsing onto him once he’d pulled out of her. She received a peck from him on her temple as a sign of gratitude for the great time she’d just given him.
Her hunger hadn’t subsided yet apparently, as she soon disappeared under the sheets to tend to his throbbing manhood, running her tongue up and down its shaft and planting kisses all over its head where she could still taste traces of her own wetness, fellating him as a reward for the great time he’d just given her.



A/N: A falling out with mum, a new level o’ the relationship with Tina.

A few weeks later, he found himself being confronted by his mum in her office, sitting across from her at her study in awkward silence with only the sound of the roaring fireplace in the background. “I heard from a source that you’ve quit soliciting? I also heard that the reason is you’ve fallen for a girl, is it? That you’re spending your time with er more than with yer clients, my darlin? Is it true, Benny?” she demanded to know, sternly eyeing him as she spoke. “Listen, I won’t be called Benny. I don’t like it. Who are these sources, by the way?” he questioned back. “Just answer the bloody question, Benny!” she ordered, losing her temper and disappointed with his behavior in her absence. “Aye, I am. I’ve fallen in love, mum. Er name’s Tina and we love each other, ok? I no longer want to do this.” he finally mustered up the courage to confess to his mother.  “This is how ya repay yer ol mum, ya lil shite?!” she shouted, feeling betrayed by her own son and slamming her fist upon the desk as she stood up, towering over him in her Prada heels.  “Mum, I…I’ve…I…” he stammered, but was saved by the vibration of his mobile. It was a text message from Tina herself , asking him to accompany her to an audition of a lifetime. “I’ve gotta go, sorry.” he excused himself, not giving it a second thought as he stood to leave.
“Scuse me?! Yer not goin anywhere. Not out, not anywhere! You’ve got clients! ” the old lady reminded, as he pushed the door open. “Clients? Well…..fuck em!” he retorted, slamming the door as he left. “That’s what I pay ya to do, remember?!” she called out angrily behind him, storming out after him. ” Honestly, what’s gotten into the boy? What’re ya ladies gawkin at?! Get to work!” she muttered under her breath as he was long gone and taking it out at the other drag queens who stared at her on witnessing her throw a fit.
“I’m so sorry about that audition turning out to be for a porno.” he whispered, pitying her as they strolled down the street, hand in hand.  “I’m used to it. Ya win some, ya lose some, right?” she shrugged it off, resting her head on his shoulder as they walked. The sky was starting to darken and the stars were coming out. “Aye, true. So, what now? We could head on to my apartment…Finish what we started, ya know…?” he suggested, saucily. “We’ll see. Just be patient.” came the reply.  “I really love ya, ya know?” he professed his love for her in the hopes of changing her mind, squeezing her hand warmly to sweeten the deal. “I do too. I’d just love ya more if ya were patient.” she retorted. He suppressed a sigh on hearing her.  “We could go heckle a local comedian. How bout it? I know a great place.” he suggested an alternate idea, noting the fed up tone in her voice at his constantly bringing up the topic of their non-existent sex life.  “That’s a weird idea. I’m in!” she agreed after giving it some thought, giggling at his idea of fun.
“That joke’s as ol as yer mum an’ er wrinkled ol arse, mate!” he cursed, loud enough to elicit glares from the audience. She booed at the poor comedian from the bar too. “Ya kiss your mum with that mouth?” Tina asked teasingly, sipping her rum and Coke.”I’d rather ya not bring that up, please.” he advised, as images of his unnatural actions with his mum flashed in front of his eyes once more. “Why? Which son in their right mind wouldn’t kiss their mum? It’s only but natural. Ya don’t have to kiss her on the lips or anythin. Just a peck on the cheek will suff…” she continued to ramble, before ordering another rum and Coke. “Please stop, it’s making me uncomfortable. Where shall we eat?” he interrupted, sipping the remainder of his beer and waiting for her to gulp down her drink before paying for both. “How bout somewhere fun for a change, eh?” she exclaimed, pulling him out of the bar.
The rest of the night included fast-food, bowling, skating and a whole lotta video games which involved her winning and him losing! They were all her ideas of affordable, childish fun. He was just happy to be out on the town with the girl he loved, instead of in a filthy bed with some hairy, sex-starved beast!
“You’ve never been bowlin, never been skatin or to the arcade…Don’t even have a tattoo, which you’re totally gettin, by the way! Did your mum raise you a sissy or somethin?” she enquired in her usual teasing manner. “No, not really. Just never had a dad to do all that cool stuff with. He died when I was just a tyke.” he confessed, solemnly. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. I can be so stupid sometimes!” she apologized, biting her tongue for opening a can of worms. She had something up her sleeve to lighten his mood though, deciding to take advantage of a romantic, starry night.
“That’s alright. D’you want me to hail a cab for ya?” he offered, throwing his coat over her shoulders since it was a chilly night. “Isn’t your apartment a stone’s throw from here? I could sleep over, ya know?” she whispered suggestively, pressing up against him and it wasn’t for warmth!  “Are ya sayin…?” he began to ask for confirmation. “Let’s do it. Why wait so long, right?” she confirmed, rubbing up against him in a horny manner. “Which part o’ my sob story turned ya on, eh,love?” he joked, although he himself was feeling turned on. “I’m lettin ya shag me. It’s now or never. Ya in?” she repeated, growing impatient. “I can’t believe this…! I’m…uh, I mean, we’re actually gonna do it?!” he cried out, excitedly. “For chrissakes, quit acting like you’re a teen who’s dreamt of this moment his entire life, anticipating the loss of his virginity! Unless, you’re not really a…ya know, a virgin, are ya?” she enquired, lowering her voice as she spoke. “Sorta. I’ve never been with a woman…” he began, but didn’t finish his sentence. “A handsome businessman who’s a virgin…?! That’s a first! C’mon, you!” she ordered, amusingly throwing her head back to laugh at his reply before they made their way to his flat to hopefully indulge in passions of the flesh.



A/N: The boys decide to help & he talks funny in this one👇


The man in the pink dungarees

Whath’re ya fellas…oi! Leth go..!” he  cried out as he was forcibly dragged into his dressing room.  “Nice dungarees! Pink’s so your color, mate!” Shawn complimented, as his mates pushed him into a chair and locked the door behind them. “Thank ya. Anyway, I was enterthainin that bithnessman from Japan- the one with the huge crush on Kiki Dee,remember?” Ben explained his choice of costume, still confused as to why he’d been held hostage in his own dressing room of all places, by his own friends, of all people!  “Oh, Sir Elton Chon? That’s what the fella calls himself. He’s in London?” Terry enquired, gushing and veering off topic. “Aye, I justh reenacthed a raunchy version o’ Don’t go breakin my heart for im. Now, if ya boys’ll accuse me, I’ve to change…so, geth the fuck outh o’ my dressin room! ” Ben ordered, turning to the  mirror. “First things first, how’d the date go? Did ya…ya know…shag er?” Shawn asked eagerly with a complete disregard for personal boundaries. “Shawn, that’s way outta line, mate! The right way to ask a man that is whether he did the dance with no pants with her. Well…did ya?” Terry scolded, before launching  an investigation of his own. “Actually, fellas, I think the term you’re searching for is made love. Isn’t that right…” Ricky joined in, looking to Ben for confirmation. “No, look, there’s no righth way o’ askin that! In facth, all o’ those therms mathe me feel uncomforthable. Now, pleathe leave!” a struggling Ben insisted, disgusted by their questions. “Well, atleast tell us why ya showed up to work talkin like that! Are ya puttin on an Italian accent for some client’s fantasy or somethin? I know there’s quite a lotta men interested in that sorta thing. Mostly mafia…” Terry rambled, fishing for answers.
Alrighth, if ya musth know…The dathe didn’th really go as planth. I mean, there was snoggin involvth…an’ we fooled arounth a bith….Things goth stheamy, but she ended up bithin my thongue! Ya happy now?!” Ben finally spilled the beans with a frustrated sigh. “Well, we thought you’d say that…Well, not exactly that, but still…” Terry revealed with a sly smile. “So, we’re here to help out!” Shawn declared, finishing his sentence for him.  “I told em not to bug into your love life.” Ricky added, innocently. “Where are ya loth going with this?” Ben asked, uneasily.
“Your first time with a woman is gonna be difficult, lad.” Shawn began to lecture like an expert. “An’ you don’t even have previous experience with one.” Terry seconded, tsk-tsking as he spoke.  “Ya see, lad, women are different from men…” he continued.  “I kinda figurth that one outh cuz o’ the facth that men have penises!” Ben cut in sarcastically with a roll of his eyes, before proceeding to undo one of the dungaree straps. He was obviously uninterested in their attempts to help him, continuing to remove the wig and place it aside before running a comb through his scruffy hair. “This is no joke, lad! Get your head in the game! We’re tryin to help out so ya don’t strike out…especially with someone who doesn’t put out!” Shawn reprimanded him for teasing. “Oi! I’m in love with er, ok? Besides, she suffers from a fear of inthimacy, kay? So, do I. The only lady I’ve been inthimate with is my mum which is bloomin unnathural, ok?! An’ then I had feelins for that politician Dennis Rixon, thill the basthard raped me!” Ben defended his girlfriend, sympathizing with her, choking as he brought up disturbing memories from his past. He went silent after that, putting the comb away as he looked away. “I told ya not to bug in, didn’t I? Poor man’s got issues as is!” he heard Ricky mutter. “Thanks for summin that up, Thicky…I mean, Sthicky…I mean….Never mind! Justh geth outh!Ben thanked, before ordering them out once more, losing his temper.
“Are ya sure ya don’t need our help?” Shawn tried to change his mind.  “I’m sure. Now, geth outh cuz I don’t wanna spend the resth o’ my soddin day in this bloody dungarees!” Ben declined politely, showing them the door. “Get well soon, Ben!” Ricky called out innocently behind him, before their annoyed friend slammed the door in their faces.
“We’ve a compilation o’ porn that’d help…” he shook his head in disbelief on hearing Terry yell from the hallway outside. “That’s ok. I’ll justh read a book!” Ben retorted, hoping they’d give him a break now. “Did he just call me Thicky…or Sthicky…” Ricky enquired as the trio walked away with their literature on the various positions and what not! “Oh, shut the fuck up, Mickey! You’re absolutely useless!” Shawn snapped. “It’s Ricky.” Ricky corrected, following them out loyally.