Choose peace, don’t spread terror!

Read about the Manchester blasts in the news.  I was saddened to read that most of the victims were young, in their teens or just little kids. I also read that the attacker was also just a youth….which made me feel more shocked and disturbed rather than sad. What is happening to this world?! More importantly, what is happening to our youth?!  That they would choose terror and violence over peace?
Every night, I pray that God keep our youth safe as they are the future. As I pray for everyone who lost someone in the blast and for the souls of the victims and their families, I also pray that God may guide our youth along the right path: The path to peace and love, to education and knowledge and not the path to hatred and destruction of their lives and the lives of innocent others.


A wedding tradition involving coconut milk and more!

So, tonight, I witnessed a ros ceremony for the first time in all my life as a Goan. I’m pretty sure, kids my age in Goa have had their share of ros ceremonies o’er the years an’ I’m possibly the only Goan to attend one for the first time! I’ve only seen it once before on telly in a Konkani drama (tiatr in Konkani) But, I’m lucky to have partaken in this beautiful Goan tradition at least once.
For all those o’ y’all who aren’t familiar with this ceremony, it’s a traditional ceremony similar to the Hindu haldi ceremony where the bride and groom are bathed in turmeric (haldi). In this Catholic ceremony of ros though, it’s literally bathing the bride an’ groom in coconut milk (ros in Konkani) from head to toe before their big day. Sounds like a tedious job of showering and shampooing lies ahead, btw😅
Then, there’s a lil gathering at home an’ a celebration involving folk dances (the guests, both young an’ old are invited to join in and dance along with the dancers) and beautiful music is played on the ghumot (a type of drum made from monitor lizard skin) by musicians who also sing dhulpods (traditional Goan songs) to accompany the dancers who dance in time with the beats. Usually, the song and dance routine lasts all night, but unfortunately due to laws regarding the playing of loud music at late hours, it all came to an end early and culminated with a delicious feast consisting of pork, beef, rice and fish dishes along with a traditional coconut and lentil desert for all those present, including the dancers and musicians who really deserved an applause 👏

To know more, click below an’ have fun learnin more. G’night! 🙂



RIP, Roger Moore🌹 💐

A short tribute to the late Roger Moore who just passed away. His Bond movie, Octopussy is the only one I’m a fan of ( I don’t really fancy the other Bond movies) cuz o’ all the awesome auto rickshaw stunts in it an’ the fact that it was based in India an’ he seemed such fun as the spy bumbling about in an unknown country. I also remember reading that he had a brush with the paranormal. Anyway, since I find all weird, paranormal stuff fascinatin, I found this man fascinatin as well. May he rest in peace. Adieu an’ thank you for acting so cool in our hot country, Mr. Moore 💕



A/N: Alas! This is the last chapter. Thank you all so much for reading this trilogy. God bless an’ stay tuned for my next one, a love story between a homosexual vigilante and the villainous man he falls for, titled Vigilante in love! Hope y’all read,like an’ tell your friends…an’ enemies as well! 🙂

Song choice for this chapter: Feels like Summer by Weezer

Welcome back, time machine!


New, blue time machine

“I’m playin football with the local lads. They’ve been ecstatic ever since they got their ol football field fixed. It was all cracked up due to all the earthquakes an’ full o’ sinkholes, till Jefferson patched it up for em. They were so ecstatic, they invited us o’er for a friendly match. I’m sooo gonna kick their arses! ” Matt (who had football fever) exclaimed, excitedly hopping from one kneepad-clad foot to the other. “Sorry. I’m helpin out. Holdin the spanners. What a fun word, eh? Spanners! Just rolls right off the…” Martin excused himself, only to be interrupted by a sudden, joyous Eureka! “I’ve done it! ” Kelly exclaimed, dancing around in her greasy overalls. “Ya fixed it? ” he asked, jumping up in surprise. “Can ya believe it? The influx adaptor wasn’t even broken! I was most worried bout that. That’s the most important part…but it wasn’t even broken! ” she cried out, victoriosly pumping up her fist while everyone looked on in amusement. “I not only fixed it…I modified it! ” she revealed, as they followed her for a look of the new time machine. And, boy! Was it new! It was no longer an antique-looking grandfather clock. It had a glossy, blue, wooden exterior, instead of the glass one…an’ it was much more spacious on the inside than the old one. Gone were the micro-scanners too. Touchscreen monitors and a keyboard in their place. “So, ya just type in the destination an’ the date an’ we’re all set to go, eh? Brilliant! Utterly brilliant! I knew ya had it in ya! ” Martin praised, impressed by her accomplishment.
“Congratulations on fixin the time machine an’ all, but ya know what’s even more brilliant, Kel? Beatin the Brazilians at their own game! ” Matt interrupted, impatiently. “Way to ruin my moment! Although, one game before we leave wouldn’t hurt.” Kelly seconded. “Now, love, d’you remember what I taught ya? Aim for the goalposts, not the goalie.” Martin cautioned his wife, a newbie to the sport. “You’re goin down, by the way! Downtown! ” Alice threatened, appearing to sound tough. “Oh, we’ll see about that, garotinha! ” Gina muttered mockingly, while an amused Billie and Deirdre snickered at their tough talk. “I should warn ya though, Jenny an’ Livvy ere are biters…an’ they tend to go for the legs! ” Martin warned, as they headed for the football field.
                    The end



Cheering up Kelly

Ya bastard! Ya killed my baby…! That stupid spider of yours crushed my life’s work! ” she screamed, as the cops rushed over, pulling her off Raleigh before she could take his life! “Oi! Hands off the wife! Believe me, ya don’t wanna be around er when she flies into a rage! I probably shouldn’t have taught er the B-word! ” Martin cautioned, as he held onto her to prevent her from pursuing the man who’d destroyed half of Brazil and her time machine! “He killed my baby, Martin! ” she sobbed, burying her tearful face into his jacket as she spoke. “Shhh..it’s gonna be alright, love. All we need is some Madonna.” he suggested comfortingly, caressing her hair as he hugged her. “No amount of Madonna can fix this! ” she muttered, as he handed her a hanky to wipe her tears. “Sorry to kick ya when you’re down…but, we still haven’t fixed them! ” Billie cried out, as Matt, Alice, Jefferson and Gia (who were still under the influence of the mind control devices) inched closer.
“Well, I found this device on that blonde over there. D’you think I should press this button here? Maybe it’ll stop em. ” a curious Ricardo guessed as he raised the remote control in his hand, gesturing to Madeleine (who was being bundled into the backseat of the police car along with a scowling Raleigh and an embarrassed Anita) as he spoke. He decided to go for it, eliciting moans from the group who immediately stopped, as if waking up from a trance. “Ow! I felt like someone scrambled my brain…! ” Alice groaned. “I feel like someone played football with mine! ” Matt muttered, rubbing his throbbing head. “My brain feels like carne moída…mincemeat! You could make a mince pie outta it! ” a freaked out Gia cried out, while Jefferson agreed with her. “Aye…Yer gonna need some serious dental work too! ” Martin advised, as they rubbed their jaws in pain. “I’m glad you guys are ok…but, I need to get away from here. I need to get back to the hotel. I can’t bear to see that wreckage.” a distraught Kelly muttered, unable to even welcome them back properly.
“You feelin better, love?” Martin enquired, gently squeezing her hand as he sat beside her on the edge of the bed. “A bit. Just needed a bubble bath to cool off, I guess.” she replied, resting her head on his shoulder as she spoke. “Yer not the only one who’s got a reason to be mad, ya know? Gia’s still a bit pissed bout missin out on makin er big, environmental speech from atop the float. Anyway, I’ve been talkin to the hotel staff. Since they were able to build that giant floral travesty, I think they’ll be able to give ya a hand rebuildin the time machine.” he whispered. “It won’t work. I dunno if the mechanism’s still gonna work, if the capacitor still runs…I just can’t up an’ build another time machine! ” she cried out in exasperation. “Oi, ya can’t give up. I know with all that sciency wiency stuff knockin up there in that wondrous noggin o’ yers, ya can build a million time machines, love! We can stay ere awhile, till yer done buildin it. Besides, they’re hailin us heroes now, so we can stay ere as long as we like…” he egged her on, as he wrapped his arm around her and planted a kiss atop her head. That cheered her up as she looked up at him with a sunshiny smile. “Can’t believe ya took a soak without me.” he complained, pouting jokingly and eliciting a playful jab from her. “Well, you’ll have to wait your turn, since the girls are floodin the bathroom right now. Oh…Martin, what would I do without ya? ” she mumbled, cozying up to him as they shared a passionate kiss. “I dunno…you’d probably be a lost clone,desperately in need o’ anger management classes ….” he teased, grinning toothily and deepening the kiss, before they were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door swinging open. “…An’ no way to survive these lil lunatics!” he finished his sentence with a snicker, just as the giggling girls (who were clad in fuzzy bathrobes and covered in suds from head to toe) leapt onto the bed and into his arms. “Alright, that’s it! Ya asked for it…” he exclaimed, as they mischievously shook their wet hair in his face, before squirming outta his embrace and running around the room as he chased after them. Peals of laughter filled the room as a pillow fight ensued!


The termites: They came, they ate, they conquered! 😈

Just a funny poem I was inspired to write after a massive outbreak of termites at home. They’re everywhere! Invaded my bookshelf, study table an’ a wooden bust o’ Cleopatra too! 😅

Hey, hullo! They call me Mr. Termite,
An’ together with my colony, I love to give the humans a fright!
White ants they call us, although I find that racist,
An’ I hate it when they interrupt us and try to get rid of us as we feast!
Redwood or teak, everythin we devour,
An’ if we’re extremely hungry, we’ll go through an entire furniture store!
Hell! We won’t even spare the door!
Then they come with that strong smelling pesticide stuff, which they spray all o’er the wood,
What’s the deal with these bloody humans? We don’t try to poison their food!


A picnic spot’s story 💚

A poem dedicated to all the picnic spots which serve as places of leisure, but in the end are treated as places to litter. Please do keep your surroundings clean and green. Clean up after a nice, relaxin day by the sea and don’t leave behind your used plastic plates and cups as they might end up polluting the ocean if left behind🌞:

Every Sunday or whenever they are free,
I see em with their lunch baskets as they visit me.
I’m the best spot there is, surrounded by sea and rocks
An’ a decent amount of trees from which they’ll hang their hammocks.
Quite popular I am among these people called tourists
As they find me hard to resist!
They roll out their mats an’ do as they please
Eat, drink, enjoy…And the air around is filled with their yays and yipees!
And then they leave-the young, the old, the whole family
I’ll miss their shouts of glee.
But, I know, on another holiday, they shall arrive again,
Till then, their memories, consisting of strewn rubbish, the food wrappers and empty beer bottles shall remain!



Laser vs metal
“Yer gonna need somethin better than bullets. Bullets just deflect off those metal legs. Ere, use these! Cut right through! Pass em around…An’ be quick! There’s a good lad! ” Martin wasted no time in handing over the box of Apis along with instructions on using it to a policeman who cocked his head cluelessly, before getting to it. Soon, everyone, including the police, firemen and the public had an Api in hand to fight off the giant metal monsters. Everyone shot at the spiders- sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss. “Ya haven’t seen Billie anywhere, have ya? I don’t think she’d miss a good party.” Martin enquired on not noticing Billie and Deirdre anywhere, as he and Kelly stood back to back, tackling down the metal creatures who took a tumble each time they were hit by the lasers. “Look at you worryin bout her all of a sudden. You two have such an awful relationship. I specifically remember you callin her a mean version o’ Rose Tyler, an’ then she called you an ugly version o’ that bloke from Blackpool…whatever that means! ” Kelly recounted, looking back at his relationship with his ex. “Well, ya know, that’s just how we are…An’ I just don’t want er to be in any kind o’ trouble…considerin the giant spiders an’ all…” he began to worry. A shrill cry for help added to his worries, and the couple took off in the direction of the cry, dodging incoming lasers and severed metal legs as they did.
“Let go of her, ya twat! ” they heard Deirdre exclaim from somewhere atop the spider ,while Billie dangled from the creature’s metal pincers high above! “Why’d ya climb onto it, ya silly girl?! ” he cried out to Deirdre, as she tried to maintain her brave face while clinging onto the metal spider. “Never mind that now…Just get us down, please! ” Billie ordered, squirming frightfully. “One zap does it…! ” Kelly exclaimed, as she successfully hit the creature, bringing it down along with its occupant- The culprit behind it all, Raleigh himself! The coward began to run as soon as his feet touched the ground. Deirdre slid down with a look of relief…which immediately turned into a look of terror as Billie fell from a height as soon as the pincers released her!
Fortunately, she landed safely in Martin’s arms. “Well, arentcha glad I was there at the right place at the right time? ” he bragged, grinning toothily on seeing her safe and sound. “Hey! Ya got your teeth fixed! ” she mocked, unwrapping her arms from around his neck. “No, I didn’t! I got em broken…by my own wife, of all people! ” he muttered, with a frown. “I guess she beat me to it, eh? Ya look much better now! ” she insulted, with a wicked grin. “Ow! ” she cried out, scowling up at him as he let her go and she fell to the ground! “Well, that’s what ya get for not sayin thank you! ” he justified with a shrug. “I guess some things never change! ” Deirdre exclaimed on witnessing their childish fight, rolling her eyes as she helped her girlfriend to her feet. “Airhead!” Billie muttered under her breath, dusting off her jeans as she stood up. “Trollop.” he cussed, on hearing her. “Nutcase.” she was quick with a comeback. “Freakazoid! ” he retorted. “Ya bastard!” a familiar voice cussed aloud. “Oi! I was only joshin around when I said that. No need for that kinda language! ” he shot back , taken aback by the filthy language which he thought was directed at him. “It wasn’t me who said it…” Billie defended herself, pointing to Kelly who’d suddenly given chase to Raleigh as he ran for his life! “Ooh…she sounds mad! ” Martin (who’d never seen his wife so furious before) gulped, as she caught up to the evil man and administered a savage beating to him! He soon realised the reason for her rage. One of the metal legs had landed onto the time machine which was parked nearby, reducing it to a shardy mess!



Spiders on the streets!


Spiders on the streets

Cameo by Jake T. Austin as Ricardo, the bellhop/video game fanatic.
With Martin all sorted out, the couple decided to make their way past the debris of the buildings in the hope that their hotel was unscathed. Fortunately, it was out of harm’s way and so were the occupants, who’d gathered outside on hearing the commotion. They hugged their kids who seemed rattled but unhurt. “Did ya see this? Spiders taking over the streets of Rio! Half the hotel staff’s right there with our float, participating in the parade.” Ricardo, a young bellhop exclaimed in alarm, looking up from the news channel playing on his phone screen. “They’re crushin everythin in their paths! We’ve gotta get there an’ stop em! Those are our friends an’ family behind the controls…An’ those poor, frightened people on the streets…! ” a determined Kelly declared. “How d’you s’posse we do that? ” Martin enquired, watching into the distance as smoke billowed from fallen buildings and people ran about frantically. “Same way I did before. With my trusty laser! We’re gonna need lots more though. I’ve got a whole box of these beauties in the time machine.” she explained, gesturing to the Api. An‘ we can use the time machine to get there in no time at all! Kelly O’Reilly, ya are a brilliant person…Just brilliant! ” her proud husband praised, grinning toothily as he agreed with the plan. “Tell me somethin I don’t know.” she muttered, boastfully.
“Can I come? They wouldn’t allow me onto the float cuz of my fear of heights and being run over by giant vehicles decked out with flowers…And I’d like to help out. Feel useful, ya know? I mean, as long as it doesn’t involve jumping off tall stuff, I think I can shoot at stuff with lasers….Given my expertise at shooting stuff in video games! ” an eager Ricardo offered. “Sure. Ere’s how it works, just point and shoot, lad.” Martin instructed. “Point…and shoot…oops! Desculpa! I’m just polishing my laser shooting skills! ” the young man called out apologetically, as he accidentally shot at a tourist! “What about us? Can we come too?! ” the enthusiastic kids cried out. “How about, instead, you little ones take turns playing with my video games? They’re stashed away in the basement and some of em are vintage, so be careful, kay? This is between us, so don’t tell on me, kay? ” Ricardo made them promise with a friendly smile, as he handed over the keys to the hotel basement to the kids, while their mum shot daggers at him for doing so! “Love, ya can unleash yer wrath at him later. Let’s just handle this first, eh? ” Martin reminded on noticing her scowling at the bellhop. “Right-o! Let’s get a move on. Avante! ” Ricardo declared excitedly, as Kelly quickly led the way.



A/N: Now, now…where we’re we? Oh, right! Giant metallic spiders!

Spiders on the surface

Kelly, who was impatiently waiting for her husband and the others to turn up, jumped up on hearing the rumble of the ground beneath her feet. She watched in astonishment as the earth opened up and a large metal creature with 8 spindly, metallic legs emerged from underground. More such creatures followed soon after, making a terrible clanging noise and shaking the ground as they clomped about. She wondered what they were, but she knew for certain they weren’t floats for the parade as they picked up pace, crushing everything from a parked car to a tree that stood in their way as they made their way towards the main road. She wanted to follow them, but was stopped by one of the creatures as it barred her way.
Oh, no! ” she yelped, as it struck her with its heavy leg and threw her to the ground, before proceeding to lift its leg to stomp on her and crush her to death. “Oh, no…Ya don’t! ” the brave woman cried out, thinking fast as she reached for her Api and shot its leg off with a laser beam. She rolled away as the severed leg landed on the ground, but she wasn’t finished with it. She aimed and shot at it, till the unsteady creature fell to the ground. Her victorious smile turned into a look of disbelief as she saw the lanky man climb out from behind the controls of the fallen creature. “Love, are ya ok? Wait…what were you doin on that thing? Actually…what is that blasted thing…those things?! ” she enquired, with a shudder. “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…you ask so many bloody questions, dontcha?” he grunted, inching closer to her with an icy look in her eyes. “What…? Is this a joke? ” she demanded to know, backing away frightfully. “You wish.” was the reply, before he took her by surprise, digging his nails into her neck as he grabbed her by the throat. She thrashed about as he lifted her off the ground. She was quick to kick her way out of his grip as she landed a swift one to his knee. “You’re off your rocker! ” she cried out, not giving him a chance to recover as she remembered her self defense classes and punched him in the face, knocking out a tooth in the process!
“I dunno what or who ya are, but you’re definitely not my husband! D’you want some more, huh?! ” she yelled, raising up her fists as he came to. “What’re ya, daft?! I am yer husband! An’, no, I do not want more o’ that! Why would ya do that in the first place?! That hurt! ” a terrified and confused Martin cried out in pain, covering his bloody mouth with one hand as he stood up. “You seriously don’t remember tryin to strangle me just a few minutes ago? You were astride on that bloody monster over there. What exactly happened to ya down there?” she reminded, pointing to the mangled mess behind him. “There’s yer answer right there.” he struggled to speak with his mouth full of blood, pointing to his bloody tooth lying at her feet. “Why’s it beepin an’ glowin for some reason? Looks like there’s a microchip attached to it…” she muttered, examining it closely. “The mind control device! ” he exclaimed, remembering Raleigh’s sickening experiment. “Mind control….? Like in Jessica Jones? That man actually controls people with this device. That’s just evil! ” she protested against it, once he was done explaning.