Disco man comix: Sparko’s attack

This is the first comic ft. My original characters Disco man & the villainous electrifying robot, Sparko. P.S. Make up your own origin story for Sparko. E.g. It was created by a mad scientist or somethin. I dunno, just go wild with yer imagination an’ comment yer unique origin stories.
(Agressive reporters photo courtesy: Screenshots taken of certain scenes from the movies ‘What we did on our holiday’ & ‘The decoy bride’)
For more about Disco man, read The Adventures of Disco man  here:
For more comix, Stay tuned! Enjoy!  B-D




The Modern Legend of Dona Paula

A/N: This will be a 2 part story based on the Goan legend of Dona Paula (Google it).

Donzella Fernandes AKA Dona woke up early and dressed for work. She wrote for a magazine called Goa’s Quill. She loved her job and was always busy writing articles and interviewing famous personalities. She hardly had time for love or her family. Her concerned family wanted to get her married off and decided to search for a suitable groom for her. Search parties consisting of close relatives were formed and the search began! Finally, they found one. He was a handsome man named Donald who worked aboard a cruise ship- according to the info collected by Aunt Marisa. “I don’t know why I’ve to get married so soon. I’m still young, mummy! ”  Dona (the only child) hesitated, as her doting mother combed her hair. She was being prepared for her engagement party. “Yes, you are young….But, I am old & want to be around to see my grandkids.” Mrs. Fernandes explained. “Now,get dressed.” she ordered, handing over a floral dress to Dona, who groaned at the idea of marriage! So, against her wishes, Dona was married off to Donald who left for sea a few weeks later, leaving his young bride at home by herself. But, Dona was happy to be alone again! She could now focus more on her job & less on chores. She was even more happy when she got the opportunity to interview the well-respected social worker/environmentalist, Paul Anderson. Born in a rich family, he’d given up his rich lifestyle to fight against greedy, land-grabbing builders (including his own father!), fought for justice for the displaced Goan tribals and donated to charity.
“I was just leaving for lunch. Would you care to join me, Mrs. Fernandes? ” he asked, as she entered his humble office situated on the island village where he resided. “Sure. Please call me Dona, Mr. Anderson.” she replied, instantly taking a liking to him. “You can call me Paul.” he suggested, smiling and showing off his dimples. He let her choose the restaurant & acted like a gentleman throughout lunch, answering all her questions with wit and intelligence and also asked some questions of his own. He informed her that he was fan of her writings and was intrigued to know more about his interviewer. She realized that she had more in common with him, than with her husband & was charmed by Paul’s polite attitude. “I am so intrigued by your activism work, that I’d like to help you out.” she offered. “We could use all the help we can get.” he exclaimed, smiling at her offer. As they walked back to his office, Paul was greeted by many passersby. They addressed him as Paulo bab & he enjoyed the attention. The villagers considered him as a hero who’d saved their paddy fields & houses from greedy builders, corrupt politicians and mining companies. “You know, I did want someone to write slogans for my Conserve Goa’s beauty campaign. You’d be perfect! ” he suggested, accepting her offer. They finally reached his office, where she decided to take her leave. He accompanied her to the jetty where she caught a ferry home. Back at his office, Paul found his stern-looking father waiting for him. “Heard you’ve been planning another protest and have hired that girl to write slogans for you and your band of hooligans? ” Anderson Sr enquired with anger in his eyes. “Wow! News travels fast around here! Have you hired one of your hooligans to follow me around?” Paul asked, in a mocking tone. “They’re not hooligans, dad. They’re youth who work for the betterment of Goa, ok? ” the young activist corrected, arranging the scattered documents on his desk. “You are driving me mad with these campaigns & driving my company into the ground! I’ll have to file for bankruptcy, you traitor! I’m warning you to back off! ” a fuming Anderson Sr threatened. “You can’t scare me with your threats and name-calling! ” Paul retorted, as his father left, ignoring him. “All these mining activities, sand extraction and land-grabbing will be the death of our beautiful state! ” a fed up Paul muttered under his breath, before locking up for the day.
             *To be continued*

My best friends- a pen and paper

What would I do without my trusty friends- pen and paper? I wouldn’t be able to write stories, jot down new ideas or draw my comics. I prefer pens o’er pencils, ‘coz let’s face it, ya don’t need to sharpen a pen time an’ again an’ you can’t erase stuff written using a pen. It’s immortalized forever! Here’s a gem I drew using my pen in a corner of my notebook:


A girl on a swing. Pretty, isn't she?

Some days, you just can’t get rid of boredom!

Don’t you just hate it when you run outta stuff to do? I get bored easily, so I’m always finding new stuff to keep me occupied. Here’s a list of stuff that’s currently keeping me occupied:
1) Writing stories and comics.
2) Trying to play the Theramin.
3) Trying to learn French.
4) Trying to make my eyebrows dance like Emilia Clarke on the Graham Norton show (How does she do it?! )
5) Blogging and reading other blogs.
6) Reading.
7) Coming up with new, goofy ways to escape the stress and boredom caused by studying.
8) Collecting fungi in a cardboard box and wrapping it in tin foil (I call it my mini fungarium)
9) Putting on accents and imagining the characters and scenes in my mind while reading a book.
10) Watching telly and listening to music/playing a musical instrument.
Comment if you guys have any stuff that helps ya to get rid o’ boredom. P.S. The title of this post is based on the dialogue from Batman- Some days,you just can’t get rid of a bomb!

A romcom on Feedbooks!

Check out my latest ebook on Feedbooks- The rude, the sad and the lazy, here:


Plot: It’s a humorous love story between an American gal and a Scottish guy & how they overcome obstacles (a dominatrix sibling & grumpy parents). Originally written by me on wattpad.Would appreciate it if you guys gave it a read:·D