Urge to jump

Where does it lead?

They decided to set off in search of Matt, Alice and Jefferson since they hadn’t turned up from their little expedition and it was getting dark. “I thought ya said he’d gone to investigate somethin at his so called underground rave…” Martin whispered to Gia, as they looked over the edge of a giant sinkhole. “This is it. Except, a sinkhole’s opened up where the entrance once was. An’ I’m pretty sure my curious, idiótico husband wasn’t afraid to risk his, Matt’s an’ Alice’s lives to climb down here, using those! ” a concerned Gia exclaimed, gesturing to her husband’s handiwork- the ropes which had been fixed to posts and led straight down into the dark pit. “He’s always doing this! Venturing into dark, possibly bottomless pits to satiate his curiosity…that mad man!” she complained, wringing her hands in exasperation and worry. “Guess he doesn’t know curiosity killed the cat, eh? ” Kelly joked, in order to lighten the mood. “Best not to joke bout the matter now, love. Sorry bout that, Gia. She’s a clone.” Martin apologized for his oblivious wife’s comment, while motioning to Kelly to shush!
Oi! Where d’you think you’re goin?! ” Kelly cried out, on noticing that he’d begun examining the rope, gripping it firmly as he stepped precariously close to the edge of the sinkhole. “Well, I was thinkin…if they’re down there, we oughta go down there to save their arses, don’t we? ” a heroic-sounding Martin explained, calmly. “Don’t be a hero! We’ll just call the fire brigade. You don’t know what might be down there! ” Gia cautioned, quickly whipping out her cellphone. “Well, we won’t know till we get down there, will we? Let the blokes at the fire station rest, eh? Besides, haven’t either o’ ya felt that urge to jump? That itchin urge to…fall! ” a determined Martin asked mysteriously, his voice trailing off as he jumped into the dark abyss! The ladies cried out in horror as they caught a last glimpse of his hands as they gripped on to the rope as he slid down it…all the way down!
“I’ve gotta make sure that idiot’s all right. You stay up here, ok? ” Gia ordered, putting on a brave face on seeing Kelly’s pale, frightful expression. “No…you can’t….! What if you don’t return either?! ” a hesitant Kelly protested. “Oi, ya two scaredy cats! I’m perfectly fine…An’ FYI, this pit’s got a bottom! ” a familiar voice wafted up from the pit. “Guess, I’ll be fine! Besides, my husband’s down there. I’ve gotta go.” Gia insisted on going, reassured by Martin’s voice. Kelly watched worryingly as she disappeared down the pit as well.
“That was a pretty idiotic move! What if this pit really was bottomless, genius?! You almost gave your poor wife a heartattack! ” she scolded, on spotting him in the corner of the cavern as he stared at his badly cut hands. “What in the world is that?” she asked curiously, on seeing him pull out a suspicious looking wand-shaped gadget from his pocket. “Aha! Setting #101: Burn relief spray. That oughta take care o’ that bloody rope burn! ” he exclaimed victoriously, as he fidgeted about with the gadget till he found the perfect setting and a mist emerged from it, engulfing and healing his injured hands. “Kelly’s latest invention- All-purpose instrument, or Api for short! Got like a million or so settins an’ functions. Cool, innit? ” he grinned toothily as he explained it to an amazed Gia. “Looks like a rip off of the Sonic Screwdriver! ” she quipped, feigning an unimpressed look. “What…No way…! It’s completely different! The design an’ everythin…completely different! ” he defended. “Just joking! Let’s just find our crazy relatives an’ get out of here, ok? Now, does that thing have a, uh, a lanterna…A flashlight? ” she calmed the overdramatic man down. “Wait an’ see! ” he exclaimed, raising up the gadget and flashing her yet another toothy grin as the whole cavern was illuminated by a bright white light.


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