Bookworm summer


Summer’s a gr8 time to bust out those books you’ve been longing to read, but haven’t had time to. Spend your holidays shopping for books at the bookstore or surfing the net for e-books. Just find something to read when you’re bored! Even if you don’t have the time to go abroad and are stuck at home during the holidays, books open up a whole new world for you an’ you can visit fantasy lands with just a flick o’ a page! So,fiction, non-fiction,sci-fi, crime, pick whatever ya like an’ just read!


To mums everywhere

To mums everywhere,
Thanks for all the love an’ care.
Thanks for cuddling us as a baby,
For runnin after us when we were naughty!
For all the scoldings when we were bad,
And the hugs when we were sad.
Thanks for the troubles ya took,
So we wouldn’t turn out to be  unemployed kooks!
Mother’s day’s comin up, so give yer mums a hug, everyone!


Disco man comix: Disco man & Kat-girl

Kat-girl’s origin story: Real name- Katyana ‘Kitty’ Harrington.
Born to a Scottish father & an Indian mother. She lost her parents at a young age and was raised by her cat-crazy aunt who was unaware about her niece’s evilness, until Kitty scratched her eyes out! Kitty worked for multiple mob bosses & wreaked havoc until she met her match- Disco man. She took a liking to the superhero & decided to use her martial art skills for good. Here, she and Disco man take on drug smugglers. Say no to drugs.




Disco man & Kat-girl