Muy biene, molto bene, trés bon, muito bem! Day 1

After one day an’  a hearty breakfast o’ bread, cheese, juice, cold meats, melons, coffee an’ some cake at Madrid…an’ after escapin near death (thanks to our tour bus driver who almost reversed the vehicle over us an’ flattened us), we were off to Fatima, stoppin to take pics outside the stadium in the city and at gas stations every 2 hours along the journey for snack an’ toilet breaks.
The view along the way’s gorgeous an’ I’ll never tire o’ the greenery an’ the lil pretty yellow, purple an’ crimson flowers that dot the fields, hills an’ roadsides/countryside/gardens. Weather forecast was sunny an’ blue skies, unlike the previous day’s showers as we were driven to the hotel from the airport.
Played a countin game o’ countin the number o’ bridges, 6-lane windin roads an’ tunnels (for there are many!) , but tired o’ it soon!
We stopped at a restaurante just before crossin o’er the border into Portugal for dinner. Twas a resto-bar with arcade games an’ tellies in every corner (The Simpsons playin on one telly, the Royal Weddin on another an’ a tennis match featurin Nadal on another), so twas my kinda, fun resto! Lunched on codfish (bacalhau) in a rich, fishy gravy, ham sandwiches an’ Coke. Later, shopped at the attached supermarket an’ came away with a miniature hand fan for my collection, chocolates for relatives an’ friends an’ other sweet meats an’ snacks like peanuts, Pringles, gumballs an’ my fav, red Doritos to eat on the go.


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