Tonight’s thunderstorm

Tonight’s drive home with the family in our ol jeep felt more like  a harrowin journey across a stormy sea as we encountered heavy rains and strong gusts of winds which pulled and pushed our vehicle, promptin dad to stop every now and then, lest we be blown off our course and land in one o’ the flooded fields on either side o’ the narrow road. I do welcome the cool breeze that the monsoons bring, but tonight they brought it all…mighty winds an’ then some!

Low visibility meant my mum constantly reachin across to wipe clean the wide, foggy windshield in a bid to assist my dad. An’ as I looked out the window and strained my eyes heavenwards to watch Thor have the most wicked fun he’s probably had with us earthlings in ages (I’m talkin about the lightnin bolts that lit up the sky coupled with that loud never-endin thunder, not about the new Avengers movie, btw), I found myself prayin to all the Gods to grant us safe passage (an’ maybe protect the unlucky passersby who’d stopped to grab a bite at a nearby omelette stall an’ inadvertently found themselves takin shelter under the rusty metal awning o’ the makeshift food stall/gadda in Konkani.) Yes, even prayed to Poseidon an’ Neptune…even though they’re Gods o’ the seas. The road outside did resemble an ocean with raging waves an’ a glassy, slippery surface. It was like bein in a movie like Perfect Storm , with my dad tryin to manoeuvre our rickety vehicle with its broken wipers as best he could, missin any obstacle in his way like fallen trees, parked cars with helpless drivers at the helm, constantly blinded by Thor’s as well as the other drivers’ bright lights…but never once givin up or swervin outta control. He was careful and one helluva Captain o’ the ship throughout our drive across that waterlogged stretch o’ road.

In all my nineteen years on God’s green Earth, ne’er have I encountered such a terrible thunderstorm. But I’m lucky to have known people like my dad who’re experienced enough to persevere against it and to lead us home safely….albeit, drippin wet since our jeep has one helluva leaky roof! 😅


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