LOVER’S DILEMMA: Chapter 15: A lust and a longing

A/N: Feeling betrayed and even more confused, the heartbroken therapist finds solace and love in his wife’s arms once more. But is he willing to let go o’ Quentin an’ start o’er?

He stood at the door of the kitchen, watching her cook upon his return. She seemed to come home earlier than him now. He wondered why. It wasn’t that he didn’t approve of it. He just found it confusing. Was it lack of interest or had she finally grown to hate her job and the long hours? He hoped he’d get to see this more often. More of her. He studied her body. Her curves through the apron and her long, waxed legs that descended from that mini skirt which she’d found in a corner of her closet, they seemed to beckon to him. She turned around feeling him press against her and before she knew it, he’d engulfed her in a passionate kiss.
“Ooh…I think I’m in love with this David 2.0!” she gushed as he swept her up in his arms, hissing slightly as he bit into her lower lip, drawing blood. “Bill? Shut up.” he ordered, impatiently. He pushed her against the counter in order to deepen the kiss and when she attempted to come up for air, he only pressed up closer till she could feel the hot steam from the utensil on the stove burn her back slightly. She felt his palm clasp hers as she tried to switch off the stove or atleast lower the heat, entwining their fingers while loosening the strings of her apron and grazing her thighs as he hitched her skirt up with the other hand. It wasn’t long before he carried her off to bed, throwing her onto it roughly before pouncing upon her. She hadn’t known him to be so rough as he pinned her down and buried his face, even sank his teeth into her supple, naked body.
At first, it was pleasurable. She orgasmed like she never had before, shuddering at the feel of this seemingly new man inside her. Christ! What is this man doing to me?! she thought to herself as she felt his soft lips circling her nipples, his tongue inside her, leading to climax after climax. She’d always thought him to be a sensitive lover, always gentle, but she knew there was something new about her husband…..maybe even frightful and wrong, as she felt his nails dig sharply into her back and trail down her back, leaving bloody scratches on her delicate skin. Scratches which he’d previously emblazoned into Quentin’s skin.
She cried out in pain, gasping as he slammed her into the mattress and began to grind into her harder, faster and in a manner that made her feel that the bed would  collapse if he continued further. He was forgetting that she wasn’t Quentin and her body wasn’t sturdy enough to take much of his pounding.
“David…Dave…stop…please…” she whispered, clutching to him and squinting through the tears as her body couldn’t bear it any longer. “David…you’re hurting me! Get off!! Please…!” she ordered, pulling her surprisingly domineering husband off before sucking in breath after breath of fresh air. He quickly came to his senses, breaking down and sputtering apologetically on seeing the state he’d left her in- dazed, confused and frightened at what had just happened as she clutched the blood-stained blanket to her trembling body and stared at him with a mixture of terror and confusion. She reached out to him, still the understanding and kind soul she was, on seeing tears stream down his cheeks, realizing he was as frightened and confused by his own actions as she was.
“I’m so sorry…so fuckin sorry! I..I  didn’t mean to be so rough with ya. It’s just that…that…I just, I can’t, Bill. I just…can’t! ” he sobbed, hugging her and burying his face into her bosom while she held him to comfort him.
“Hush now, David. I’m sorry I forced ya into this. I am. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not, yeah? I just didn’t realize it was takin such a toll on ya, love.” she apologized, blaming herself as she stroked his sweat-soaked hair and gazed pitifully into his bloodshot eyes. “We don’t need to try tonight. Why don’t ya rest, yeah? I’m gonna be home a lot now anyway. We can always try some other time. No hurry. I quit my job, so we can spend a lotta time together now. It’s what we both want, right?” she whispered, wiping his tears, tucking him in and planting a kiss on his forehead before rolling off the bed. He sat up, wide-eyed on hearing her revelation, wondering if he’d heard her right. He sighed heavily. He couldn’t hide it from her anymore.
His mind was guilt-ridden. He hadn’t been able to shake off the memories of his lovemaking with Quentin, imagining the man in her place all night. He couldn’t shake off that lusting, craving and longing for that rough and raw sex he’d had with the young man. Something he couldn’t have with the petite woman, unless he wanted to end up hurting her again like he had tonight. He hated himself as he watched her examine and tend to her exposed, bruised and bloodied back in the bathroom mirror. “I’ve a confession, Bill.” he finally mustered up the courage to speak.


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