Guest on a radio show for a day

RJ Joed Almeida

So, I met my first famous person today. An’ no, it wasn’t David Tennant (That meetin is in the offin 😁) . Well, like David, the fella I met too has a voice that’ll make ya like him instantly. (What’s with me an’ voices, eh?) Well, this guy’s a popular RJ who’s makin waves on Goa’s Indigo 91.9  radio station an’ he’s called RJ Joed Almeida.
Back when I aspired to be an RJ for BBC(that dream didn’t quite materialize, but I’m still gonna have a go at it in the future), I looked up to Joed for inspiration (Well, him an’ Campbell Bain from Takin Over the Asylum , but since we’re talkin bout non-fictional dudes…Joed, it is!). He had one o’ those voices which’d put the listeners and everyone who called in with a request at ease an’ at times, chuckle. My bro an’ I simply love listenin to im on the car radio whenever his show’s on, especially to im ramblin away an’ jokin around with his callers in a mix o’ Konkani an’ English just to kill the time before he plays them their song.
Well, today, I got the opportunity to be part o’ his  radio show on his surprise visit to the college an’ what a fun man he turned out to be in reality as well! His questions to us students ranged from what we loved and hated bout our college to whom we secretly crushed on (thankfully, I dodged that question, cuz my parents listen to the show😆😅). An’ we got to give a shout-out to our friends as well while we were at it, so they were beamin bout it too! I guess I can finally cross off bein interviewed for a radio show off my bucket list then!  Ere’s me tunin out, folks! 📻🎵


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