The tale o’ the woeful wart

My wart

Sayonara to the wart that resided on my thigh an’ made walkin a tad painful, constantly gettin caught in my trousers an’ what not! It looked like somethin that oughta grow on a Zygon’s arse, honestly! 😆
After a minor surgical procedure, involvin a slightly painful prick o’ an injection (anesthetic), tweezers, scalpel, a whole lotta rubbin alcohol an’ ointment, it now resides in the lil glass container seen in the pic above (good riddance! Phew! 😅)
Fortunately, it wasn’t a life- threatenin wart, cuz I’d hate to die young (or die without meetin David Tennant, for that matter! 😅) Unfortunately, now I’m confined to bed with my thigh tightly wound up in cotton and gauze to prevent heavy bleedin as the ghastly wart turned out to be a highly vascular one, according to my doc. Well, as long as I’m sittin on my arse with nothin better to do, might as well write, eh? Anyway, toodles for now an’ stay healthy an’ wart-free as long as y’all live😁



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