An ode to friends

Dedicated to my mum who celebrates her b’day today (She’ll always be my very first best friend) an’ to all my chums from high school.


Friends bring out the best in us,
The only ones who’ll save ya a seat on the bus.
The ones who’ll cover for ya when ya bunk a class,
Or let ya copy offa em in an exam, just so ya can pass!
From makin mud pies with ya in the sandbox,
To sharin their notes with ya when yer down with chickenpox.
They’ll even rescue ya from depression by tellin ya that life rocks!
An’ when’s all said an’ done,
They demand nothin in return!
A good friend’s always there when yer feelin happy or blue,
So, remember: When ya leave, remember the best…An’ yer friends have always been the best o’ you!


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