The young an’ the old

Dedicated to my avo an’ avozinha (my maternal grandparents) who by God’s grace haven’t been pushed away into an old age home somewhere an’ never will be. Love you both💞 To my dearest cousin (enjoy yer twenties an’ may ya turn out to be the best physiotherapist on the planet😘). An’ to my late mãe (my father’s mum), still miss an’ love ya with all my coraçao💖

Attended the twenty-first b’day o’ a dear cousin,
How fast time flies!
One moment yer crawlin an’ babblin, the next- ya begin to run.
The next day’s a Sunday an’ our church celebrates the feast o’ St. Anne and St. Joachim,
A day dedicated especially to our grandparents.
The one day when busy men an’ women take time off to spend quality time with their ol dads an’ mums.
Ya can watch em with their walkers an’ canes, draggin their feet tiringly to the pew,
A far cry from the b’day party, where every person was dancin the whole night through!
An’ as I sit ere, I’m reminded o’ how we’re all growin up so fast,
This beauty an’ youth, it won’t last,
An’ one day, eventually, we’ll find ourselves reminiscin bout our twenty-first b’day an’ bout our  glorious past.


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