A/N: Sorry for the hurried ending, but I hope y’all still enjoyed reading😁

Reunion at the hospital

You…. I thought you were…I thought he was…! ” his sister who was still recovering from the massive blood loss, exclaimed and rubbed her eyes on seeing Edward alive. “Teleportation! Can ya believe? Brilliant! An’ we just had sex in the broom closet! ” a joyous Nick cleared up her confusion, while Edward suppressed a blush on hearing all the praise for him. “Ugh…too much info, bro! Anyway, really glad ya could make it, Mr. Ash. You seemed devious  the first time we met, but then I saw past that, I s’posse. An’ I’m forever grateful to ya for savin me back there.” she whispered with a friendly smile, beginning to warm up to him. “Ya seemed quite devious too, but you’ve softened up since then, eh? ” he teased, settling down on the chair near her bed as he gave her hand a gentle squeeze and flashed her a toothy grin.
“Don’t mind if I help myself to that, d’you? I’m starvin! Sex makes me hungry!” he requested, winking mischievously at the vigilante as he spoke. “Again…too much info! Help yourself.” she replied, as the nurse sat down the tray of bland hospital food. “No…keep away from that, that’s mine! ” he was taken aback as she snarled at him when he reached for the jello! “Sorry. I love jello. Ya can eat the yogurt though.” she apologized, before beginning to hungrily wolf down the jello. He nodded his head amusingly and smiled at her childish behaviour. His smile widened as his daughter ran into the room and hopped onto his lap. “Oi! Who’s up for some telly? I think The Notebook’s on! ” Emma suggested, flashing him an impish grin as she spoke, before gesturing to Jo to switch on the telly. They decided to watch cartoons instead, since Neela insisted on it and her dad groaned on hearing her mention The Notebook! Nick sat at the foot of the bed, joining in their excited chatter while partaking some of the food too.
Long story short, Jo got a job on the police force. Edward left behind his life o’ crime for good and he and Nick now fight crime together as The Vigilante Duo of London. Emma works as a nurse at Neela’s school and runs the pub at night.

                      #The end#


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