Kiss on reuniting

Fortunately, they’d made it in time and the doctor assured him that his sister was out of danger. He was at the vending machine waiting for his candy bar, when he saw someone who made his life even sweeter…and who he feared was dead- Edward Ash! He appeared stunned, his hair singed and his jacket torn and dusty, as the doors swung open and he looked around at the patients and stretchers as if searching for someone. An ecstatic and relieved Nick lost no time, his shoes squeaking as he ran across the sterilized ,polished white tiled floor over to him. “I’m searchin for someone…Nick an’ Em Qantas…? ” he mumbled, pushing him away as Nick pulled him into a warm embrace and began to weep on the confused looking man’s shoulder. “That’s me, Ed! I’m Nick.Dontcha remember me…? ” Nick whispered, taken aback by what he’d just heard. “Teleportation…memory loss…can’t remember…” Edward muttered, staring at him with his glassy, clueless eyes, as if he’d no recollection. “Oh…no! ” Nick stuttered, realizing what’d happened as he watched the man he loved fumble with the purple fob watch in his hand. “Oh…YES! Gotcha! Was that dramatic enough for ya, Mr. Drama queen?! ” Edward exclaimed after a long pause, pocketing the fob watch and flashing him a mischievous grin on noticing his sorrowful expression. “C’mere, you! Ya really had me worried there! ” Nick cried out on realizing he’d been tricked, punching him playfully and hugging him, pleased to see he hadn’t really lost his memory.  “Well, do I get a kiss for savin lives? ” he asked, moving closer till Nick could feel his hot breath against his face.
“Sorry for disturbin ya…but, dontcha think ya oughta kiss your daughter first? ” a voice interrupted, as the guard who’d just returned from the cafeteria with Ed’s daughter watched from the doorway, smiling on overhearing their conversation. She let go of her tiny hand as Neela ran to her father who welcomed her with open arms, tears of joy flowing down both their cheeks as they hugged. “Great kisser, great hair, can rise from the dead…Is there nothin your boyfriend can’t do? ” she teased, nudging Nick as she spoke. “An’ ya! Standin up to a gangster like that!  Sorry bout im hittin ya like that…He can be quite dramatic! ” Edward apologised on his behalf, thanking the guard. “It’s alright. Well, ya didn’t have to hit me…or seduce me, for that matter…I’d have given ya the keycard willingly, had I known ya were enemies of my dad! He was a real brute anyway!  ” she accepted his apology, smiling slyly as she spoke. “Wait a min…did ya say yer dad? ” a surprised Edward enquired, not sure he’d heard her correctly.”Yes. I’m Josephine Cardinal. Jo, for short. ” she revealed. “I think I’ll give ya both a minute alone, huh? ” she whispered, lovingly leading his little girl away as the two men exchanged stunned looks. “That sayin bout families stickin together” I call bullshit on that! ” Edward quipped, turning towards Nick who seconded it. “Yup! Now…I believe we were gonna kiss…? ” an impatient Nick reminded, licking his lips seductively as he spoke, before Edward pressed his lips against his, not letting him finish his sentence as they kissed passionately.


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