“Neela! Don’t worry, sweetheart…I’m ere now. Yer gonna be fine, kay? Let’s just get this off, eh? ” Ed exclaimed, heaving a sigh of relief as he untied his daughter who’d been gagged and locked up in the room behind the large metal doors. “Thank God yer alright! ” he whispered tearfully, hugging her as he spoke. “Of course, she’s alright! I’d never hurt her. I’m not a paedophile, or a child murderer. I’m just a desperate man who wants his money back. Now, d’you have my money, ya thievin bastard?! ” the furious gangster appeared at the door, demanding his money and pointing a gun at them. “Oi! There’s a child here, so watch your language! ” Emma advised, glaring at him as a whimpering Neela buried her frightened  face into her dad’s jacket. “Seriously, Em? That’s what ya want im to watch?! He’s pointin a gun at us! Which, btw, I can knock out of his hand in a heartbeat…” Nick boasted, preparing to make a run at the dangerous man. “I’d like to see ya try that with a bullet in yer brain, braveheart! ” he scoffed.
That was the last thing he said before he began to flay his arms about…like he was doing a weird mafia dance…until they realized he wasn’t. The blonde guard who’d regained consciousness by then had taken him by surprise, jumping onto his back and wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck till he turned purple. His gun went off during the scuffle. Everyone struggled to dodge flying bullets, while he struggled to breathe. She held on to him till he passed out. “I’m not as weak as ya think I am…An’ I’m not a dumb blonde! I won’t have ya callin me that! ” the agitated guard defended herself to the unconscious man. “Everyone fine? Neela? Ed? Em…Emma? Oh, my gosh! Emma?! ” a worried Nick cried out, on seeing his sister lying in a pool of blood. She’d jumped in the path of a bullet that had almost hit Neela and was now bleeding out on the floor at the frightened little girl’s feet.
“We’ve gotta get her to the nearest hospital. That’s the Portland Hospital ” the guard advised. ” Em…you’re gonna be alright! C’mon…” Nick comforted, as he proceeded to carry his wounded sibling. “Put er down! ” Edward ordered. “What d’you mean, put her down? We can’t let her die. What’re ya doin? ” he demanded to know, watching fearfully as the man slipped on his purple glove. “Gonna cauterise the wound. It’ll stop the bleedin, so she won’t bleed to death before ya get to the hospital. Ya can take er to the hospital safely then. It’s the only way…An’ it might hurt…a lot. But, trust me, Em.” he whispered, cupping his gloved hand over the wound as he spoke. “Aaaahhhh! ” her screams filled the room as the lightning seared her wound. The guard covered Neela’s ears in a bid to shield her from hearing Emma’s painful cries, while the injured woman dug her nails into Edward’s jacket, holding onto him and squinting her eyes as tears streamed down her pained face. “Shh…shh…Ya can relax now, lass…”  he whispered slowly, as she passed out in his arms. The relief was short lived though, as the beeping of the activated timebombs echoed across the room. “That’s our cue to move. Allonsy! Worked security at the Louvre. Picked up a bit of French…” the brave guard bragged, before leading the way out as the bombs began to go off one by one!
“Ed…no! Let go of him, Cardinal! ” Nick cried out, as the gangster came to and grabbed Edward’s foot, sending him toppling to the floor. Edward kicked at him frantically in a bid to free himself, but the gangster held on. He was finally able to free himself with the help of his lightning emitting glove, but it was too late! The walls around them crumbled and a large part of the ceiling crashed and blocked the doorway, trapping Edward and a fatally wounded Cardinal inside the room. “I’m sorry…There’s nothin we can do. Time’s runnin out! ” the guard apologized, pulling everyone out in the nick of time. He stood frozen as they watched the fortress explode and reduce to rubble. “I never got to say a proper goodbye…or even thank him for what he did.” the vigilante murmured, mourning the death of his villainous lover, before glancing down at his unconscious sister in his arms and sobbing. “I grabbed that gangster’s keys in there. Let’s get the bloody hell outta this creepy place! ” the guard exclaimed victoriosly,  snapping him back into reality as he put his limp sister in the backseat of the gangster’s swanky car, before getting in himself. The guard took the wheel, while Nick sat in the front seat, looking back constantly to monitor his sister as they sped away. In the commotion, he’d almost forgotten about Edward’s daughter who was sitting on his lap. As he turned his attention to a speechless Neela (who looked up at him in an innocent, clueless manner), hot tears streamed down his cheeks as he realised that the angelic child was now an orphan.


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