East Weare camp- the lair

Cameo by Georgia Moffet as the female guard.
“Ok…No loss of memory, no nerve damage either…Well, that’s me. How are ya lot? ” Edward enquired, as they finally made it to their destination. “Ya could’ve  warned us beforehand, before ya flipped that bloody thing! ” she cried out, angrily shaking him by the collar. “But, but…” he sputtered, more frightened of her than he was of Cardinal or the cops! “But what?! I’ve a good mind to…” she didn’t let him finish. “But, check out the view!” he blurted out, in order to divert her attention. “Oi, Em! He’s right…It’s beautiful!” Nick seconded, as they watched the frothy waves lap up against the rocks and felt the salty, cooling gusts of wind against their skin. “Reminds us of that time we visited that urban beach.” the cloistered siblings exclaimed in unison.   “Nothin like the real thing though, eh? No time to sightsee. We’ve gotta save my daughter. Maybe I should’ve made ya both sign an agreement. Bout how ya weren’t dragged into this an’ were willingly helpin me…unless ya decide to turn me in or somethin! ” he reminded. “I can see why ya fancy him! ” Emma remarked sarcastically, on hearing him. “No…it’d be a bit too much, eh? ” he changed his mind. “Yeah…a bit! ” she agreed in a sarcastic tone, before they followed him to the heavily guarded building known as East Weare Camp- derelict and disused for years, it served as detention barracks before the mobster turned it into his lair. “Kill anythin that moves, eh? ” Emma, who was against violence, squirmed in disgust on overhearing what he’d whispered to Nick as they neared the entrance. She watched as he pressed a little wooden box into his palm once the vigilante had taken care of the man guarding the entrance. Nick nodded as Edward whispered something in his ear and they both exchanged wicked grins.
“What was in that box that ya thrust in my brother’s hand….before ya know he went jumpin off to kill those guards? I’ve never seen such a maniacal grin on his face before, ya know? Ever since he’s met ya, he’s someone else entirely. Would lay down his life for ya in a sec. Madly in love with ya, he is! ” she whispered to him, as the duo searched every room for signs of his daughter, coming up empty. “Aye, I know he is. That box contains lil gifts for Cardinal. Just teensy time bombs that’ll blow this place an’ its contents to kingdom come! ” he replied, darkly. “It…It’s contents? Like the loot that’s hidden here? You’re not takin it with you? You’re leavin the money behind? ” she exclaimed, in disbelief. “I’m only ere for my daughter, kay? An’ to finish off that arsehole! I wish I’d never stolen his blood money. I was just desperate…an’ maybe, greedy. I thought stealin would help us survive, but it’s unsafe an’ if it’s gonna cost me my daughter, I’ve had enough! But, I’m not gonna let im steal from any poor souls either! ” the criminal who’d undergone a change of heart replied, as they reached the mouth of a dark tunnel.
“Are ya sure ya know where you’re goin? ” she asked, impressed by his change of heart but doubtful of his sense of direction as she followed him through the winding, smelly tunnel. “Aye. Why d’you think I had those blueprints an’ maps with me, eh? They don’t show the way to bloomin Edinburgh, do they? ” he scoffed in reply, as they neared the end of the tunnel. “I wonder what’s in there…” she whispered, as he pulled her behind a pillar on seeing a guard walk past. It was a female guard this time and she stood in front of a heavy metal door. “What d’you think? Can ya take er on? ” he suggested. “I’m not gettin my hands bloody for ya! ” Emma declined. “Scaredy cat! Guess I’ll have to turn me charm on! ” she heard him mutter as he walked up to the blonde lady. “What’d I miss? ” her bruised and bloodied brother enquired, showing up beside her. “Well, your boyfriend surely swings both ways! ” Emma replied teasingly, as they watched Edward snog the guard till she let her gun drop to the floor! An agape Nick decided it was the last straw when he heard the breathless blonde murmur Call me. “Well, he won’t, cuz he’s mine! ” he yelled out protectively, before knocking her out and demanding an explanation from Edward. “Just wanted to distract er while I snatched er keycard, Romeo! Strictly business, geez! ” he explained, rolling his eyes at the overreacting Nick as he proceeded to open the metal door using the card.


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