A/N: Sorry, been busy finding out whether Sir John Mandeville was a real dude or not (for a project), but I’m back! An’ so is the vigilante! 👇

The fob watch

“So, what’s the plan?” Nick asked, staring in anticipation at the blueprints and maps he’d laid out on a table. Judging from his puffy and dark-circled eyes, he’d been up all night coming up with his plan. “Ere’s where he’s taken er. We’re gonna go on a lil trip to the Forbidden City.” he whispered cunningly, pointing to a black and white photo of lines of abandoned buildings, archways and towers looming over the sea. “Ooh….where’s that, then? ” a clueless Nick enquired. “You Londoners don’t get out much, do ya? An’ why would ya anyway? Wouldn’t wanna stray away from those all those BEAR magazines you’ve got stashed away in that cramped apartment o’ yers now, would we? ” he muttered ,mockingly. “Those aren’t his…they’re my magazines. I sorta find hairy men sexy….anyway, answer his question! Where’s this Forbidden City an’ why would he take her there?” Emma interrupted in an uncomfortable manner, before demanding an answer from the nosy Edward (who suppressed a smirk at her revelation). “It’s this ghost town in Dorset. He’s got a Fort Knox sorta thing set up there. A lair that also doubles as a hideout for the rest o’ the loot which he deems too valuable to keep in the bank. Now, the man left me this ransom note…quite cliched, dontcha think? Anyway, it says he isn’t gonna release er unless I return the rest o’ his money….which unfortunately, I’ve spent…” he replied, rolling up the blueprints as he spoke. “Well, what’re you plannin on showin up there empty-handed? He’s gonna kill her! ” Emma interrupted yet again, before he could finish speaking. “Who said anythin about showin up? We’re gonna sneak in! An’ since I can’t give im what’s his…Might as well take back what’s mine, eh? That’s why I need more manpower…” he continued, grinning at his supposedly brilliant plan. “…Someone to take out whoever’s guardin the place, eh? Glad I worked out extra hard today! ” Nick completed the rest of his sentence, agreeing to help him and feeling ecstatic about kickin butt an’ savin lives, things he lived for! “Before lettin it get to your heads, how d’you s’posse we’re gonna get there, huh? Dorset’s a pretty far distance to cover by bus or tube.” Emma stepped in as the two men shook on it, reminding them about the hurdle that stood in their way.
“Nothin’s impossible with this! It’s the teleporter that I invented for long distance travel. It’s light an’ easily conceivable, unlike that ridiculous, heavy one that I use to pull off petty thefts.” the inventor bragged, pulling out a flat, round, shiny object from his coat pocket. “A fob watch? ” an unimpressed Emma asked, staring at the antique, engraved fob watch in his palm before looking up at him for an explanation. “It’s not just a fob watch! ” he defended. ” Sure looks like one from the outside. ” she argued, doubting its capabilities. “What is it with ya people, huh? Always judgin books by their covers. When are ya gonna see past the exterior o’ it an’ see the actual thing, eh? ” he muttered with a scowl, feeling insulted by her scepticism.
“I’m startin to think he isn’t just talkin bout the watch anymore. Em, quit arguin an’ let’s get on with it! ” Nick put an end to their argument before it spiralled. “Fine. But, I’m only comin with so that ya don’t end up killin him with this plan of yours! ” she declared, shooting a protective glance at her easily convinced brother. “How does it work exactly? I mean, how will it know where we wanna go?” an intrigued Nick asked, studying the ticking timepiece with his curious eyes. “Complex stuff. Scientific stuff that commoners won’t understand. Spent years on it. Haven’t used it till now…..So, teleportation might cause irreversible nerve damage or loss o’ memory or some other side effects. Just hold on to me an’ you’ll be fine…I think! ” he replied, unsure about his own device as he gestured to them to grab on to his arms. “Wait… what?!” the siblings cried out in horror, their cries drowned out by the loud ticking before they were engulfed in the blinding purple light emitted from the fob watch as he flipped it open.


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