Umbrel- LaLa Land


I walk into my classroom. A burst o’ bright colours an’ colourful floral designs from the open umbrellas on display there suddenly blinds me (temporarily, of course!) An’ I’m instantly transported to Umbrel-LaLa Land. What’s that, ya ask?
Well, it’s a place where there’s less o’ the tap-dancin an’ more o’ the tip-tap o’ rainwater drippin down from the many colourful umbrellas that dot the classroom an’ prevent students from reachin their desks.
Apparently, none o’ the previous occupants o’ the class noticed the ample space offered by the corridors outside the classroom ( or simply chose not to notice it) an’ instead decided to unfurl their soakin wet umbrellas an’ parasols in the classroom itself.
Thankfully, the rivers that ran across the floor due to the constant drippin soon dried up an’ the umbrellas went off with their respective owners. A sad endin to the romance o’ two umbrellas who shan’t be named (let’s call em Mr. Blue an’ Ms. Green;)) who up until then were propped up to dry next to each other, just opposite my desk, with their handles (plastic an’ wooden respectively) entwined an’ their canopies almost touchin. Alas! Much like the lovebirds o’ LaLa Land, they two went their separate ways in the end.
Maybe on some rainy day/night, their paths will cross again, eh?


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