Tis bug season! 1: Caterpillars

It’s monsoon season ere in Goa an’ there’s literally water, water everywhere! One could also say, there’s bugs, bugs everywhere too. Get it?  (queen o’ lame jokes ere😋)
Anyway, on my walk home with an oily newspaper parcel containing hot pakoras/ fritters an’ samosas for my teatime, I spot a family o’ caterpillars lunchin on a bush nearby.
The very next day, the same bush is bare an’ the caterpillars have moved on to the next big green leafy thing! Meanwhile, the remainder o’ my teatime snacks are still languishin away in the fridge as I was unable to finish em off. Maybe, I should let the ravenous caterpillars have a go at it, eh? 😉

Conclusion: Never share yer lunch with a caterpillar. See those white fuzzy things with the lil black beady eyes in the pic below? That’s them🐛👇


Green, one day👇


Gone, the next! 👇



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