All aboard the bus from Hell!

Travellin from home to college by bus…especially, an Indian/Goan one…..can be quite the hassle! Forget payin for yoga classes. One step aboard the bus from Vasco to Margao an’ you’ll be an expert contortionist as yer forced to carry out various yogic postures aboard the bus itself. Packed like sardines an’ claustrophobic, I’ve no idea how we passengers get through these bus journeys almost every day!
Just hold on tightly as ya step aboard an’ are forced to stand with half yer torso hangin outta the bus, while the rest o’ ya is ogled at by the passengers who’re lucky enough to sit comfortably inside (lucky bastards😅).
An’ if ya happen to be standin uncomfortably inside, get ready to be pushed, groped , prodded an’ to find yerself as a human target for orders aimed at an’ barked at ya by the bus conductor to toss yer belongings aside! Squeeze every part o’ yer body together an’ move further along till ya reach the falling apart backseat o’ the bus an’ can move no further! Shove others aside an’ march till ya can march NO MORE!
You’ll find yerself grumblin an’ feelin claustrophobic just like every other poor soul on the bus to Hell, but thank yer stars ya aren’t clingin on to the outside o’ the bus for dear life like some other poor, unluckier souls. As they hang on to whatever they can, with only the alert-ish conductor to save em from fallin to their deaths at a sudden sharp bend or on a precarious speed bump, ya do feel sorry for em- students, senior citizens, obese fisherwomen, et al. But, alas! That sense o’ feelin sorry fades away as ya spot someone stand up from his/her seat, leavin it empty for ya to lunge at it happily- bulgin backpack an’ all- as ya slump into yer slightly lumpy throne for the rest o’ the tedious bus journey, glad to give those achin legs a well deserved rest an’ recreation!
Well, that’s my journey. Y’all got any funny, weird, dangerous journeys to yap about? Feel free to yap in the comments section an’ I’ll be pleased to read em. Gotta go stretch for tomorrow’s journey. Toodles! 😁


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