The intolerable saas

*This one came to me one morning after reading in the news about an actress who’d applied for divorce due to harassment faced from her mum in law and hubbie who’d banned her from meeting her friends or going to work. So, here’s a Hinglish poem addressing the problems caused by the intolerable saas:

*Glossary of Hindi words. Familiarize yourself with em before ya read:
Saas: mum in law
Pallu: veil worn by an Indian bride. She covers her face with it especially in presence of elders as sign of respect (age old tradition)
Gaalis: insults, cuss words
Raakshas: demon
Bahu: daughter in law
Bakwaas: nonsense

Dedicated to Karimi, whose saas is apparently really, truly horrible.

Meet Mrs. Nagu, the intolerable saas,
Who won’t tolerate any bakwaas!
Forever harassing her Westernized bahu,
Treating her like a slave who must constantly cover her head with a pallu!
Touch my feet, massage my feet!
Poor bride is often not allowed to eat or breathe!
An’ if bahu dear births instead of a boy a girl,
The choicest of gaalis at her she’ll hurl!
Blood sucking Raakshas, she’ll drink poor bahu’s blood- every quart,
An’ when she wants more dowry, to domestic violence she’ll resort!
So, to every mum in law, don’t be a Mrs. Nagu.
Don’t be a hard-arse an’ please go easy on your bahu.
Give her freedom an’ don’t stop her from working after marriage,
An’ if all goes well, ya won’t end up with a scornful bahu who poisons your porridge! 😈


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