The next day, Nick decided to make his decision known to Edward. He was going to stand his ground even if the man shot down his offer to help once again. But Emma wasn’t gonna  let him go out on his own. What with all the accusations flying about and the police hovering around him, she didn’t want him to get arrested, so she tagged along. “Oi! Open up! It’s Nick! ” he made his presence felt, showing up at the bomb shelter and knocking repeatedly till he finally opened the door. ” We need to talk! I wanna help ya, kay? An’ you’re not turnin me away this time, like ya did last night…cuz I’m not gonna leave till we find your daughter!  ” Nick exclaimed, as Edward listened in silence. “Ok. Ya can help! ” came his unexpected reply.
W..What?! Blimey, that was easy! Ya really accept my offer to help?” Nick stuttered, heaving a sigh of relief at the usually stubborn man’s positive response. “What…changed your mind overnight or somethin? ” Emma asked, suspiciously. “No. I heard your brother’s dramatic speech last night. A bit cryish for my likin, but ya certainly impressed me with yer determination, mate!” Edward replied, flashing Nick an impressed grin. “How…did you hear that? We were in the privacy of our apartment last night when he said all those things. Wait a min…did ya sneak in again? ” Emma demanded to know, more suspicious than ever. “Well…I might’ve bugged yer place the last time I was there. Now, let’s not waste time with meaningless chitchat! C’mon in, both o’ ya! I’ve got a brilliant plan to get my daughter back from that goon an’ his gang o’ baboons! ” he invited them in, sidestepping the subject of bugging their apartment.
“Ya bugged our apartment?! Why would ya do that?! ” Emma cried out, appalled by his intrusive actions. “Yer not the only one who’s overly suspicious, lass! I completely trust ya now though. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be lettin ya in on my plan. Besides, I could use someone who’s muscly.” Edward explained his actions, before teasingly jabbing at Nick, who blushed just on hearing him describe him as muscly! “I don’t really appreciate ya pullin off such stuff, Mr.Ash. Well, Nick, aren’t ya gonna say somethin? I mean, this is a huge breach of privacy! ” Emma reprimanded, nudging her brother in the hopes that he’d agree with her. “Uh…I’m sorry…I blanked out! ” her lovestruck brother gushed. She threw her hands up in exasperation as if she’d expected him to side with Edward, yet again! “Alright, now we’ve got that outta the way…let’s get on, shall we? Far more important an’ immediate things to do, eh? ” Edward reminded impatiently, before leading the way to his lab. “Possibly illegal things too! ” Emma muttered under her breath, as she followed behind.


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