“Oh! You’re back, sire. Ya know, the police came lookin for ya. Say they caught ya on camera outside that bomb shelter…with Cardinal an’ his men! Apparently, your fetish for bad guys has gone too far, Nicholas.” she reprimanded, glaring at him as he finally showed up. “It’s not what ya think, Em.” he began to defend himself, making his way to the medicine cabinet to tend to the multiple bruises and cuts that covered his face and body. “Why…Why d’you do this to me, Nicholas, huh?! I can’t defend your actions to the coppers any longer, Nicholas! Ever since ya met him, it’s like he’s lured ya into the dark side or somethin…. Just, changed ya…!” she exclaimed in an ominous manner as she paced the room. “Em…he’s not the bad guy. He’s just the victim, kay? Could ya quit runnin your mouth so I can explain? ” he defended Edward. ” First, ya fall for a thief…Now, you’re hangin out with gangsters?! An’ ya end up with all these…these wounds! I swear, all the ointments in the world aren’t gonna…” she continued to lecture, nodding her head as she watched him dab at his cuts with cotton soaked in alcohol. “Would ya shut up an’ listen to me, already?! Those gangsters? They were out to get him! That bomb shelter that’s overridden with weeds? That’s his home an’ his lab. All those weird noises that waft from it are from his inventions, the gadgets an’ machines he tinkers on. He’s an inventor by trade, a thief by circumstance. The weeds an’ all those rumours about the shelter bein haunted kept it safe…kept him safe. Him an’ his Neela.” Nick snapped, shutting her up before he began to explain.
“Who’s Neela? ” his sister asked, sitting beside him as he slumped onto the couch, fatigued by his tryst with the mob. “His daughter. She was safe there…an’ now, cuz I was such a nosy twit, she’s not! Cardinal an’ his men ransacked that place. It’s where Edward hid the money an’ it’s gone now…along with his daughter!” Nick blamed himself, laying back with a sigh as he felt the pangs of guilt attack him. “Poor man’s gone through so much…I guess ya can’t really blame him for bein the jerk off he is, eh?” she muttered, seeing Edward in a different light now. “We’ve gotta help rescue his daughter. I promised I’d track down her kidnappers, Em. ” Nick declared, turning slightly towards her with a determined glint in his eyes. “Oh, yeah…sure, lemme just get out my trackin devices an’ we’ll be off soon, eh? How d’you s’posse we do that? Besides, I may feel sorry for the man, but no way am I helpin him, kay? I don’t wanna be behind bars if the police catch us aidin a wanted criminal! ” she made it clear, hesitant to help him.
Wanted criminal! Can’t you see past that, Em?! Can’t ya see what’s beneath that villainous exterior?! Ya treat him like he’s a contagious disease…feared by all! He’s more than a criminal, Em. He’s a dad, he’s a fighter, he’s a lover…an’…I love him, Em…no matter what, I love the man an’ I wanna help him, even if I’ve to go ahead an’ get myself thrown in jail for it! ” Nick cried out, stubbornly. “Well, how d’you s’posse we go about trackin her down? Cardinal’s got warehouses, drug dens an’ homes all around London. If he’s hidden her in one of em, how do we know which one anyway? We haven’t got the proper gadgets, no trackin devices, no call-tracin thingies…which by the way are all stuff that only the coppers an’ the FBI possess, an’ Lord knows they’re all bayin for your blood! We can’t go to em for help either. ” she listed out all the impossibilities, demanding to know his plan. “Nothin’s impossible, Em. I’ll search every corner, every warehouse an’ drug den then. I won’t stop till she’s safe an’ sound! We’ve gotta find her, Em. She’s just a lil girl, Em…” he replied, breaking down in her arms as he spoke. “We will. We’re gonna find her…Just not tonight, kay?  You’ve gotta rest. You’ve done enough tonight, Nick.” she whispered comfortingly, feeling sorry for her tired brother, running her fingers through his hair as he rested his head on her lap and cried himself to sleep.


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