“What’re ya doin ere? How’d ya find me? Get out! ” a furious Edward ordered, on seeing the gangster and his henchmen storm into the lab/workshop that he’d set up in the bomb shelter . “Or what? Yer gonna bust us up usin that soddin lightnin glove o’ yers? Think we didn’t come prepared? Get im, fellas! ” the smirking man ordered, before his goons caught hold of Edward. “Now, yer gonna tell me where you’ve hidden my money. I know it’s hidden in ere somewhere, cuz I’ve contacts at the bank who’ve informed me that ya don’t even have a bank account. Figure ya like to live offa others’ accounts, eh? Like a parasite! Where’s my money?! Richard demanded to know, kicking the squirming man in his stomach hard enough to knock the air outta him. “I need that money more than ya do…me an’ my daughter…we deserve that money! ” he retorted, coughing up blood and panting as the men pulled him to his feet. “Ya deserve it, eh? Well, I’m sure ya deserve what’s comin up next too. Beat im senseless, fellas! An’ the rest o’ ya lot, search the place- The lab, those rooms I see o’er there, every nook an’ cranny o’ this spacious shithole! Oh, an’ find his daughter…An’ kill er if ya don’t find my money! ” he ordered, motioning to his men who immediately spread out to search every inch of the bomb shelter. “Ya touch my daughter an’ yer gonna pay, Cardinal! ” a sneering Edward threatened, baring his blood stained teeth as the rest of the men swooped in on him to deliver a vicious beating.
“Oi! Why dontcha pick on someone yer own size, Cardinal?! How bout Big Foot? He’s bout yer size, isn’t he, ya big lug?! ” Nick insulted, flashing a bruised and battered Edward a heroic grin. “Bring it on. The more men, the merrier! ” the cheeky vigilante beckoned as the goons let go of his crush and chased after him! “Good Lord, he’s like a monkey! No…No! Not my gadgets! “ Edward cried out in horror, as he watched them chase after the heroic Nick who jumped from one steel table to the next, letting his precious inventions crash to the floor in the process. “I’m not done with ya yet, mate…” he heard the gangster mutter close behind him, as he forced him to face him while resting the barrel of the gun on his sweaty temple. He thought quickly, flexing his gloved hand and grinning wickedly as he spotted the familiar tiny purple spark it emitted on activation. “I’m so glad this baby still works…Ha! ” he exclaimed victoriosly, taking the gangster by surprise with a deadly facepalm that sent bolts of electricity through his jolting body and left him with a badly burnt face. He grinned toothily at his triumph, before hearing Nick call out- “Ed, look out! ” Those were the last words he heard, before one of the henchmen leapt at him, causing him to fall, hit his head on the edge of a steel table and pass out.


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