“How’s he do that…? Leaves ya wantin more.”  Nick muttered, succumbing to the villainous Edward’s irresistible charm. “I dunno…Oi! Where d’you think you’re goin at this hour, mister?! ” his absent-minded sister enquired suspiciously, snapping into reality on noticing he’d put on his coat and was preparing to make a quick escape via the open window. “Our relationship can’t be built on any more lies an’ secrets! I’ve gotta find out where he stays. I’m gonna follow him, of course! ” the man bitten by the love bug replied, hurriedly putting on his mask. “You’re not goin anywhere! I only took pity on the fella cuz I couldn’t let him bleed to death. After listenin to his story an’ now that we know he’s not gonna quit lootin banks, I’ve decided he’s bad news an’ that you’re gonna stay away from him. I forbid you to meet him. Now, get off the window sill before ya fall off! ” a concerned Emma ordered. “Maybe…I could change him…” Nick (who’d watched one too many romcoms!) insisted on following Edward. “Maybe, you two are meant for each other…. since you’re both oblivious to the fact that crime is bad! ” Emma remarked sarcastically, fed up by his obsession with the bad guy. “You’re a vigilante. You’re s’possed to protect people from men like him an’ take em down….not try an’ change em! ” she reminded, before he could protest further. “Actually, I’m s’possed to save people…An’ I think, my love’s gonna save him! I know, it sounds super-cheesy, but I won’t let him go! ” her stubborn brother had the last word as he leapt off the window sill and expertly landed on his feet on the ground below. She let out an exasperated sigh as she watched him disappear into the dark too.
He soon caught up to Edward, watching from a safe distance as he entered a weed-infested garden- the sight of an abandoned bomb shelter, rumored to be haunted. “Oi! Don’t go in there, mate! ” Nick wanted to cry out to warn him, but found himself tongue-tied as a swanky car screeched to a halt under the bright street lamp. He’d noticed the car following him, but he’d paid no attention to it or its occupants…until now. He knew Edward was in deep trouble now, as Richard Cardinal and his goons stepped out of the car, desperate for revenge as they followed him inside. The brave vigilante  didn’t lose time in hurrying into the bomb shelter himself on hearing the commotion, hoping no harm had come to the love of his life.


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