A/N: Edward is left heartbroken yet again as his daughter is carried off by the mobsters and he’s hell-bent now more than ever to rescue her from their clutches:

A distraught Edward sobs

“Ya shouldn’t move. You’ve broken your stiches, mate.” Nick suggested, as Edward struggled to stand, blood seeping through the bloody bandage around his forehead as he scrunched his face up in pain. “ dot…daughter…where’s she? Where’s my Neela? ” he stuttered, standing up strugglingly. “They emptied that vault where ya hid the money. I tried to stop em…I really did…” Nick revealed, as he followed the worried man who was searching and rummaging through every room in the bomb shelter for signs of his daughter. “Th…they took er, they took my money….they took everythin, those bastards! ” the distraught man broke down, collapsing to his knees in his daughter’s empty room while Nick knelt down beside him to comfort him.
“I’m so sorry…It’s my fault. I’m the reason they got to ya, Ed…” Nick confessed, feeling guilty. “Scuse me? Ya led em ere?! ” a confused Edward exclaimed, looking up at him as if demanding an explanation. “Well, not on purpose! I was just wonderin where ya stayed an’ my curiosity got the better of me, so I followed you here. They must have followed me. I’m so sorry….But, I can help ya get everythin back. Lemme help ya, mate! ” the guilt ridden man suggested to the grief stricken man. “I don’t need yer help! Yer a traitor! Now, piss off! ” Edward cried out, his grief turning into anger as he pushed Nick away.
“I’m not a traitor! It was a stupid mistake…” he defended himself to Edward. “A stupid mistake that cost me my daughter an’ my money!” he snapped, in no mood to listen to Nick. “It’s not too late. I can help ya track em down.” Nick offered, determined to help him. “Like ya helped them to track me down?! ” Edward reminded, raising his voice as he caught him by the collar of his jacket. “Some vigilante ya turned out to be! Some bloody savior ya are! Is this yer job? Lead the criminals to someone’s door an’ let em carry off their innocent child, huh?! I wish I’d never met ya! Get out o’ my life!” he ordered, choking back tears before loosening his grip on Nick’s collar. “No! I’m the vigilante o’ London…” the stubborn vigilante refused to budge, pulling him into a hug as he broke down.”Maybe the Brits need ya, but the Scots don’t! ” he heard the distraught man mutter through gritted teeth. “You’ll say anythin to get rid of me, wontcha? Well, lemme tell ya somethin, mate. Irrespective of who you may be or where ya hail from, it’s still my duty to help ya out. Lemme help ya, please. ” Nick  whispered pleadingly, wiping away the tears that streamed down Edward’s cheeks before cupping his stubbled face, resting a hand on each cheek and looking into his eyes in a reassuring manner.
“Ya just can’t. So just leave me alone, alright? I’ve gotta clean up this mess by myself.” he declined, before pulling himself to his feet and showing him the door. “You can’t turn me away, Ed! I’m still hell-bent on gettin her back to you, so don’t think I’m just gonna sit on my arse out here! ” he heard a determined Nick call out from outside, but he paid no heed. The fed up vigilante decided to leave, leaving Edward behind to sweep the pieces of his gadgets off his lab floor and return the stuffed toys and dolls  strewn around his daughter’s room back to their original place in the toy chest, before settling on the edge of her bed with his face buried in his palms,pondering over a plan to rescue his daughter.


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