A/N: Sorry for the delay. Been writin, writin, writin! Mostly for school (lotta homework an’ writin to be done for an English major, y’all😁) an’ chapter updates on wattpad. But, I’m back an’ hope y’all are still with me. 👇


“What happened next? ” Emma asked, on the edge of her chair in anticipation. “Well…it started off with stealin the wee lil stuff…ya know, like stoppin by a tavern for a drink an’ pocketin the money from the tip jar when the bar-keep wasn’t lookin. Usin those prototypes, I robbed the banks which refused me loans. Those gadgets made robberies easy, but lately they’ve been a bit glitchy.” he confessed, trusting the kind green-eyed dame. “Arentcha afraid what’s gonna happen if they catch ya red handed? Think of your daughter if…” she began to advise. “I am thinkin o’ er! That’s why I can’t stop what I’m doin, kay? We’ll never run short o’ money again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think the coast is clear an’ I can leave. I’m gonna have to sneak out, since the blinkin teleporter’s malfunctionin again! Thanks for everythin.” he thanked with a look of genuine gratitude, before preparing to leave. “Wait. Where d’you live now? ” she enquired, curiously. “I can’t tell anyone bout my whereabouts…sorry.” he declined, apologetically. “Fine. At least tell me this. We shared a magical kiss that night an’ now I find out you’re gay an’ available….then, why’d ya lie to me an’ stomp on my heart when I professed my love for you?” Nick demanded to know, stopping him in his tracks as he reached for the doorknob. “Well, that’s cuz that kiss didn’t feel magical to me at all! Yer a weak kisser! ” he insulted, turning towards the lovelorn man. There was silence as Nick felt his heart break yet again on hearing his insult! “Bloody hell, he’s as overdramatic as a character in a Nicholas Sparks novel, geez! I hate those blinkin novels! ” Edward mocked, on noticing an emotional Nick tear up. “Are ya sure you’re not straight? ” Emma asked, quoting Nell, surprised by his revelation. Her doubts were soon cleared up as he walked up to her brother and snogged him passionately!
“That’s how ya kiss! ” Edward muttered, pulling away and leaving Nick panting for breath and Emma agape on witnessing their kiss! “That was…wow! ” he heard a flushed Nick exclaim as he headed for the door. “Yep. Still got it! ” the charming criminal couldn’t help but praise himself with a toothy grin as he strutted out, leaving behind the astonished siblings and disappeared into the night.


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