A tragic ending to Edward's backstory.....or is it just the beginning?

” I became er pillar o’ strength – takin care o’ er an’ our daughter an’ payin the bills. I was still an amateur inventor startin out an’ inventin gadgets that everyone said had no potential an’ so I’d a hard time even sellin those off for money. Even  findin a stable job or a loan was difficult….Eventually, we were so broke, we couldn’t afford our apartment any longer! ” he continued with his story, narrating it in a sombre tone. He didn’t want to go on, but he wanted to relieve himself of his painful past, and since he had two patient, intent listeners and since the sirens of the police cars out on the streets hadn’t subsided yet, he decided to narrate further:
Along with er health, our financial situation worsened. While I was struggling to pay for er treatment, she struggled to stay put in er hospital bed. The pain o’ the treatment had worn er out an’ she’d been havin suicidal tendencies. They’d to restrain er cuz she ended up rippin out er drips an’ venturin up to the roof far too many times! Finally, since they couldn’t keep up with er erratic behavior an’ I couldn’t keep up with their cost, I decided to take care o’ er myself. I took up a job at a cheap motel an’ even though the pay was terrible, at least we had a roof o’er our heads, albeit a leaky an’ rat-infested one! Of course, er suicidal tendencies hadn’t receded yet…
One night, after I returned home with er medicines, I found the door locked an’ the baby wailin inside the room. I wanted to knock for er to let me in or call the receptionist for a spare key…but a figure outside caught my eye. From the window in the corridor that looked out on our shaky balcony, I could see er standing on the ledge an’ lookin down at the street below. I caught er attention as I began to thump on the window. “Love, what’re ya doin there? That ledge is awfully crumbly. It could give way at any time. Why dontcha step away from there, eh? Just go back inside, unlock the door, ya can take yer meds an’ we’ll have a talk bout it, kay? ” I advised calmly, knowing what was on er depressed mind. “I can’t. I can’t let ya throw away our daughter’s future by blowin all our money on my treatment. She deserves to have a life when she grows up. You need to start a life with someone ya really love. An’ I…I am tired o’ livin.” she expressed what was on er mind an’ sighed in a distraught manner, slowly inching towards the edge. “But I really love you…An’ we’re gonna be fine, kay? Now, please…just don’t do this.” I pleaded, but my advise fell on deaf ears. “I love you too.” she mouthed, before jumping off! “Nooo! ” I cried out in horror, as she landed on the street below.
He broke down, unable to continue.


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