A/N: Learn more about the villain’s tragic backstory:


To everyone who frequented the library, she was the bookworm who could read all the Harry Potter books in one sittin. To the fashionista cheerleaders, she was the quirky pink and yellow girl whom they mocked everyday for showing up to school in patchy denim overalls. To me, she was the girl who’d look at me dreamily from her locker each time I walked past and who’d bribed our drama teacher into giving her a role in every school play that I was a part o’….just cuz she wanted to be close to me! I’d come out to my parents an’ they’d asked me to keep it a secret from everyone else lest I brought shame upon the family…An’ like the obedient son that I was, I kept it to myself. Meanwhile, she dreamt o’ bein the Juliet to my Romeo…An’ not just onstage! We spent a lotta time together an’ she wanted to be more than just friends, unaware that I wasn’t that straight Prince Charmin she thought me to be. My parents took this opportunity to forcibly marry me off to her as soon as we graduated… An’ like the obedient son that I was, I went with it. Slowly, I grew to love Nell…but, I couldn’t live a lie. Every time we kissed or made love, it just felt wrong. It felt wrong to me to be in bed with a woman. I did come out to her, but it was on the day she broke the news to me that she was expecting our child. I thought she’d break down or demand a divorce, but instead that kind soul asked me to stay and raise the child with her. I was taken aback by her reaction and thought she’d misheard me or something, but instead she confessed that she’d always love me no matter if I was gay or straight, that I was still her Romeo an’ she wasn’t gonna raise the baby without a father. In fact, she teasingly promised to find me a boyfriend! We still remained the best o’ friends! he narrated with a reminiscent smile.


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