He continued with his story on noticing Nick and Em’s anticipant looks:
We did all these couple stuff….even though we weren’t a couple any longer. Like, she did up my tie for me everyday before I set off to find a job in the recession. “Gosh, I hope ya find a job this time around, ya jobless ninny! ” she teased, one such morning. “Oh, I would…If I wasn’t wearin such an ugly tie! ” I shot back, with an impish grin. “Oh..What d’you know bout ties?! ” she muttered as she playfully pulled off the tie, leaving me with whiplash, before rushing off to rummage through the dresser for a better looking tie. “I was just jok…never mind! ” I called out behind her, but it was too late.
“Well, hullo, handsome! Now, where’s she gone off to? Nell, I’m gettin late! ” I exclaimed, admiring my own reflection in the mirror narcissistically before I realized time was waning and she still hadn’t returned. I made my way to the bedroom, only to find her lying face down in front of the dresser. “Nell…Nell? Are ya ok…Oi, Nell?! ” I cried out in horror, kneelin beside her an’ turning her o’er, tryin to wake her up as I held her pale form in my arms.
“The doctor’s said ya have a rare form o’ cancer.” I revealed, sitting beside the hospital bed later that day. “Tell me somethin I dunno…” she sighed, looking up at the telly screen while she rested her head against the pillow. “Well, I don’t like Pretty Woman. Think it’s a yawn! There’s somethin ya dunno! ” I confessed, as I sat on the edge of the bed and watched that ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey movie playin on the screen. “No way! But, yer gay! Gay people are s’possed to like this stuff! ” she cried out in disbelief, moving o’er slightly to allow me to slip under the sheets with her and snuggle up to her. “Look at this….us cuddlin together in a hospital bed. Reminds me o’a scene from another movie I hate- The Notebook! ” I muttered under my breath. “Are ya sure you’re not straight?” she quipped, taken aback as I dissed the classics. “Guess, I’m breakin stereotypes, eh? ” I boasted, wrappin an arm around her. “I’m gonna give that job search a try again tomorrow. Someone’s gotta pay the nanny while yer ere…An’ all those hospital bills, eh? ” I worried. “Yeah…but till then, we’re gonna lie ere an’ watch Pretty Woman! ” she calmed me down in her carefree Cockney accent, looking up at me with her trademark tongue biting smile before resting her head on my chest. “Oi, no funny business, o’er the waist stuff! ” I joked, as I felt her arm around my waist. “Shut up. Did ya hear that? He hasn’t spoken to his dad in fourteen an’ a half years! Can ya believe that? ” she exclaimed in wonder, referring to Richard Gere’s line from the movie. “Well, all these rich people are the same! Not like us chavs, ya know? They work, earn the dough an’ forget bout their folks! ” I retorted. “How long has it been since ya last spoke to yer dad, Edward? ” she asked. “Where are ya goin with this? ” I asked, eyein her suspiciously. “Go on. Call him. Life’s too short, skinny boy! ” she replied, urging me till I caved in an’ picked my phone up an’ began to dial. “Hullo? Dad? It’s Edward.” I spoke as he picked up the phone, while she suppressed a satisfied smile. “Son? Been so long! Mum’s been meaning to talk to ya! So…how’s married life treatin ya? ” he asked, surprised by my sudden phone call. “Brilliant! I’m layin in bed with the ol ball an’ chain right now, dad! ” I replied jokingly, eliciting a playful whack from a blushing Nell! Anyway, we spent the rest o’ the day takin turns talkin to my estranged parents o’er the phone.


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