A/N: Before we start, just fulfillin my  promise to Angie Jones, an aspirin singer /fellow wattpader with amazin talent an’ a beautiful voice that needs to be showcased an’ out there. Do hear her cover of Believer by Imagine Dragons here:

Do share it with others as well, cuz you’ll love it an’ cuz it deserves to be shared. Ok, moving on, enjoy this next chapter where we find out about the woman in Edward’s life👇

Nell and Edward

Cameo by Billie Piper as Nell Nesbith
She heard a groan as she took out the trash one evening. “Scuse me? Are ya ok? ” she asked, noticing the silhouette of a fallen man on the grimy floor next to the bin in the alley. “Bollocks! I might’ve hit my head on the edge o’ the bin!” she heard a familiar gruff voice complain. “Bloody hell…It’s you! I’d better call the police! ” she declared, scowling on getting a better view of the injured criminal. “Who d’you think I was runnin away from when I tumbled off that bloody roof, lass? If I hadn’t taken my eyes offa where I was goin to fix that bloody device again….Oi! Are ya really callin the coppers?! ” he cried out in disbelief, looking up at her as she whipped out her cellphone and began to dial. “Uh-huh! Look at that, brand new phone to replace my ol one that ya chucked into the sink! ” she reminded, more determined than ever to see him behind bars! “But…I’m injured….an’ I know yer a certified nurse. Saw the certificate hangin on the wall o’ yer crummy apartment the last time I was there! ” he revealed, trying to appeal to her better nature. “There’s no way I’m lettin ya into my apartment again! ” she declined, sternly. “Hope yer not forgettin yer Nightingale pledge. I mean, what would sweet, saintly Florence Nightingale do? ” the cunning man whispered. “I’d rather see ya behind bars, ya rascal! ” she retorted, not falling for his cunning words. “Well, ya can’t put me behind bars! Think bout my daughter…” he began to plead. “How do I even know you’ve really got a daughter, huh? ” she asked, suspiciously. “Ere. Look at that sweet angel an’ tell me you’d leave er alone without er dad! ” he exclaimed, pulling out a photo from his wallet and handing it to her. She put away her phone, feeling her heart melt as she saw the smiling duo in the photo. “You said you were married. Can’t your wife look after her? ” Emma asked, still suspicious as she held onto the photo. “I was married. My wife passed away soon after my angel’s birth. That’s when I first started all this…these robberies to support my lil girl. I’d tell ya all bout it, but right now…I’m really dizzy…” he mumbled, before passing out from blood loss. “Nick’s gonna kill me! ” she muttered to herself, as she wrapped her scarf around his head to stop the wound from bleeding before carrying him up to the apartment with great difficulty.
“I would’ve let that bastard rot! ” an angry Nick exclaimed, still hurting as he watched Edward resting on the couch once Emma had patched him up. “If I’d done that, I’d be riddled with guilt…An’ ya know I hate bein riddled with guilt! Besides, this way we can find out more about your boyfriend. He confessed to me that he’s lootin all this money for his daughter an’ that it all started after he lost his wife. Dontcha find that intriguin?” she asked, staring at the sleeping man with a mixture of intrigue and pity. “Maybe. I wonder how his wife looked. Was she pretty, blonde or brunette, tall or short, loving…or a real bitch? ” Nick replied, with a hint of jealousy in his voice, not realizing that Edward was beginning to stir awake. “Actually, she was blonde an’ beautiful…An’ really loved me!” he recounted, overhearing Nick.
“Her name was Nell.” he spoke with a reminiscing smile as he pulled out another photo from his wallet. This time, it was a photo of him and his late wife snuggling in the sunset. “Wow! Ya two look like soulmates! ” Emma cooed, as the romantic in her was stirred up on seeing the photo. “Actually, more like classmates! We were best mates in school. She sorta had a crush on me! In fact…She was the only one who stood by me when I came out of the closet! ” he confessed, as his sorrowful eyes gazed at the photo. “Wait…What?! I don’t get how ya can be gay an’ be married to a woman! ” Nick demanded to know, on hearing the last sentence out of his mouth. The surprised siblings listened intently as Edward began to narrate his story.



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