The stranger in their apartment

They returned to the dark apartment, walking back in awkward silence. “I can’t believe this…My goody two shoes brother has a thing for the bad guy! ” she muttered to herself, her back turned to him as she pretended to wash dishes at the sink in order to avoid eye contact with him. “I don’t have a thing for him, Em. I love him! I mean, he’s handsome, got that knockout voice, great hair…omg, that hair! From what I’ve seen so far, he fancies the colour purple too! An’ when we kissed…it was magical! ” Nick went on in a mesmerized manner. “Well, I forbid it! I won’t have ya datin a wanted criminal! An’ the police? They’d have a field day if they knew….Oh, Lord! What if they already know?! Hardly a street out there without a camera fitted, it’s like bloody Big Brother outside! What if they caught ya canoodlin with him after that warning, eh?! ” she reminded, biting her nails and pacing the room as she spoke. “I won’t have it! Ya don’t get a say in my love-life, an’ neither do the police! I’m not gonna let ya mess up my love story, kay?! ” he protested against it, in a rather dramatic manner. “Oh, sure! Yer love story! What’s it called? The vigilante an’ the villain: A match made in God knows where?! ” she cried out, sarcastically.
Wow! Are ya two always this dramatic or are ya puttin on a show just for me? I don’t mind it though. Quite fun, except I don’t have a proper snack an’ this apple I’m eatin isn’t quite…apple-y! It tastes disgustin! ” Edward interrupted, amused by their argument as he sat watching them from a dark corner of the apartment. “That’s cuz that’s a pear. How’d ya find our apartment? ” Nick enquired, his heart beginning to thump faster on seeing the man of his dreams at his apartment…literally inside it and sitting just a few inches across from him! “Huh! So, that’s the problem…I hate pears! Anyway, findin yer place was easy! I just had to use my trusty teleporter. Think fast, vigilante! ” the boastful man replied, gesturing to the device on his belt before mockingly tossing the piece of fruit at Nick. “Trainspotter? Think I’ve watched that movie.” Emma chimed in, mishearing him. “Not Trainspotter…Teleporter! It’s a device that…” geeky Nick began to correct. “Don’t care what it is! Just want him outta here! In fact, I’m callin the police. I won’t have a wanted criminal hangin out at my house, sittin in my armchair with a smug grin on his face.” she threatened, quickly picking up the phone to dial.
“Don’t bother! I cut the telephone cord. Why carry metal-cuttin scissors if yer not gonna use em, eh? ” he revealed, waving a pair of metal-cutting scissors in his hand as he spoke. “I’ve still got my mobile phone.” she muttered, quickly whipping it out of her pocket and beginning to dial. She was taken aback though, as their guest raised his gloved hand and the phone rose up in the air, out of her grip and made his way to him as if the glove had attracted it! “Wow! It does that too!” an impressed Nick exclaimed, still in awe of the thief. “Say, what model is this? Pretty outdated…An’ not waterproof either! ” the knowledgeable man quipped, standing up and walking up to the window above the kitchen sink to examine it closer in the moonlight. “Whoops! ” he cried out, feigning clumsiness, while she looked on in horror as her precious phone landed into the sink and floated on the soapy water. “Now, let’s get to it, shall we, Nick? I just came ere to tell ya that I…” Edward began, walking up to Nick who tried to suppress a blush! “Ya love me too…” the lovestruck man assumed, feeling all queasy on feeling his hot breath on his face. “No.I hate ya! In fact, I despise ya.” Edward snarled. “B..but, I love you…” a heartbroken Nick whispered. “That’s the other thing ,ya see. I’m already married. Got a beautiful wife an’ a daughter waitin for me at home, who’d really hate it if I ended up in prison. Now, quit followin me an’ meddlin with me, got it? An’ that is yer first an’ final warning! ” he warned, before losing no time in teleporting out of the apartment.
“He hates me. The one man I’m actually interested in…An’ he despises me! I can’t believe he’s not even gay…or single, for that matter! ” Nick muttered in a hurt tone once he’d left and his purple glow had faded away, slumping down on the couch next to his equally sorrowful sister who was mourning her phone!


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