Richard Cardinal, the mob boss

Cameo by David Morrissey as Richard Cardinal
“You’re usually the life of the party. Always gettin your flirt on an’ what not!” his concerned sister reminded as they headed home from a night out. He’d attended a party at a popular gay bar on her insistence to fill the hole in his love-life, but he’d kept to himself the whole night. “I dunno….none of the fellas really get my motor runnin anymore! I mean, Terry’s really let himself go, Ben’s too chatty an’ don’t even get me started on Johnny, he’s such a phony! I just like my man to be the mysterious sort, ya know? ” he confessed, bringing to mind the mysterious man of his dreams- Edward Ash. Suddenly, a commotion broke out and the man of his dreams magically appeared, hastily running into the moonlit night, followed by an angry group of men! “I wonder what his story is! ” his sister muttered under her breath. “I’m gonna go find out! ” the enthusiastic vigilante exclaimed, losing no time in putting on his mask and following the men, ignoring his sister’s protests. He saw the men corner Edward in an alley, armed with deadly weapons. “Oh, no! What’ve ya gotten yourself into now, Ed? ” Nick muttered on noticing the leader of the mob – dreaded gangster, Richard Cardinal! “Now, gentlemen…I’m sure we can talk this out….” he heard Edward try to charm his way out of the scary situation. “No more talk! I’ve had it with your fraudulent business deals, Ash! Get him! ” a furious Richard ordered. “No!! ” Nick cried out, as the men moved in to attack Edward. He attempted to single-handedly fight off the gangster and his henchmen. The stubbled man stood still as a statue, deciding to step in only when Nick grew too tired to continue. The masked hero shielded his eyes as the bright purple light blinded him yet again. But, this time it seemed to be emitted from Edward’s outstretched, gloved hand. Bolt after bolt of purple lightning flashed out of the glove, striking down and electrocuting their attackers, leaving them in a pile on the dank alley floor. Nick smiled at the heroic man in admiration as both the men stood in the alley, catching their breath after a tiresome fight.
“Must we always meet like this…? ” a panting Nick whispered, lovestruck and further attracted to his handsome savior. “I dunno…must we…? ” Edward muttered nervously, raising an eyebrow and gulping as the vigilante moved closer to him. “That was so cool! I mean, who are ya…An’ what’s with the cool gadgets?! I mean, you’re so futuristic! Oh, my God…Are you The Doctor?! ” the sci-fi loving Nick asked ecstatically on noticing the red phone booth that stood at the end of the alley. “W..what? No, I’m not a doctor. Just an inventor.” came his reply. “Oh! An inventor. I should’ve known! Quite a sexy profession! ” Nick gushed, feeling himself fall deeper in love with the man in front of him. “Uh…I’ve gotta get go…” Edward began to excuse himself, only to be silenced by a kiss from Nick who was unable to restrain himself.
I’ve…I’ve really gotta get goin! I’m sorry, I’ve someone waitin for me…” the criminal who’d stolen the vigilante’s heart muttered in a flustered manner, pulling back from the kiss before hurrying away. “So…That’s the man you’ve been pursuin relentlessly? A thief?! ” he heard a familiar voice snap him out of his lovesick state, as he looked up to see his sister glaring at him in disappointment after witnessing their kiss.


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