👆This photo’s got nothin to do with the story. I just wanted to share it cuz it’s my fav comment on my well received ebook- The Actor’s Wife. The commenter must’ve been pretty shocked when Jack and Ruth Murphy (the lead couple in the book) have a terrible spat in chap. 35 an’ end up gettin divorced (spoilers!). Must’ve been like, Dang you, Vidal! 😈 Anyway, this made my day! Exactly the kinda reaction I’d hoped for😄

Let’s continue to the next chapter of Vigilante in love!👇
Dedicated to all dads, since it’s ur day, gentlemen:)

Edward and his daughter

“How was your day, daddy? ” Edward smiled on seeing his daughter’s head pop up at his work bench as he sat slogging away, trying to fix the device. “Tiring! C’mere, ya…why’re ya still awake, eh? ” the proud dad asked, as she climbed onto his lap and cozied up to him. “I wanna hear a story before bed. Tell me a story bout the world out there.” she replied, looking up at him with puppy eyes. “Look at that longing gaze…! Spittin image o’ yer mum ya are! ” he reminisced, grinning toothily at his little girl. “Did any coppers visit ya at work today, daddy? Yer always sayin how they’re droppin in to trouble ya at work for no reason! ” his daughter (who’d no idea that her father robbed banks and was on the police’s radar) enquired, innocently. “Well, they did. But, I also met another fella today. A real character! You’d like im. Calls imself the vigilante.” he recounted. “What’s that mean? ” she asked, curiously. “Think it just means some crackpot who’s been off his meds for too long! ” he scoffed, eliciting a giggle from her. “The people out there sound like a funny bunch!  How long are we gonna stay in this dark place, daddy? I wanna see the world out there…” she wished with a glint in her dreamy eyes. “Not now, sweetheart. It’s a rotten world out there now. Uncaring, selfish people…out to get each other, dog-eat-dog, ya know? Besides, we’ve everythin we’ll ever need down ere an’ I won’t ever let ya feel like yer life’s ever incomplete, kay? ” he whispered, snarling at the thought of the unfair world. “Will we ever run outta money to buy stuff, daddy? ” she wondered, resting her head against his chest as she spoke. “Never. I promise I won’t let us slip into poverty ever again, sweetheart.” he promised, wrapping his arms around her and planting a kiss atop her head. “An’ I promise I won’t leave yer side, daddy.” his little angel whispered, flashing him her biggest smile. “That’s what yer mum told me too, every single day….until, she couldn’t stay with us any longer.” the morose man lamented the loss of his beloved wife, feeling a tear roll down his cheek and stain the top of the bench as he hugged his daughter close to his heart.


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