Bein in a different country Day 16

Thinkin bout it now, this post should’ve been titled Leavin a different country, but anyway…!
So, it’s our last day ere an’ we’ve a fear o’ plane delay in our hearts, as London has decided to send us flyin off with the gusty winds an’ torrential rain that accompany us as we step outta the hotel (the weather man was spot on this time. BBC oughta give im a raise!;)) It’s farewell to Bob, whose cab was unfortunately too small to accommodate all our bulky luggage, so he sent for an Indian driver with a bigger cab to drive us to the airport. Apparently, the South Indian movie, Bahubali 2 has hit it big among Londoners as well- as is evident from songs from the blockbuster blarin o’er the radio in the cab.
Unfortunately, the rain still beat down on us an’ after a quick photo outside (marred by grown men behind us who’d bunny-eared us without consent! 😆), we proceeded to board the flight, which fortunately wasn’t delayed an’ also had enough leg room an’ telly shows/movies to keep me engrossed till we touched ground. Overall, not much to tell ya about the view since it was cloudy an’ misty out the window. So, instead o’the view, I ended up seein Fantastic beasts and where to find them, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (the one with Gene Wilder that I’d loved as a child), Evita (spotted a young Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler from DW in her earliest actin roles it too an’ drooled o’er brilliant Antonio Banderas’ sexy singin voice) , a funny new show (starrin hilarious Alan Tudyk an’ Danny Pudi) called Powerless , half o’ Groundshog Day an’ Still Alice, until we finally landed at the home base, land o’ fish-curry-rice or xit-koddi in Konkani (although, I still crave fish n chips, occasionally! 😅).

*Thanx for accompanyin me on this

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