Bein in a different country Day 15

Talk about divine intervention! Made our way to the tube station in the hopes o’ doin some gift shoppin or enjoin the wonders o’ the 99 pence shoppin centres, when we bumped into the bishop o’ the Church of England. He was a humble man an’ was a doctor in Africa before becomin a priest. Bein a missionary, he preferred to walk/take the tube, even though he’d been provided with a car an’ all the amenities. He insisted that we ought not leave London without visitin St. Paul’s Cathedral- the heaven o’ England, he called it (in an emphatic manner)! An’ indeed, it was!
So, after clickin a keepsake photo together with him, we bid farewell an’ hopped on the tube an’ headed for this gorgeous cathedral- famed for its grand architecture an’ the beautiful murals that covered every inch o’the altar. This is also where the weddin o’ Lady Di an’ Prince Charles took place an’ where Churchill was mourned at his funeral.
We were fortunate to arrive on a day when the Eversong was held. We listened an’ prayed in silence while the cathedral was filled with the heavenly voices o’ the visitin choir. After the Eversong ended, we lit candles for those who’d lost their lives in the stabbing attack on the London Bridge just the previous night (happened while we were miles away at Ilford) an’ prayed for London as well. An’ I do hope my prayers are answered an’ I do hope Londoners never feel unsafe or at risk o’ terror attacks in the future. I hope St. Paul watches o’er em just as his indestructible cathedral towers above the whole o’ London.





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