Bein in a different country Day 14

A/N:  Before we start, ere’s wishin Richard Hammond aka Hamster aka my fav Top Gear presenter a speedy recovery after cheatin death for the second time. Also prayin for whoever’s trapped in the London building blaze an’ for the heroes an’ the heroines helpin. May the souls o’ all those who died in the fire rest in peace. Heart goes out to the families 💐

It’s a sunshiney day (although the bloke who forecast the weather on telly said it’d be rainy), perfect for stargazin or just for gazin at the clouds in the sky as we’re off to Greenwich to do just that. It’s time for some sciency-wiency stuff!  With trusty Bob at the wheel, reminiscently narratin his days durin the war an’ tales from his family’s farmhouse , the long drive there didn’t seem that long an’ with all those gorgeous sights- from the cable cars near the O2  to the green, green, green countryside (No, my keyboard didn’t develop a  glitch. Yes, I typed the word green thrice on purpose!💚) -who could complain?
If yer into telephones, telescopes an’ time-tellin devices, yer in luck as the Observatory there houses early telescopes an’ encases the voices o’ those amazin people who read ya yer voice messages (ever since the voice mail first came into existence) which ya can listen to with the press o’ a button (fascinatin, eh? ) Also, time stops still as ya pass by an ancient, well-preserved grandfather clock built by the man who gave us Big Ben. An’ if ya wanna do the impossible, feel free to stand in two hemispheres along the Prime Meridian line outside the Observatory. An’ before leavin, take in a gorgeous view o’the whole o’ London (skyline an’ all) from the telescope located right next to the line. Unfortunately, the planetarium closed for the day before we could see it, so we ended up visitin a relative an’ Bob earned more than he expected.

A dolphin shaped sundial👇


Hmm…Helsinki. Always wanted to go there! 😁 Standin on the Prime Meridian line like a boss! 👇


Old Royal Naval College with the London skyline gracefully rising behind it:


A weather vane:


Home remedies for several diseases on display👇


An’ of course, a timey wimey addition to my bookshelf: A book o’ short stories ft the Doctor(s) an’ his faithful companions that I picked up at the lil shop at Greenwich. Woohoo! 😘💙👇


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