Bein in a different country Day 12

It’s rainin again! Why does it always rain when we’re at Westminster bridge?! When we first arrived here, it didn’t rain one drop. There was a nip in the air at times, a lotta lovely sunshine…but when we’re right next to that giant ,chiming clock tower, suddenly it’s gotta rain buckets! 
Anyway, we decided to beat the torrential rain an’ go to a place where all the water’s contained behind glass walls- the Sea Life London Aquarium. There’s sealife in here that I didn’t even know existed! Sealife I thought to have had gone extinct…atleast in our polluted water bodies of India😁 As soon as you enter, you walk across a glass footpath an’ my advice to ya is- Don’t look down if yer deathly afraid of sharks! There’s lobsters, seahorses, tuna, clownfish, piranhas (who,btw, are camera-shy), colourful jellyfish, a cunning crocodile (the cunning bugger slept with one eye open and on me the entire time😶) and a long, glass tunnel with a variety of fish (sharks, stingrays, turtles, etc) swimmin and peerin at us wondrous humans through the glass while we take our selfies with em. If yer in the mood to annoy a starfish or two, they’ve even got a rock-pool especially for the purpose o’ pokin at starfish. Oh, yes! An’ my fav! The penguins, with silly human names like Chloe and Zoe and a few other names for the male ones as well. Lil black an’ white, wobblin balls o’ cuteness! 😘
Not to sound cruel to the fish, but I ended up gobblin down a Filet-o-fish at the McDonald’s next door (ironic, I know!) , but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all those fish an’ thank Neptune/Poseidon I didn’t have to dive into the deepest sea or anythin to see em. It was time to get drenched again, as we stepped outside into the heavy, non-stop rain. The only ones who seemed to enjoy it were the seagulls who looked like they were havin a ball as they bobbed about on the surface of the Thames, occasionally poppin up to be fed by the hands of friendly passerby before perchin on a docked cruiseboat to preen their drippin wet feathers.

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