Bein in a different country Day 11

Last day here an’ we haven’t stuffed our shoppin bags with the clothin that Scotland’s famed for: The kilts. Now, ya won’t find designer wear like yer Gucci an’ Armani here like on Oxford Street, unless ya really search for it. But, you’ll find tartan patterns every corner ya look! So, ended up buyin kilts in various colours, tartan print tights, a wee coin purse ft the thistle (the national flower o’ Scotland) an’ ghillie blouses. Do not judge me…All that clothin I mentioned beckoned to me! 😁 The men in the family were too embarrassed to try on a kilt, so they ended up buyin nothin an’ instead helped hurl the shopping bags to the apartment.
The next day, after some packin…An’ a whole lotta squeezin an’ standin on the suitcases to fit everythin in, we left on the first plane to London. So, it’s buh-bye (or cheers! as they say here) to Edinburgh.

Shoppin, shoppin, shoppin!

A wee lil coin purse:

Gem stone necklace from a vending machine:




On a somewhat unrelated matter, I’m guessin this clan locket below is probably from where Campbell Bain (David Tennant’s character from Takin Over the Asylum AKA the fella in the pic above👆) got his name from. Just ignore the words Of Breadal and there it is! 👇


Tartan print clothing:


An’ on my journey back, met David Tennant at the Edinburgh Airport….
Is what I’d have loved to brag about! But, no such luck! Instead, I’d to settle for this lovely comic I picked up at the lil shop there. Woohoo! 👇


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