Bein in a different country Day 10

Where would we be without our inventors an’ archeologists? Our Freddy the robot, our 3D printers, our Dolly the sheep, our fossilized sperm whale skulls, our changin fashion trends….I hope ya didn’t skip all that, cuz that’s exactly what I saw at the National Museum of Scotland. A must visit if ya wanna escape the crude illustrations o’ yer biology an’ history textbooks an’ witness the real thing! So, go ahead an’ explore at this free o’ charge museum. Donations are accepted, so be sure to drop some cash in the numerous donation boxes here before leavin, so they can continue preservin these treasures.

Futuristic 3D printer an’ 3D printed doodads:

Trace yer own animal on a Tibetan prayer flag. There’s chalk pieces an’ everythin you’ll need next to the prayer wheels. This,btw, is a lion:


Introducin Dolly the sheep! Aww…

Check out these changin fashion trends at the National Museum of Scotland:


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